Black Library Weekender Roundup

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The Black Library Weekender has a wrapped up, here’s what went down.

If you had a chance to attend the Black Library Weekender this past weekend, you had a chance to net with some of the Black Library’s best, as well as to catch up on all the latest goings in the various GW Universes. Of course, 40K has some big news, like the launch of Space Marine Conquests, but we hear eat is being between Sigma and Nagash. Let’s check it out:

via Warhammer TV

We’re reporting today from 2017’s Black Library Weekender, catching up with attendees, authors and artists, and hearing what they’re enjoying about the event so far. There have been loads of new books and series announced already – we’ll bring you the full breakdown soon – but for now, find out more about some of these upcoming new novels here:

This is the first of three videos that covers the goings on at the Weekender. Find out about the Space Marines–what the Blood Angels have been up to since Baal, and more within. The event is covered in the videos, though if you want more details, the Black Library is getting everything updated on their website. So you can take a look at teaser images and get a hint of things to come, though we’ll be sure and followup with a full breakdown once more news is forthcoming.

And there’s one more where that came from, or you can find more details on Warhammer TV’s Facebook page.

And there you have it folks. Be sure and stay tuned for more news as it unfolds.

And remember, reading is fundamental, after all that’s why the Uplifting Primer and Codex Astartes were written–but reading can also be the greatest path to heresy. So read, but don’t read the wrong thing.

  • I can’t help but chuckle at the naysayers on the Horus Heresy, aka the eternal non-readers who declare it’ll never get finished. Here we go, implications are that the Siege of Terra may start before 2018 is out and might not last to the end of 2019.

    • Johan Strandh

      Yes, the authors were quite clear on the Road to Terra and the Siege. First up is Wolfbane by Guy Haley, then its Slaves to darkness by John French, and then the siege actually starts.
      Those two books have their front cover art done all ready so I’m guessing they will both be out before the summer has come.

      The Siege itself will be described in 3+ books, probably not including short stories and audio dramas.

      If at all interesting I can write a bit about what was said during the Wolfbane and Road to Terra seminars.

      *Disclaimer: I haven’t watched the vids so my apologies if this has all ready been said.

      • Small correction: Slaves to Darkness doesn’t have it’s Cover done and ready yet. The one they showed is taken from the first volume of Vengeful Spirit, as published in France and Germany. It shows Cover not Final at the bottom as well.

        Personally really thrilled for Wolfsbane, considering it is Haley doing it.

        • Johan Strandh

          Ah, fair enough. I sat too far off to the right and couldn’t see the bottom of the screen. Well, at least it is fairly probable that both Wolfsbane and StD (giggle) will show up before the summer. Heard something like it takes ~3 months to finish the covers.

          I’m really looking forward to StD (giggle) and all the things promised to be in that one. Wolfsbane will be a great book too I’m sure, I’m just a bit burned after Pharos which I didn’t really enjoy that much except for the epilogue.

    • euansmith

      The Emperor’s head tumbled down the throne room steps, hit the mosaic floor with a wet plop and skidded for several meters. A shocked hush fell upon the vast chamber, as friends and foes looked on aghast.

      Warmaster Horus broken the silence, “Ooopsie! Well, I wasn’t expecting that.”

      To be continued in “Horus Ascendant”, the first in the “Age of Horus” saga.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Even then once the HH series has finished their will still plenty of scope to tell further stories within that time frame. The obvious time, I would see, BL looking at will be the time straight after the HH and all of the fallout around that. They’ve already started looking at the Primarchs in further detail with the Primarch Series – I would say it is highly likely this series will continue to cover events in their lives right up to their deaths and/or disappearances/Daemonhood-ing

      • Agreed. We’re definitely going to be getting more Scouring-era content once the series is wrapped up and authors know where the relevant characters are standing.