FFG: Command your Latari — New Expansion Preview

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Check out the latest addition to the Latari; their command squad is a powerful mix of sorcery and speed.

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Freshly announced from FFG–the newest Rune Wars expansion unit, the Latari Command. Containing four different miniatures: the Champion, the Herald, the Sorceress, and the Starling, this box is sure to give your elves that extra bit of magic they need to defeat all comers.

Latari Champion

Armed with a khopesh and all the martial prowess befitting the most honored warriors of the Latari, the Champions are among the greatest warriors of the tribes.

Defenders through and through, these warriors are capable of countering enemies once they’ve attacked. The Avenger of Latarnia upgrade allows them to immediately activate and launch a melee attack at an assailant who’s just attacked them, ignoring normal initiative order. Sure, the Champion must forfeit their normal activation to do so, but this is a fantastic option that adds even more versatility to the unit.

Latari Herald

The Bannermen of the Latari–capable with sword and spear and bow alike. These elves are skilled warriors, but even more skilled commanders.

Capable of placing overgrowth tokens in the battlefield, to face a Herald is to face the woods themselves. Heralds can use their connection to the land to aid their allies as well as hinder their foes, though. They can provide rerolls to ranged troops, ensuring your shots land when needed.

Latari Starling

These are the bards of the Latari. Cloaked in sorry and song and legend, they are inspiring leaders whose music cam turn the tides of battle in am instant.

It’s said their music can increase strength or stave off panic, and worth upgrades like the Tactical Starling, which lets your forces retreat/reposition workout penalty–or the rallying Starling, who can remove banes, you’ll be keeping your forces in fighting form, even as your enemies fall apart around you.

Latari Storm Sorceress

Masters of the Storm. These sorceresses can call down lightning to smite their enemies or call forth gusts of wind and rain to protect their allies. They control the very elements, and with their upgrades can command the terrain itself to shield their friends.

As you can see, the Verdant Sorceress can protect her allies, removing banes as they take shelter near the overgrown terrain. Synergizes well with the Herald’s ability.

Latari Command Expansion$24.95

Enhance your Latari Elves army with the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game. Rally your forces with the Latari Champion, Herald, Sorceress,  and Starling, all of which allow you to customize your Latari Elves Army with powerful upgrades.

The Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion includes four new figures to be added to infantry units, as well as 18 new upgrade cards. Customize your army and lead the Latari Elves to victory!

Of course when collecting Latari, you’ve got to try and see the forest for the trees.

  • Martin Lucaj

    Not to sound rude or condescending in anyway, but is anyone playing this? I have literally seen no movement in my area. I was interested at first but with no one playing it (in my area) it seems DoA which is extremely unfortunate. If nothing else some strong competition in the mini market would have been great!

    • Richard Mitchell

      I wonder the same thing and it is hard to say. I would say 1) it might be more situated to home gamers than store gamers, 2) is there a big X-Wing crowd at your store?

      I don’t think it is DoA, but if it is, then it might be that it missed the wave Kings of War caught. And in a way its own generic fantasy style worked against it, since KoW is pretty generic high fantasy they are competing in the same space. In the case of AoS being released Mantic’s generic genre style worked for it, but if you look at other games which are successful (X-Wing, Warmachine, Malifaux, Infinity) they all began with a unique, memorable aesthetic.

      • Martin Lucaj

        There is a HUGE x-wing group at my store and several big groups at all the other local stores nearby. One which I am also a part of and I primarily play x-wing and have only recently dipped my feet into war gaming because of getting hooked on x-wing. That’s also why it’s so odd to see literally no movement on this at my LGS or at any other store nearby. There are about 5 stores near me and all have strong x-wing groups.

        Each store I spoke with bought between 3-5 copies of the starter and have sold 1 or 2. It’s not even moving which is really puzzling. That is for more area in southeast Michigan.

    • Badruk

      I saw some store carrying it and people playing with it, but only in store that didnt held GW and WarmaHordes stuff.

      The concept is good, but there is so many miniatures game that are establish at the moment.

      They tried to capitalize on X-Wing and use the Movement system they included in it and make multiples clone game of it… Not the same success Ratio…

    • Krizzab

      imho if you gonna hook old wargamer ppl into this you must get rid off the card system.

      • ZeeLobby

        Really? Most game systems use cards these days.

    • frankelee

      I just don’t think it’s giving people a strong enough reason to play it. You’ve got to do more than just make a new game. And also I think the new 40K has sucked all the air out of the room.

      • Richard Mitchell

        All very good, points. I don’t think the card system matters, many American style games have used cards since the genre was created and Nottingham is moving towards cards too with AoS and 40k. Would be a good idea to run a survey in the area with your X-Wing group to see why they are not interested in Rune Wars and post that feedback here on BoLS. We actually might get a meaningful article out of it.

    • ZeeLobby

      We have about 4 players who play consistently. My personal group doesn’t want to get started until at least the 4 factions are released.