Retribution: Aelyth Vyr, Blade of Nyssor Swings Last

A very HARD man err elf!  Come check out Retributions new solo – who always gets the “Last Word”.

Guest Article by JohnheV

A nun solo that could be invincible and devastating given the dice gods alignment.


Front of card tough and weapon master P+S 12 RNG 2.

Cleave: Kill a guy get another attack strong ability mostly beneficial for killing units.

Hard: No impact damage or effects which is helpful if you are playing against Calvary or the models that have the impact rule and no collateral damage so if things get knocked into him they get hurt not him.

Last Word: When he is disabled he can advance and make a melee attack. This is where his potential, insane once in a life time story could be told where he manages to kill a warjack or warbeast after it hit him 5 times failed to kill him and he swung back every time and rolled hot. I look forward to these feats of rolling tough 9 times in a row.

Leadership [Ryssovass]: He grants hard to fellow Ryssovonians? This is a nice addition and a good freebie when you bring the new defenders or any other unit that falls into this category.

Precision Strike: Choose the column which takes damage considering he is a pow 12 weapon master this can be devastating to take out an arc-node on a jack or possibly an aspect on a beast. Add it to Last Word and your opponent needs to be cautious using that damaged warjack/warbeast to kill him.

Steady: No knockdown combined with tough is old school mk2 and mk1 tough.


In the last few proxy games I have played with Aelyth using his as an aggressive hard hitting solo to play cleanup for my defenders if they failed to kill has been amazing. His hard hitting ability and survivability has often allowed me to get his point value back in most games I have played. I am curious though to see if in the future more resources are used to attempt to prevent him gliding across the field and getting the two hits on a target or seeing how spectacular that can fail as he toughs a few times and makes it across the board.
Aelyth is a well-designed model that I cannot wait to get my hands on and cause my opponents fits.


~Please share in the comments below on what you think of the new Elf in town.

  • Drew

    I like the look of him, but I’m waiting to see if the Defenders end up edging out Dawnguard Sentinels in my lists before I pass judgment.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Hard is a good addition to Retribution players. Saw that my Fennblades now get Hard and it really get them to play as they should be. Cav destroyers.

  • zeno666

    I love the model, I love the rules. But I hate that he is in Retribution 😉
    Could have been a merc together with the Defenders. Because then I could have used those awsome models.