Tabletop Gallery: “Trick or Treat: Kingdom Death Style”

Welcome to nightmareland.

Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do! Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Warmachine/Hordes, Runewars, Bolt Action, Armada & Flames of War miniatures photos are welcome.

  • dave long island

    Kingdom Death takes scary minis to an HNL.

  • euansmith

    It is Kingdom Death, how is one supposed to know the difference between a trick or a treat?

    • Jabberwokk

      It’s all tricks. Even the treats.

      What part of Death didn’t you understand?