40K: GW Hints At The Next Codex…

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Or they’re asking about Craftworlds as a red herring…but it seems like awfully convenient timing.

Alright gang, time to pull out the tin foil hats and read the internet comments. Well. Read into the internet comments–much like the sun, you should never look directly at them or you’ll burn out your retinas and get skin cancer. But! Sometimes they can help you tell which way the wind is blowing–and right now it seems like Craftworld Eldar are blowing our way soon. Case in point, yesterday the Official Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page posted up this photo/poll:

Now, ordinarily that would just be an excuse to talk about which space Aeioulves are the best, and why Craftworld Alaitoc is better than Craftworld Ulthwe, but at least none of them are Biel-Tan. Bunch of hipsters. They probably don’t even like all that “music” they listen to and pretend to understand. BUT this particular question comes at a very curious time.

Sure, it comes in that lull between releases and could just be a simply ploy to garner that sweet sweet “community engagement” OR it’s a sign of things to come. Because it also comes hot on the heels of the release of the Astra Militarum Codex–and at a time when we know the next two releases are the Tyranid and Craftworld Eldar (emphasis mine). Now this definitely is might be reading too much into a simple Facebook post, but it seems like a pretty good indicator of what we might expect to see next.

If so, that’s good news for Tyranid players, it means there’s a chance that they’ll get some sweet sweet new models, which, if we’re being honest, we could use some new bugs. They need a little TLC to keep hanging out–plus GW’s been on a very Organic kick lately with their new releases. Really the only difference between that Plagueburst Crawler or Foetid Blight Drones and some Tyranid grossness is the surprisingly low number of limbs and teeth–the Death Guard do try though so we can’t be too hard on them.

At any rate, this kind of stealth/test-the-waters reveal is VERY MUCH in keeping with GW’s style of quietly releasing new stuff and then turning around with the big announcement an eternity a few days later. Remember the time we got a new Thunderhawk model teased in the background of a picture earlier this year?

Was this only in February? It seems like three years ago.

So it certainly feels like the Pointy-eared Cheaters Craftworld Eldar are going to be next in line for their Codex. Then again…it could all be a sneaky ploy so the Four-Armed Emperor can rescue us all from our oppressors without riling the populace.

What do you think we’re seeing next?

  • DoctorBored

    tbh I feel like Eldar need the model love more than Tyranids. Tyranid line is almost entirely plastic. they even updated the zoanthropes and venomthropes and all those models. Eldar have a butt-ton of finecrap and character models that are showing their age, like the other article mentioned.

    • Dulahan

      Yeah, and honestly even getting a Codex won’t mean models are guaranteed… I hope so. But it’s by no means a certainty.

      • Chet Atkinson

        Yep, just look at Astra Militarum and AdMech

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      We’re not getting new models right now. Just codexes.

      Well we will probably get the plastic Eldrad (if it hasn’t been released as an individual model yet).

      • Harry_Jamieson

        I dunno, now that Primaris and Death Guard have been bulked out it seems to me they’ll be moving onto new models for another army.

        • Bootneck

          I’d like it to go back to the days when they randomly released models for all factions here there and everywhere throughout the year. It made it interesting and exciting.

          The trouble with a single codex release is, if your not interested in a particular codex’s – then your in for months of articles and hype which you don’t care about.

          I mean I like knowing the rules for a gaming point but for example I don’t really care about the point ears and never have.

          Maybe its the gerish colours that i could never hope to paint well ><

          • memitchell

            I’d like to go back to the days when they randomly released the Genestealer Cult after a 22 year lull. It made it interesting and exciting. The trouble with all other releases during a twenty-year hiatus is, if you’re not interested in all other codex’s then you are in for decades of articles and hype which you don’t care about. I mean, I like knowing the rules for 6 more Editions of 40K, but not having any GSC army rules meant I really didn’t care. But, they obliterated Warhammer Fantasy, the game I did care about, so I’m back. Still waiting on a new GSC codex. So, yeah, finding things to complain about when they release 10 codex’s in less than ten months (but NOT MY codex) takes imagination and dedication.

          • fenrisful2

            That’s exactly my reaction when the poster boys always gets all the attention when a new edition drops.
            The only good spees mareens are dead spees mareens no matter their alignment.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Pretty sure that is the direction we will be heading in once everything settles down.

        • LankTank

          Or they will just up the anti on codex releases with no models anywhere for a while

      • PrimoFederalist

        You passed up a fine opportunity to use “codices” in a sentence.

        • Brettila

          GW uses codexes.

          • Michael Cameron

            That GW for you, an English company that struggles with the English language.

      • Rechnin

        Wasn’t he in Death Masque?

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Well he’s not out yet and when I look on the UK website his resin mini says both “no longer available online” and “sold out on line”. Now not that always means much, Eldrad could just be out of stock. However, its an awful coincidence……..

    • ReveredChaplainDrake

      Which is why they should do Tyranids first, maybe sneak some plastic Biovores and Lictors, and then do some 2012-Dark-Eldar-scaled revamp of the aspect line in the meantime.

      I get the feeling that Eldar players rely on their boring un-fun stupid choices (basically jetbikes, grav-tanks, and wraith-suffix) because those models are in plastic, which is a real shame for the representation of Eldar on table versus in fluff. I get it, believe me. The fluff says Tyranids are supposed to be hordes of critters eating things in melee, not the patented Exocrine Day Care with the even more patented Podlord, but here we are.

      In my mind, it’s always been the Aspect Warriors that have defined the core Eldar aesthetic of entire squads of highly-focused ultra-specialists that use their kinda’ fragile grav-tanks to get them to where they can do their preferred kind of damage to their preferred kind of target. I wonder if Eldar players actually would play into Aspect Warriors more if they were plastic. Or is it more of an issue that Aspect Warriors just suck?

