40K: Weekly Campaign – Decimation of Baal

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Our third Weekly Narrative Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Campaign has ended – catch-up on the Decimation of Baal.

Night Lords, Tyrannies, and Chaos all come to Baal this week. Follow the heroics of the Blood Angels and their beaked helmets as they try to stave off…

The Decimation of Baal

Watch the Desolation of Baal – Part 1: Sandy Vengeance

Captain Olivander of the Blood Angels 3rd Battle Company is en route to a distant energy processing plant on Baal, to investigate anomalous sensorium readings. As his armored column pushes past the dunes and catches sight of his objective, and ancient industrial interchange – the sands are lit up by hostile fire.  Lord Dhrakaar has arrived on Baal and has not forgotten his defeat at Olivander’s hands onboard the Sin of Damnation. Vengeance will be his – but Olivander has some tricks up his sleeve.

Desolation of Baal – Part 2: It Came from Below

Captain Olivander of the Blood Angels 3rd Battle Company is on the run. Fleeing into the deep desert of Baal after a stinging defeat by Daemon Prince Draakar, the Blood Angels stop to regroup. Olivander’s 3rd Battle Compnay lost most of their vehicles during the Chaos ambush, but managed to secure a comm tower at the height of the fighting. With this Olivander has linked up with far ranging recon elements of the Chapter bring badly needed supplies. As his forces prepare to once again go on the hunt for the Chaos forces, motion is detected under the sands and a tide of yellow xenos rise to attack fresh prey.  A splinter of Hive fleet Leviathan is upon them, and Olivander must put the Xenos to the torch if he is to warn Commander Dante of the Daemonic forces encroaching upon Baal.

Desolation of Baal – Part 3: Eye of the Warp

Captain Olivander of the Blood Angels 3rd Battle Company has found his nemesis. With his scouts deployed he has located the site of the Chaos incursion’s dark ritual. A Daemon Lord of Khorne seeks to open a permanent warp rift on Baal, overrunning the planet and the Blood Angels with daemonic hordes. As the rift flares to life, the stormy skies above break revealing a Blood Angels strike force screaming down from the heavens. At is lead is Commander Dante himself who will do whatever it takes to close the rift. But the Ruinous Powers have made infernal pacts of their own…

That’s all the battling for now. But tune in soon for the latest–wait what’s that I hear over the horizon? It sounds like thousands of voice crying out for Waaaaaaaagh!!!



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