Codex Craftworld Eldar is Here – Look Inside

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The Craftworld Codex has crept through the Webway and into our offices. Take a look inside–it’ll be featured all week starting now.

It’s here! And though we’ve had to pry it away from Mayhem’s Muse in order to take a look inside, and aren’t sure if she’s forgiven us or not–she just keeps hissing and has since absconded with the book to the BoLS Studios where it sounds like a barricade is being constructed (you might be wondering how I know it’s a barricade being constructed, well let me just say, the sounds are unmistakable) –we have risked our own personal safety to bring you, the reader, a look inside.

Like its predecessors, there’s a mix of art, lore, and actual rules in here. By now you’ve seen the Craftworld Attributes that accompany the five named factions here. Which–I believe–makes this the smallest codex, factionwise. But there’s still a ton of changes here–you might not realize it at first since there aren’t any new units (even ones that use extant models, like the Grey Knights one, which put an HQ choice in a suit of Knight Armor)–but there’s a lot going on in this book. Here’s a brief rundown of a few of the changes in this book:

  • Units across the board have had their points tweaked
    • Asurman is cheaper
    • Dark Reapers are cheaper
    • Windriders are cheaper
    • Falcons are cheaper
    • Scatter Lasers are cheaper
  • Speaking of HQ choices: Phoenix Lords don’t actually belong to a Craftworld
    • They won’t affect an army being Battleforged, but don’t get Attributes
  • War Walkers can Outflank natively
  • Howling Banshees have a few changes: their masks negate overwatch firing
    • they can charge units 15″ away and can declare against units 15″ out instead of 12
  • The Howling Banshee’s best friend, Jain Zar, also lets them strike first in combat all the time. Other Phoenix Lords have similar unit-enhancing abilities
  • Swooping Hawk’s lasblasters have been upgraded to assault 4
  • Jain Zar, new ability that allow Banshees within 6″ to strike first in combat. Other Phoenix Lords has similar abilities that work in synergy to improve their respective aspect.

And that’s not even diving into the wealth of relics, the 9 new psychic powers, and more that await Eldar players. And then of course, there’s all the Space Elf Artwork you could want.

Here’s a little bit about Ulthwe and the Eye of Isha. And then of course, Craftworld Iyanden, aka Ghost World.

And this sweet picture of some Falcons racing off to shoot heavy weaponry.

At any rate, our coverage of the Codex begins now. So be sure and stay tuned all week to see the Codex in action on our Twitch Stream–on Monday we’ll be doing a live Q&A, so if you want to know something about the book, or want to watch at least some of us get facerolled in a game or three, come join us!

Okay–now that the Codex is up for pre-order, let’s talk about the important issues. We all know Eldrad is Space Galadriel. Who’s Space Legolas?

  • benn grimm

    Eldrad is Gandalf, Legolas, hmmm, maybe Illic Nightspear? They’re both pretty annoying, good at shooting and get passionate about hobbits… probably…

    • Spacefrisian

      Meanwhile Nuadhu and Iyanna can relax on a beach in that Elven vacation hotspot, while Middle Earth has some ring issues.

      GW done it again, forgetting characters…

      • Inian

        Well, any unit or character that didn’t have a model has been removed from the rules (but not the fluff) so that isn’t really unexpected.

  • Discoqing


    • To be fair, at least Avengers and Falcons were massively overcosted.

      • Dulahan

        Yeah, this is more bringing the Eldar into line. Not so much Power Creep. Other than it’s now a Codex Army which is by its very nature superior to every Index force due to having more stratagems, warlord traits, and a Doctrine

    • zeno666

      Suprised? This is the GW model of selling things.
      Lazy and greedy.

      • Scott Resnick

        You make it sound like it’s that hard to ‘find’ a codex to avoid those sorts of costs, if, as you say, GW is purposely stealing money from you.

  • Steven Walter

    Wewt! Looks like a %50 imo guard intensity update. Amazing!!!

    Nothing worse than setting ypur army on the table and your opponent looking you in the eyes saying “I am probably going to lose” and ruining the experience from the get go.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Did no one spot the change to Vypers?

    • Inian

      The only thing I’ve seen is that they count as Jetikes and can benefit from the Saim-Hann attribute. But I haven’t seen the codex yet, maybe you can enlighten me?

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        That was it. Missed the article here.

  • Kiskatona

    I know some people who are going to be very happy about the changes to Banshees. Mate of mine has had them constantly dakka’d off the board, or in such a sorry state by the time they get to combat that they are combat ineffective.

  • jamshaman

    Warp Spiders – no change??

    • zeno666

      But it still falls in “Good in earlier edition, nerfed beyond playable in new edition”.
      Why else would you have to buy new models? 😉

    • Dulahan

      Cheaper, can deep strike too, IIRC from another preview

  • Inian

    What is The Forge of Vaul? It’s listed under the Warhosts like it’s a unit…

    • euansmith

      “Forge”? Can it be that the Squats are returning as an Eldar allied contingent? 😉

      • Inian

        Now wouldn’t that be unexpected!

        I am assuming it’s the vehicle wargear or something like that, but I don’t know what that wouldn’t be under the normal wargear list. Maybe it’s a new type of detachment?

  • euansmith

    The barricades link really got me giggling.

  • zeno666

    Is GW still doing 80% re-used artwork?

    • Scott Resnick

      Most of the Codexes are reusing the artwork from last edition.