Next Week’s 40K Prices & Products CONFIRMED


The Death Guard Plague Marines shuffle into view – sure to spread famine to your wallet.

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

The Death Guard’s monster release continues into week 4.


Warhammer 40,000

Death Guard Biologus Putrifier $25

Death guard Plague Marine Icon Bearer $25

Death Guard Plague Marine Champion $25

Death Guard Plague Marines (7 models) $50 


Black Library

Horus Heresy: The Silent War (Paperback) $9.99

While loyalist and traitor forces clash on a thousand battlefields across the galaxy, a very different kind of war is being fought in the shadows – a war of subtlety and subterfuge, unknown to many, but one that surely holds the key to victory for either side. Rogal Dorn and his Legion prepare to defend the Solar System against the armies of Warmaster Horus, even as Malcador the Sigillite charges his many agents and spies with missions of the utmost secrecy. The future of the Imperium is being shaped by unseen hands…

This edition contains:
The Watcher by C Z Dunn
Child of Night, Grey Angel & Templar by John French
The Gates of Terra by Nick Kyme
Luna Mendax & Wolf Hunt by Graham McNeill
The Purge by Anthony Reynolds
Army of One & Distant Echoes of Old Night by Rob Sanders
Ghosts Speak Not, Lost Sons & Patience by James Swallow
The Sigillite by Chris Wraight

Baneblade (Paperback) $16

By the blessing of the Omnissiah was the Mars Triumphant born – from the forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the mighty Baneblade super-heavy battle tank comes to bring death and destruction to the foes of the Imperium. As part of the Paragonian 7th Company, Honoured Lieutenant Marken Cortein Lo Bannick commands the venerable war machine in a bitter war against the orks in the Kalidar system. As the campaign grinds on it begins to take its toll upon his crew, and old clan prejudices from the regiment’s home world arise once more. In a war which cannot be won by force of arms alone, such division may prove to be their undoing.

Written by Guy Haley

Shadowsword (Paperback) $16

Arriving in the Geratomro warzone, Honoured Lieutenant Bannick and the crew of the Baneblade Cortein’s Honour are assigned as close support to a company of Shadowsword Titan hunters as they find themselves thrust into a deadly battle for the fate of three star systems. New and deadly allies throw into doubt all that Bannick has been told of the Imperium, while threatening not only his life, but also his soul…

Written by Guy Haley

~What are you picking up? Also – BEST NURGLING EVER!

  • zeno666

    I remember when 40k was grim and dark.

    • mark howard

      I remember when it was fun and is again thankfully, better than the from dark emo crap from a few years ago

      • Cergorach

        I remember when it was weird and freaky!

        I love that Nurgling with the helmet.

        • DJ860

          I must have looked at that model five times and only on this occasion did I see the helmet. Marvellous.

        • Brother Eldrian

          It’s my favourite Champion of Nurgle xD Forget about the marine in the background.

      • vlad78

        If fun means cartoonish an simplistic… ;p

    • Jukka Vuorisalo

      I remember when 10bucks got you 10models..

      • I_am_Alpharius

        I remember when penny sweets (would that be cents sweet in USA?) cost a penny and not 5p…..I remember when petrol was half the price for twice as much……I remember when cars costed £5000 for one and not £15000…..I remember when a pint of milk costed 40p and not a £1….I remember when a film ticket cost £4 and not £10….

        Prices go up over time, granted some more than others, but prices go up. Its kind of how the economy works….

        • Fraser1191

          You sound quite venerable lol

          • I_am_Alpharius

            Haha! If in your early 30’s is classed as venerable, then yes, yes I am 😛

            Well either that or I am just a realist.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Can’t be the only one sick of death guard now. Bring me new IG models and Shadespire!

    • Fredddy

      Death Guard models are cool, but for the new IG models we only know that instead making new Rough Rider models, they decided to remove them from the codex.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        I have always been surprised that Rough-Riders have stuck around as long as they have. Even back in 2nd ed. they were very much a redundant unit.

        • Fredddy

          I converted 23 of them, and their current rules are quite good. They weren’t in previous codexes, thats right, but they were always an original and cool unit with many historical references and things like this help to enhance the diversity of the Guard often described in the fluff..

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        I can only think of 3 reasons why they’d do this:
        1. they didn’t feel like making Regiment Traits/Orders to support an ancient unit.
        2. FW has a better list to run Rough Riders in, in the Death Korps.
        3. The models are old, and to the community at large, still a weak choice compared to the stronger FA units in the codex (Hellhounds, Sentinels, etc.).

    • I_am_Alpharius

      No AM miniatures this time round and Shadespire is pre-order from the 14th October and released 21st

      So not long now. 🙂

    • zeno666

      These aren’t Death Guard they’re Disney Guards

      • Jeffrey Egan

        I think we’ve heard your point, guy.

      • euansmith

        (To be read in a Scottish accent)

        “What’s the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?”

