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Geekery: The Visual Effects of GoT Season 7

Sep 1 2017

Game of Thrones wouldn’t be possible without the work of VFX artists – who turn parking lots into a sea full of ships.

Mackevision¬†handled a lot of the sequences that required large armies be present and the Greyjoy armada…

Zoic Studios did a lot of the digital matte painting work – and the creepy Arya taking off Walther Frey’s face scene.

And if you really want to dig in here’s a behind the scenes of the Loot Train Attack that create a new record for number of stunt people on fire at once. Contains work from¬†Image Engine, Iloura and Screen Scene VFX with the previs by The Third Floor. It was massive undertaking…

What was your favorite VFX shot from this season?


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