Necromunda: House Goliath

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Come meet one of the six great houses of Necromunda. House Goliath is a power house.

That’s right friends, Necromunda is around the corner and that means it’s time to gear up for gang warfare. Taking place on the skirmish level, Necromunda is a fast and furious (bit neither 2 fast nor 2 furious) way of getting in on all that Underhive action, if you catch my drift.

House Goliath is definitely the brawn of the Six Houses of Necromunda. Their whole aesthetic centers around their hulking physiques. Sheer force and heavy weaponry are the order of the day in House Goliath, whose older artwork can be charitably described as Liefeld-aspirant.

Can you tell this was drawn on the 90s?

The only way these guys could be any more 90s is if they were actively making a guest appearance on Friends. That, as they say, would be so Raven. These guys look like they’re ready to appear in a listicle of 25 things only 90s kids can identify to determine what Hogwarts House they belong in over on Buzzfeed, we’re totally number 17.

Their lore backs them up:

House Goliath is one of the six houses whom make their home in the “Hive City” part of Hive Primus, the capital of Necromunda. The Goliath’s domains are situated unfavourably in the Hice City, occupying the lowest and harshest areas, close to the Underhive. As a result, most Goliaths are notoriously tough and robust by necessity, and they view everybody else as soft and weak.

The members of the house are often seen as barbaric by everybody else in the Hive, the members of House Escher being the most vocal in this belief. Indeed, many of the Goliath’s traditions, like the fighting pits and the Feast of the Fallen do very little to disprove these beliefs, giving the impression of a violent and brutal people inimical to their neighbours and rivals alike.

The Goliaths have a preoccupation with physique, and their style of clothing is often designed to reveal as much of their bulging muscles as possible. This style of dress usually incorporates large amounts of metal chains and bracers. Most Goliaths also wear their hair in a mohawk.

But, the latest iteration of Necromunda is poised to pay loving homage to this nostalgic style with updated sculpts and aesthetics–while still keeping to the character and spirit that is so unavoidably present on the artwork. Here take a look at one of the newer miniatures:

Such a solid sculpt, especially compared to some of the older ones…

All of the new miniatures look fantastic. They’ve got the right feel to them–and as dated as these older models look, they’ve still got that seems of fun, of character to them that is irrepressible. It’s why Necromunda is so enduring.

And Goliath embodies a big part of that spirit. Sort of an antithesis to Escher, they make great foils for one another.

With Necromunda releasing so soon, it seems time to pick a House.

Which will you choose?

  • Great! Equal to the old metal ones in my opinion. Much prefer them to Escher.

    • Iconoc1ast

      yeah the original escher gang was awesome but not sold on the pastic ones yet. might just be the way they are painted though.

      • benn grimm

        They’ll be a lot easier to convert than the originals though, which is a big plus for me.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. Very true. That said I wish they were not monopose (which I’m assuming they will be). Still, easier to model saw plastic over metal.

          • benn grimm

            That was my initial reaction, then I remembered that aside from the 2nd wave Goliath/Orlock/ratskin/redemptionists release, pretty much all the originals were monopose. Multi pose boosters with lots of options would be awesome though and well within their current remit.

          • Obviously not a fan of monopose, but I hope I can get a few nice-looking Van-Saar gangers to add to my old metal guys.

        • 6Cobra

          I’m actually more concerned about the scale creep than the monopose (as you and ZeeLobby have discussed, plastic monopose is still easier to convert than metal.) For the Eschers, anyway.

          I know some gamers are going to use their classic Necro minis as juves or junior gangers, but I’m not sure how that would jive with my converted Escher leader and heavies. Maybe I’ll re-name the heavies “Shorty” and “Skinny”?

          • benn grimm

            Those sound like great nicknames, I haven’t seen them up close/alongside other models, is there a big difference?

        • Iconoc1ast

          hell yes! plastics are the best imo!

          • benn grimm

            Definitely, much as I like some of my old metal figures they pretty much never leave the house anymore (cept Zodgrod Wartsnagga, he just has this look, kinda like a really tiny green puppy;)).

  • Iconoc1ast

    sold my specialists games edition models for this release. this time round they have really made fantastic goliath models!

  • Andreas Noche

    Van Saar all the way

  • benn grimm

    Looking forward to seeing how they go about updating the rest of the gangs before hoisting my flag. Particularly the Outlanders.

    • New Scavvies should be interesting…

      • benn grimm

        Definitely, I wonder if they will include plague zombies, would be a good way to shift poxwalkers.

    • memitchell

      What’s not to like? This ain’t Necromunda 8th Edition. It’s been 2 decades since they released Necromunda. The new Eschers are up to the excellent standards of the modern GW. As are the Goliaths. Both iconic for Necro and 40K, and GW. Not only that, they are fully retro while being fully neo. I guess around here, it’s de rigueur to be underwhelmed, and ever withholding final judgement. I guess going years without single addition to the game so many years ago has left me extremely unjaded.

      • benn grimm

        I think you’ve misunderstood me, I’m not withholding judgement/enthusiasm because I’m not impressed, quite the opposite, I can’t pick just one gang yet because they both look so awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing how awesome they make the rest of them before deciding which one I like best. So far it’s Escher, but it’s a pretty close call.

        • memitchell

          I DID NOT misjudge you! I maligned you. BIG difference! My bad.

          MY inner child fears are the new models are to the old models as Primarus are to legend marines. That the new rules are too 40K 8th (lot’s to like, lot’s to not love). And, that this will come and go before anyone around my parts even notices.

          Again, my bad.

          • benn grimm

            No worries, tbh I hadn’t considered the scale thing till 6cobra mentioned it. I hope it’s not a silly difference. I’m happy to try out the new rules, but I still have and love the original rules so not too worried.

            Yeah, that’s the most likely potential pitfall, fingers crossed people give it a chance, it’s such a cool game when you have enough people into a campaign.

  • bfmusashi

    I love the guy that got a mohawk prosthesis and I love you Cho Aniki faction!