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BREAKING: New Primaris Super Heavy Tank Astraeus

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Oct 12 2017

Say hello to my little friend. The First Ever Primaris Super-heavy tank has been revealed by Forge World – the Astraeus has come!

via Warhammer Community

What happens when you cross a Sicaran, a Repulsor and a Fellblade? Meet the Astraeus Super-heavy tank.


Just as the Primaris Space Marines themselves blend the best elements of several millennia of Space Marines, the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank represents the pinnacle of Imperial engineering, a devastating war machine that makes the perfect accompaniment to your Space Marine army.

What we know so far is that it’s coming with

  • a pair of macro-accelerator cannons
  • sponson-mounted las-rippers or plasma eradicators.
  • rear mounted storm bolter
  • void shields
  • an enhanced repulsor field (anti-flyer rules)
  • No Transport Capacity
  • Steel Behemoth rule
  • Power of the Machine Spirit
  • and more!

Check out the full write up from Warhammer Community HERE. This beast is rumbling your way soon from Forge World. The rules will be free to download as well!


A Primaris Super-heavy Tank?! What’s next – a Primaris Super-heavy Plastic Thunderhawk? (yes please…)


Author: Adam Harrison
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