Wyrd: Lampad Sets Malifaux Ablaze

Check out how this fire starter’s new art was created in this look behind the scenes.

The necromancers are getting a nymph that doubles as a torch…

The Ressurectionists reanimate the dead for their own gain…

Resurrectionists. The name is a cruel joke, amusing only to the twisted minds of murderers and graverobbers who claim it as their own. Resurrectionists reanimate the dead, but their magic results not in a body that has been restored to life, but rather one that has been brought back as an undead puppet. Their practices are particularly appalling to the people of Malifaux, who consider the Resurrectionists to be one of Malifaux’s greatest threats. That some of the most terrible monsters this world knows were once their former friends and family is a grim realization.

2nd edition is out now – you can give the rules a try for free! Download them here. The new edition includes new factions, characters, and stories with more depth; and provides more choices and a clarity in the rule set.

What do you think of Lampad?

  • euansmith

    That’s cool. Though panting that flame is going to be a bit of a pain.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      yeah not a fan, but it looks cool