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40K Previews: Tyranid Codex, Hydra Rules, and Ryza Ruins

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Oct 29 2017

Next week is a pretty exciting week, 40K-wise. It’ll be full of Tyranid previews, even if their rules seem a little…buggy.

Swarming up from the Hive Fleets, the Tyranids are storming the galaxy, and next week they’ll be in the limelight, even if only for a moment before scurrying back to whatever hiding place they’ve infested. Additionally, you’ll find ruinous terrain and a new painting tool up for pre-order–oh, and also you’ll find a preview of Hive Fleet Hydra’s faction rules.

via Warhammer Community

Next week, you’ll be able to order a Tyranid codex worthy of the might of the Great Devourer, packed with updated rules, new ways to build your army and no fewer than SEVEN Hive Fleet Adaptations – new army-specific rules designed to represent the horrific diversity of the Tyranid swarms.

These Hive Fleet Adaptations will cover the most well known of the Tyranid Hive Fleets – Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan – as well as developing the background for four more – Gorgon, Jormungandr, Hydra and Kronos. All the adaptions have been designed to be fun, thematic, and powerful; Hydra, for example, can re-roll hits in close combat against units they outnumber (which, with Tyranids, shouldn’t be too tricky!).

Of course, if you’re playing the Devourer of Worlds, you’ll need some worlds to devour (or, at the very least, your friends will), but thanks to a range of new scenery bundles and sets, building an appropriately awesome battlefield for your army to battle on is easy. The Ryza Pattern Ruins from the Moonbase Klaisus boxed set will also be available separately for the first time; these push fit scenery pieces make for easy-to-set-up line of sight blockers for your games of Warhammer 40,000.


Painting these sets might seem a little intimidating, but thankfully, there’s a range of new accessories and paint bundles on the way to help. We’ll be previewing all of these closer to release, but we think the nifty Citadel Painting Handle is going to be a tool all painters want to use. Gripping your model by the base, this handle makes it easy to paint hard to reach areas without potentially rubbing the previous paintwork off or getting a cramp in your hand.

Now, it’s probably extremely wishful thinking on my part–but, hey did you see who was about to get eaten and swarmed to death in that picture up there? Yup, everyone’s favorite mecha-suit pilots, the T’au. It’s probably unreasonable to expect them to be the next codex, but, you know what, Half-Life 3 confirmed. Let’s go ahead and call it and get our hopes all the way up.

In the meantime, we’ll be covering the new Niddex as it nears its launch, so be sure and check back.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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