        “Bing sings, and Walt dis nay.”

  • Maarten de Kock

    Pretty annoyed by this 25 bucks for 1 mono-pose model trend…

    • Massawyrm

      I mean, I like it a bit better than the $30+ bucks for 1 mono-pose model trend from 7th ed…

  • Kritarion

    Sassy Nurgling gives me life

    • Kiskatona

      I don’t really need another Plague Marine champion with a power fist and plague knife, but that Nurgling is selling it really hard for me.

  • Ghachii

    How long have they been dragging out releases for the starter box factions now? It feels like most of my lifetime. I don’t remember the release window for a single faction being this tediously wide before.

    All the Death Guard models look the same by the way – I honestly can’t tell the difference between the grunts, named characters and everything in between because of the ludicrous levels of detail and bling they’re swamped with that only about 5% of hobbyists will be able to paint properly. Even painted to ‘Eavy Metal standard they’re just a mess of distracting, gaudily coloured ‘stuff’. I’m sick of the sight of them.

    • Vicent Martín Bonet

      Four months: since early june to early october.

    • ZeeLobby

      Welcome to the new Stormcast/Bloodborne. It’s almost like they’ll keep releasing them until sales bottom out.

    • memitchell

      I like the hell out of them! And, unlike the equally likable TS marines, I can paint DG to an appealing standard.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Also are we not gonna talk about the elephant in the room that the plauge marine is basically $100 because the icon and sgt are separate PLASTIC models.

    That’s twice as much as a unit form forgeworld people.

    • Lumpenprole

      Um, no. You can build both with the plague marine set:

      “While there are options in the Plague Marine kit to build both a champion and an icon bearer, there are two special kits on the way designed to help you add more variety to your squads.”

    • Grandfathernurglescleanbrother

      I I’ll think his general point applies it’s 50 bucks for 7….for a troop choice…..hope you don’t want field those squads of 20

      • SisyphusIsHappy

        If your DG army isn’t swarming with more pox walkers than plague marines you are doing it wrong in my opinion. Still, yeah, kinda sucks that a troop choice is so expensive.

      • lemt

        You can always just use “normal” chaos space marines as plague marines, these just make them look cooler.

  • Crablezworth


  • Oggthrok

    While I love the look and style of the new Death Guard, $50 for seven marines is a bitter pill to swollow. I was under the impression that the reduced model count would mean a more traditional price of $35.

    I’m also baffled by how many mono-pose power fist with plague sword champion models they’ve made. One in the starter, one in the three pack, and one as an inexcusable $25 clam pack. I guess I’m used to paying that much for a captain in an army, but I’m unsure who GW thinks will need a squad champion bad enough to pay the price.

    • Lumpenprole

      The discounted starter set figures was the gateway drug. Now they expect to reap the benefits, I’d wager.

      • Oggthrok

        If so, it worked – I bought the starter thinking I was in it for the Primaris, but quickly realized the plague marines are my favorite 40k models in ages.

        But, at $50 for 7, I may add one squad to the starter, eventually, grudgingly, rather than the multiples of boxes they would have sold at even $40.

        Still, love the models!

        • memitchell

          I don’t think you are allowed to offer praise for ANYTHING on BoLS. Except for stuff from games that no one here plays. I agree, I really like the new DG. But, you didn’t hear it here.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Haha yeah…It like a marketing and release plan….or something…crazy that a retail business would do this

    • Lebowski1111111111

      im sure chinaforge will be busy at these prices.

      • Oggthrok

        No doubt! Although, if MK III marines scale decently with plague marines, I could see dinging up a squad of those with a dremel tool to make rot holes, maybe swapping a backpack here and there with the “real” plague marines. and stretching the bits and alternate parts a long way without resorting to recast parts.

        Failing that, buy poxwalkers off eBay until I have no need of further plague marines 😉

    • benvoliothefirst

      “Swo low, sweet chariot…”

  • euansmith

    The Icon Bearer looks like quite a cool mini; though the chains might have to go. The basic Plague Marines seem pretty solid too. The other minis, however, leave me cold.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      While I do like some of them they overall tend to be too “busy” for my tastes. I like them but prefer most of the older versions, doesn’t hurt that I have a DG army from 3.5 era. Still it does annoy me that IMO FW still has a superior look with their Death Guard/Plague Marine upgrade kit. It’s iconic yet the artist/s understand the use of space.

      • euansmith

        Honestly, I’m looking at these minis more for conversion bits for 28mm Inquisitor rather than as actual Death Guard 😉 I certainly agree with you that the FW Chaos Renegade and Nurgle stuff is streets ahead of the GW.

  • Ravingbantha

    So not only is the PM box short on models, but there’s price adjustment for the 3 models being shorted. On top of that, we have 2 new minis for $25 each that do nothing but add to a squad

  • Andrew Reynolds

    50$ for 7 models. Just gross human greed. I don’t even lol