Geekery: Game of Thrones – A Wolf and A Lion

These beautiful [and spoiler filled] character studies take a look at Jon’s heritage and Jaime’s legacy…

Garo Studios is a young man by the name of David from the Republic of Georgia, and he creates really nicely done character and plot studies from his favorite shows. This includes Game of Thrones. His most recent uses footage from all 7 seasons to give a bigger picture of Jon’s origins.

He also took a look at Jaime after episode 4 of this season – “The Spoils of War”

Check out the rest of his work – he’s a big Doctor Who fan – here.


What are your predictions for the final season?

  • euansmith

    Dani and Jon sitting on a boat, ef yew sea kay eye en… Hang about! That’s not right!

    • Patriarch

      “Aunt” you glad you stopped there!

      • EnTyme

        I “incest” we curtail this conversation before it goes any further.

    • petrow84

      Yeah, typical parabola throughout the series:
      S01E01: Ewwww, incest! Gross!
      S07E07: YAY! Jon scores on Dany!

      S01E01: This blonde, sister f****ing bastard must die!
      S07E07: Please don’t kill Jaime, please don’t kill Jaime!

      • euansmith

        I’m really looking forward to the first meeting between Jamie and the Three Eyed Raven; awkward! 😀

        • petrow84

          He told he was not Bran anymore, so it would flesh out like that:
          ‘Lord Stark, I am sorry for my deeds…’
          ‘I am not Lord Stark anymore. I’ve seen what you’ve done with your sister. It was beautiful.’

          • euansmith

            “What are you doing under your robes, Stark?”

            “It is only my legs that don’t work.” Wiggles eyebrows in a Tormund style.

            “Yuk! You stop warging right this minute.”

            “I’m not just warging…”

            “Yes, yes, I get it! Just stop!”

  • SilentPony

    Props for the Machine for Pigs music.