Geekery: Kong: Skull Island, Honestly

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts gets honest about Kong: Skull Island.

The movie isn’t actually seen as bad and it didn’t do too shabby at the box office, but everything has its problems…

Maybe they’ll take these into account for Godzilla vs Kong in a couple of years.


Whats your take on attempting to modernize classic monster and horror movies?

  • EnTyme

    Even though he presented it in a whiny manner, I actually agree with the director’s complaint about CinemaSins. I’ve been following that channel for years, and it’s really dropped in quality as its popularity grew. The sins used to be about poking fun at movie tropes and cliches as well as laughing at the Hollywood system. Now, it’s just about complaining about the movies and calling it “satire”.

    Half the sins aren’t even legitimate complaints anymore. The worst example of this is probably the I, Robot video that on multiple occasions sins the movie for not explaining something that it fully explains like the red light when the droids attack.

    And before anyone claims I don’t “get” it or that I don’t like them making fun of movies I like, I thoroughly enjoyed Prometheus, and EWW Prometheus is one of my favorite sins videos.

    • Navaren

      Their September videos tend to be better since they only do half as many. They should have stuck to 1 video per week or leas.

      • EnTyme

        They do still release videos I like from time to time. I got a few chuckles out of the Shrek 2 video this week. I’ve actually started liking Cinema Wins videos better than Cinema Sins. At least his “wins” tend to be legitimate merits of the movie and not just arbitrarily added.

        • Navaren

          September videos = best videos. Lol. Although the funniest joke in shrek 2 is not even an actual sin, but the title of the counter.

          • dave long island


    • euansmith

      I was massively disappointed with Prometheus, but enjoyed the EWW Prometheus, so it has broad appeal. 😉

  • eMtoN

    If Hollywood wants my dollars then they need to stop with the remakes. It’s really that simple. Blaming low turn out on anything else is just ignoring the problem.