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40K: Andy Chambers Asked And Answered

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Nov 19 2017

Andy Chambers, game designer and legend, recently did an AMA, here’s what he had to say.

Exactly what it says on the tin–Andy Chambers, former 40K Overfiend AND Master Of All Things BFG took to the Internet this last week with the express purpose of answering YOUR burning questions, including advice on designing a game, which games are his favorites, which faction is the worst, and more.

So let’s dive on in and see what he has to say.

via Reddit

On which faction is the worst:

There you have it. T’au are, at worst, 3rd in line on the list of hatred, and probably they’re even nowhere near that, cementing their place as the loveable scamps for certain. But it wouldn’t be Andy if we didn’t also get some questions about his favorite “children.”


Or they’d ask about the rules for being a designer

It’s interesting, getting to see a little of the philosophy behind design at 40k in action. And somewhat gratifying to know that, at least in Chambers’ day, they had to let the cool mini/rules/or artwork be their guiding principal of they wanted success. Which can take many forms.

Speaking of success, there’s distinguishing your property among others, as mentioned above in the Star Craft story. Plus–it turns out the Eldar can in fact get away from Slaanesh, though that is an epic story all its own to explore.

Finally, after a few other surprises, we confirm: the Squat Clock was reset at least twice during the AMA, but close off with the gate of the original Goliath in Necromunda.


And that’s enough for now. If you wanna see the thing in its entirety, you can follow the link below.

Read the Andy Chambers AMA

I mean, ordinarily this is where I’d say squats confirmed, but that’s a) happened twice now and b) talking of confirmation, I don’t know that they’re Roman catholic. 

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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