ToyLand: New Happy Little Bob Ross POPs

Everyone should have a happy little Bob Ross POP in their collection!

Put one of these versions of Bob and his favorite animal friends on your desk at work and be happy!


Bob Ross with an adorable squirrel friend is a Target exclusive…

Look for the chase piece – Bob Ross with a baby owl is rarity of 1-in-6!


You can pick up all of this Bob Ross POP goodness this winter.

  • Le_smee

    And I thought I’d never get a Pop figure, need to have that squirrel.

    • If I could get the raccoon one, I’d be happy.

  • piglette

    What are these figures I always see them in stores. I think they’re ugly, what’s the appeal?

    • Rahl

      Pop culture collector’s items. People collect anything to begin with (spoons, stamps, watches, shoes, hats, little plastic men, statues, cars, toys, etc. etc. etc.), so of course there is a market for something like these that are made for every show, movie, and celebrity that’s out there.