BoLS STREAMING NOW: 40k “Alaitoc Strikes”, X-Wing

Come play with the BoLS team! – this week An Eldar Craftworld hunts fate itself, plus The Dice Strike Back!

Alaitoc Strikes !

July 4th Week – Part 1: Strike Fast, Strike Sure! (watch LIVE NOW)

All this week we will be following the Warhosts of Alaitic Craftworld. After centuries of searching Alaitoc’s Rangers & Pathinders have located 3 relics from their homeworld before the Fall. The Farseers portend that these relics will grant the Craftworld either great fortune if secured, or oblivion if they fall in the hands of the Great Enemy. A Mighty Warhost is dispatched through the webway to secure them or die trying. At it’s head is Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars”. His first target – the Glaive of Alaitoc, on a recently conquered Imperial world near the Eye of Terror. Woe awaits any who stand in the Voidzephyr’s path.


“The Dice Strike Back” – X-Wing

After the 40K game, join us for our Star Wars show “The Dice Strike Back”. This week we have Star Wars fleets action on a tabletop Far, Far Away… You can bet some brand new ships will be taking the field.


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