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Mayhem's Muse

Born near Seattle, WA, Mayhem has transplanted to Austin TX and is equal parts Historical Archer, Cosplayer, Dungeon Master, Mothra Priestess, and game nerd. She writes the weekly Cosplay beat for Bell of Lost Souls and travels the world competing in traditional Ground and Horseback archery tournaments with The Eastern Contingent. A member of by way of Rage Select, she is part of the dynamic duo “Team JRPG” with magical girl and fellow contributor Matt Frank, and is part of their Review Crew. (So, SO much fangirling). Mayhem is known for her love of Dragonlance, classic JRPGS, and all things 1980s. She is a regular contributor on Giganticast, and is currently diving through every Mothra project ever created.


That’s right, folks! It’s Black History Month, and the Cosplay Community is celebrating in style-highlighting their favorite cosplay artists and creatives. Join us this week as we take a peek into this month’s exciting collection of Cosplay comics, movies, video games, and more!



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