      • Mike Forrey

        What? I played Scorpions , Dire Avengers and Warp Spiders in 7th edition all the time. If anything it was their vehicles that just sucked much like all the other vehicles in 7th edition. At least now vehicles are worth taking. I am hoping they flesh out the aspects more and make them better specialized like in 7th.

    • J Mad

      Tyranids literally only have 3 units that needs updates (Biovore, Pyrovore and Lictors).

      Eldar need something like 18

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Old One Eye, Red Terror… the other named Tyranid guy.

        • DoctorBored

          You can convert those, and out of all the kits that GW has released for 7th, only the Primarchs and Typhus have been actual named characters. They’re clearly leaning away from named characters.

        • J Mad

          OOE is in the Carnifex kit, like literally in it, but i will say yes Red Terror could use a new model, so thats 4 vs like 17-20 lol…….

          • Earl Scott

            Tyranids need a lord of war which all other factions have access to.

          • J Mad

            FW has them, they just need a bit cheaper and they are playable.

        • Old one eyed can be made with the carnifex plastic kit ^^

      • Jimmy van der Poel

        Tyranids need a real LoW, a model that can rival Wraithknights, knights, Daemon Primarchs, etc in size, power and sheer awesomeness! One that makes Mortarion think twice about having a go at it ;). Some sort of bio-titan-esque walking hive node with a 24-7 case of the worst monday morning blues mixed with Angron rage times a 100 😀

        • Jimmy van der Poel

          and plastic aspect warriors would be nice to have too..

    • Brettila

      23 years and counting for some of them!

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Now I’m not saying is a coincidence that this article appears mere hours after me posting this…


    but…when said post was published on GW FB almost 24hrs ago…one can’t help but feel they’re doing your job for you…

    • Bootneck

      There is an old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

      However that being said GW have now entered into a new and improved design and production era.

      The models they make really are some of the best in the world.

      So in one hand I think the Eldar stuff is fine, on the other hand anything they remake will be even better than any previous incarnation.

    • zeno666

      Did you expect a cookie for the “find”?

  • Watcherzero

    I get the feeling now Primaris and Death Guard have finished codex linked model releases there will be more, I doubt it will be Craftworld Eldar though with Necromunda and Sigmar games already scheduled before end of the year. My bets on Sisters in the new year, late jan/feb.

    • Bootneck

      You sound like the faithful girlfriend talking about an imaginary SoB release!

      He can change.
      He can change.
      He can change.
      He can change.

      Its coming.
      Its coming.
      Its coming.

      • Reven

        The sisters are always a few months away T.T

      • Spacefrisian

        That pile of money is still waiting to be spend.

    • DoctorBored

      There’s a little bit of time in the rest of October, November, and December for some new models. Whether they’ll be 40k or AoS is up in the air, but they really just have Shadespire and Necromunda to finish off this year. They might do some box sets (Battleforces?) for December, and they’ll probably skip back over to AoS for a bit of November, but otherwise there might be a week or three in there that they could release some extra models.

      And yeah, I too am hoping for the rumors to be true and for a Sisters release to come in Jan/Feb of 2018.

  • Piotr

    Great, I play Dark Angels and Blood Angels… guess which codexes(?) will probably be last :/

    • euansmith

      It will be the new combined Chapter; the Blark Angels!

  • 3dken

    Eldar and nids are nice, but where the heck are the Orcs? They’ve been quiet for the last couple of years!

    • They’ve had two box sets in the past, so GW doesn’t like them. GW’s attitude is “Oh! These ruffians might threaten our priceless Blueberries! Lets leave them alone for a few years!”

  • Marcus Clark

    While I do appreciate the Nids, As far as their range goes they barely need any updates, in fact they still have some of the coolest monsters in the game. The Eldar are getting a hard rap atm mostly from all the butt hurt they dished out in the 7th, however now they play average, in fact they tend to get out smited by demons and GK which is kind of hilarious. All the elite models of the Eldar and their heros are looking quite dated, Especialy when you look at their dark kin whos range got fantastic new models last edition. The Eldar I find have to many elite’s, vehicle’s, and special options that regularly get shunned, for example Falcons, fire prysims, Night spinner or a War walker are hardly if ever in a bat rep. Watching the Bloody handed god stop around, nope hes bloody slient.
    Reapers drool and fire dargons rule, Warp spiders are a maybe while the hawks are in their nests, Banshees scream defiantly but their martial powers are feeble compared to other races.
    90% of eldar armies tend to be comprised of 1 or 2 flyers, 1 or 2 bike units, Fire dragons, a wave serpent maybe 2, vypers and wraith units.
    Maybe its just me, but the Eldar have some great toys thats just not being used as its inafective to everyone else.

    • Hrudian

      Wow, that reads like poetry 😀

      Watching the Bloody handed god stop around
      nope he’s bloody silent

      Reapers drool and fire dragons rule

      Warp spiders are a maybe
      while the hawks are in their nests

      Banshees scream defiantly
      but their martial powers are feeble compared to other races

      • Marcus Clark

        didn’t start that way, lol. The Eldar Poetry in motion?

  • lemt

    All I ask for are new Biovore models. And them coming in units of 3, instead of being single-model packs. Like seriously, fielding them is EXPENSIVE and they are ugly… not in a good tyranid-y way.

    • Earl Scott

      A plastic Lord of War is so what I am hoping for

      • lemt

        I think Trygons used to be super heavies back when they were forge world, but they turned them into normal MCs when they made them plastic. Didn’t stop me from buying three