CMON: New Dark Age New Releases

Come see the latest Dragyri and Forsaken minis headed your way Dark Age fans.

Dragyri Earth Caste Boxed Set – $45.00

Starting out, the Earth Caste expands its options with the Earth Caste Box Set. Inside, you’ll find one Quake, one Pillar, and one Fissure. Quake is here to shake the ground and protect the other members of his caste from harm. Meanwhile, Pillar is ready to get up-close and personal, letting his fists do the talking with the enemy. And Fissure’s meteor hammer can keep back anyone she doesn’t want around. They’re a stalwart trio and a welcome addition to the subfaction.


Forsaken Saint Isaac Ajax of Might Box – $30.00

Not to be outdone, the Forsaken clanks onto the battlefield with their Saint Isaac, Ajax of Might box set. This set is actually two in one, as the suit of powered armor inside can either be used as an alternate version of the Saint, or as a non-unique set of power armor. Able to lay down a hail of fire, the Ajax of Might box lets the saint cull the enemy herds from afar.

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~Who’s playing Dark Age out there?

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    The difference in Dragyri sculps from early ice caste to the new earth and shadow castes are staggering in the best ways. They have to have one of my favorite looks of any mini game out there.

    • Richard Mitchell

      I feel the same way. New sculpts and resculpts from Dark Age are simply amazing. The game logic plays smooth too and I like how they have moved to box sets. The average out at 645 points a box, so once box and you are good to go with a full army. Add 150 points for reserves and you are ready to go to Immortal’s tournament town.

  • Chardun

    I got to try out Dark Age at CMON Expo earlier this year. The way it played, and the MAL system, was a surprisingly fun experience. The two player box is a good investment for those that are tempted but don’t want to fully commit to a new game, too.