Geekery: The Road Movie – Dash Cam Insanity on the Big Screen

This collection of dash cam footage proves that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

You’ve probably seen one of the compilations of Russian dash cams roaming around Youtube. They’re a fascinating, unfiltered look at how unhinged and surreal the human experience can be. Dmitrii Kalashnikov has edited a collection of clips into a full length feature with sort of narrative to it. In it you’ll see wrecks, near misses, explosions, cars losing control, bears, and a people acting badly.

The NSFW trailer describes it as something “between Faces of Death and Jackass.” It’s an apt description…

Your chance to watch the insanity on a large screen starts on January 19th.

  • eMtoN

    I can easily spend a couple hours watching those dash cam vids. The best ones have audio from the driver yelling “WTF!!”

    • euansmith

      The Australian ones really tickle me, as the drivers tend to be both laconic and inventive swearers.