40K: Tyranid Army Ability Previews

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Take a look at how the Tyranid army abilities will work in 8th edition. These changes are pretty big.

Like it says on the tin folks, here’s how the Tyranid army abilities work. There are some pretty sweet changes to the structure of synapse and instinctive behavior. This should rebalance how the army plays in the latter part of the game. Check it out.

via Warhammer Community

The new Tyranids codex is one of the most radical updates the army has ever received, from the seven new Hive Fleet Adaptations to a range of tweaks to the army designed to make every option in the book feel powerful and viable.

First up, Shadow in the Warp hits that sweet 18″ range. Now anyone trying to smite you up is going to be taking a penalty–actually, this means it can affect a ton of offensive powers. And if the rumors are true, this could lead to trouble for psykers.

Synapse is now out to 12″ — well, for the auto-morale. It’s actually out to 24″ for being ‘within synapse,’ owing to some pretty big changes in how instinctive behavior works. Check it out:

Firstly, Instinctive Behaviour only triggers when the unit in question is more than 24″ away from a Synapse unit. This allows you much more flexibility when moving your units, and essentially gives single-model units (like the Trygon) a 24″ Synapse range, as they don’t need to worry about Morale anyway!

Secondly, Instinctive Behaviour doesn’t force you to ONLY shoot or charge the nearest unit; instead, you suffer penalties to your charge rolls and shooting. This means that in the later rounds of the game, when the enemy may have crippled your Synapse coverage, you’ll still be able to maintain a level of control over your army.

In short, the Tyranids are no longer an army that depends quite so heavily on Synapse to win, and guaranteeing 100% Synapse coverage at all times is no longer completely necessary. Significantly, monstrous creatures that work best when operating away from the bulk of your army, like the Haruspex and Mawloc, are much more free to do so.

That’s pretty big. Instinctive behavior still sucks, but it no longer hijacks your army when you have to deal with it. All in all, this seems like a pretty big bug buff.

And check back tomorrow for more Tyranid previews.

  • BaronVonYoloing

    You say Instinctive Behaviour still sucks? That’s the best I’ve seen it in over 12 years. That’s almost inconsequential compared to previous (and current) editions.

    • I_am_Alpharius


      Yeah really can’t see how this version of Instinctive Behaviour “sucks”. With how it will work when the codex is published it has very inconsequential effect on the army. I think gamers just don’t like having a rule that has any kind of down side….because reasons…

      • Jabberwokk

        He must have read it wrong because I’m very fine with all of this. Very fine indeed.

    • mgdavey

      I think he’s saying that the constraint in itself sucks, not that current version is a sucky version.

    • Thedinosaur

      if late game you loose synapse.. you’re probably trying to attack the closest enemy anyway!

    • NagaBaboon

      Yeah it seems way better than last edition to me, and at least it makes sense fluff wise, that was always my biggest gripe.

  • IronMaster

    Great upgrade to the Tyranids. I’m sure many Nid players will be coming back proudly.

    Waiting to hear the complaints about being able to “ignore” morale checks like the Conscript issue.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Just wait: 2 weeks after the codex gets realesed synapse will be FAQ’ed into re-roll moral tests and all your gants will be useless…

    • Jimmy van der Poel

      All depends on the unit sizes, and the actual points/model. Truth be told, 90% of the time I actually forget the whole Morale Phase even exists.

    • Apocryphus

      Meh, synapse creatures aren’t that difficult to shoot down. There’s a few small characters, but the rest are monsters or units that can be targeted easily.

      • Bootneck

        Malenthrope is quite a small model, seen plenty modeled low to the ground.

        The other thing is there are plenty of units that have synapse that can be dotted around, so what if there big monsters? Just a bonus imo.

    • Andre R.W. Schmeichel

      It wasn’t the ‘ignore morale’ issue that was the problem by itself. It was the combination of that ability granted to multiple extremely cheap squads to protect an army built around cheap, devastating ranged firepower.

      There are plenty of squads out there that are immune or nearly immune to morale. AM just wasn’t one of those armies that should have it. Just as synapse limitations are part of playing bugs, leadership issues are part of playing guard.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Instinctive behavior kind of sucks because you get to ignore an entire part of the game (morale) while within Synapse. It is a risk v reward mechanic.

    Also, these are the most lax instinctive behavior rules we’ve had in a long time. if your position well, you will never really bother with the penalties for Instinctive Behavior.

    • Bootneck

      I regularly play against nids and IB was mostly pointless in 7th if you new what you were doing.

      So its nothing new imo, if anything it gives you a choice instead of those lame lurk rules etc.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Damn that some significant changes to the core mechanics of a Tyranid army. I always felt 12″ has always been about right for Synapse; 8″ was very short.

  • Jimmy van der Poel

    This is actually seriously good stuff, although my warlocks and spirit seers are giving me the finger right now 😉

    Having a campaign battle soon with my Eldar vs ‘Nids, can’t wait to see what this new codex brings to the table. ( I have a secret soft spot for the bugs 😉 )

  • Arykaas

    So unless they change much, Biovores that are out of synapse get -1 to hit, or rather, +1 to spawn spore mine . neat 😉

  • John John Slade

    Off-topic question…. kinda: Why the heck Chaos afraid Tyranids? They got Chaos Gods, Daemon, plague, and anything but why are they afraid to Tyranids and that’s I don’t get it….

    • Thedinosaur

      because nids eat all of those things

      • John John Slade

        So that include the Khorne follower like Berzerker and Red Butcher has no gut to fight them? or they’re just disposable to hold them off so the Commander and other Chaos follower retreat to the warp?

        • Jesse Sinclair

          Two main reasons:

          1.) The Shadow in the Warp doesn’t just block off the Warp from psykers, it blocks out warp beings in the Warp itself. Chaos Daemons caught in the real world under the Shadow in the Warp tend to flicker in and out of existence as they struggle to maintain their grip on reality. This gets worse the stronger the Hive Fleet is. It is theoretically possible that if the Tyranids infested the galaxy wholly that they would cut out the Warp from it forever.

          2.) Chaos can’t harvest Tyranid souls, can’t corrupt them, and can’t draw power from them. At the same time Tyranids consume Chaos’s own source of food (mortals).

          Chaos hates and fears Tyranids for the same reason farmers hate and fear locust swarms.

          • Azatoth

            Excellent and competent answer.

          • Jimmy van der Poel

            indeed! +1

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Best part: SITW does not affect GSC.

  • NagaBaboon

    Finally! Instinctive behaviour that makes sense!