Pathfinder: Avert the Crisis at Falling Spring Station

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After delivering medicine to a beleaguered fort, adventurers must fave a grave threat in: Crisis at Falling Spring Station.

There’s a new module in the Legendary Beginnings series–these are a bunch of modules that are aimed at beginning characters. They’ve been designed to incorporate the beginner’s boxed set for Pathfinder (as well as being compatible with the main game). Legendary Games makes some good modules–they do a good job of involving the heroes in the plot of the story, and moreover, telling a story that is about the PCs.

It’s worth pointing out because sometimes you’ll run into the WoW problem, which is adventurers where the heroes are just escorting the real important people around–sure, the PCs will do all the fighting and have all the combat and actual work, but when it comes time to get out there and make story decisions or have a meaningful impact on the plot, that’s what the named NPCs are around for, I’m looking at you, Wrath of the Lich King.

If you and the other NPCs are just gonna do everything, we’re gonna grab some sandwiches. That cool?

But Legendary Games makes your characters matter–and this module looks no different. Quite the opposite, here the PCs are at the heart of the story and must work hard if they aim to survive the Crisis at Falling Spring Station.

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Crisis at Falling Spring Station$9.99

Crisis at Falling Spring Station takes your heroes into a world of adventure! In the mountains at the western edge of the Kingdom of Threll, brave soldiers stand guard against the frightening creatures that dwell in the lands beyond. Falling Spring Station controls one of the passes leading through the mountains into the Westerlands and the Darkvale Forest, keeping the people of Threll safe. But a terrible illness has weakened the soldiers in this vital fort. After delivering medicine to help fight the disease, the heroes discover that there is more going on than just a simple illness. It’s up to them to put things right and find out what’s behind the strange happenings. What they uncover is a monstrous plot that threatens the safety of the whole kingdom. Can a small group of adventurers stand up to the mysterious Warlord of the North and his beastly army.

This 2nd to 3rd-level adventure is suitable for all ages using the standard Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or the boxed set for beginners. Check out this 56-page adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

Happy adventuring!

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