Outside the Box – October 13th


Hello again, this week we got news about Warpath, Oathmark, Gangs of Rome, Bushido, Arena Rex and much more!
Mantic Games added new units to their Veer-Myn range:
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Oathmark is an upcoming Fantasy skirmish game developed by North Star Military Figures:
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Footsore Miniatures announced a new game called Gangs of Rome:
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A new wave of Infinity releases is available:
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GCT Studios announced upcoming releases for Bushido:
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A new Morituri gladiator for Arena Rex is available from Red Republic Games:
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New Normans and new support weapons for Beyond the Gates of Anatares are available from Warlord Games:
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Dark Age Games published new preview pictures:
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The Orc Sturmtankette is now available from Kromlech:
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MOM Miniatures presents new WIPs:
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New Guild Ball players are coming from Steamforged Games:
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TT Combat presents new terrain previews:
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This interesting miniatures will soon be available from The Drowned Earth:
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Otherworld Mininatures added two new releases to their range:
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The Heavy battle Drone is now available from HiTech Miniatures:
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Perry Miniatures published new previews:
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And Rubicon Models is working on new US infantry miniatures:
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And a whole lot of new Kickstarter campaigns:

Flytrap Factory – Warpods: The Battle of Junker Forge
Micro Art Studio – Tabletop Battlefields Mk.II
Strange Aeons – Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten: Tabletop Cult Skirmishe
Euphoria Miniatures – Ghosts
Necroplexus – 3D Printable Sci-Fi Terrain Building Blocks
PM Gaming Terrain Systems – Quality Durable Tabletop Terrain
EMF Developers – Evermore Tabletop Terrain & Accessories
The Ifinity Gate – Road/Kill: Vendetta
Printing Forge – The Mini Mover
Fireforge Games – Amazon SmasHers – Amazons and Humans for Fantasy Football
Warball – Star player soccer Devil miniature 
Game Envy – The Hobby Holder
Terrains4Games – Summertime Scenery
Eternal Edge – Flotilla
Short Fuse Designs – Star Wars Legion Terrain
Madxcot Productions – Awesome Bases
10th Dimension Stuidos – War-zone Vector 1
THMiniatures – Miniature Scenery Terrain for Tabletop gaming & Wargames 3
Universal Plastics – Space Corridor Battle Terrain
Oakbound Studio – Factious Waste: Post-apocalyptic miniatures skirmish game
Project Mobius – Printable spaceship miniatures STL file pack for gaming
Rocket Pig Games – Stout Hearted Heroes DUNGEONEERS
Diehard Miniatures – Undead Rising
Scale 75 – Smog Riders Dimensions of Madness

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~  It must be Kickstarter season!
  • Xodis

    Those submarine doors from TT will be awesome terrain for Fallout and a lot of other games.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      yeah, they’ll be perfect for the Zone Mortalis terrain I am building. I wonder when they’ll be available?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Dark Age is where it’s at man.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    That mantis rider really wields an uzi!