Goatboy’s Thoughts: State of 40k – Post Eldar FAQ

Goatboy here again with another look into the current state of competitive 40k post that new pair of Eldar FAQs.

A few events have passed, more list issues have popped up, and a new FAQ has reared its head.  It just another week in the current flux that is competitive 40k.  I feel the FAQ – while a bit harsh was most likely warranted.  I heard some rough new Ynarri list was getting hammered out by the grand Harliquen Nayden in the Eastern fringe of the great U.S. of A. star system so this nerf was most likely needed.  I don’t expect nearly as a rough update for the Nid book as well as the upcoming Blood Angels and Dark Angels.  Here is hoping anyway.

King of the Hill – but for how long?

The current “best” army out there award seems to still be placed on the beating heart of the green army man legion.  The Astra Militarum did win the Warzone Atlanta and I expect more wins for the army as people learn to not rest on the old crutches of Commissars and return to the sheer power of massed firepower.  I think will see them win a lot more events as they are a favorite of some of the better players right now.  Expect legions of Infantry, lots of regrowing Command Points, and constant groans as a unit shoots, rerolls and murders your units.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…

I do think the new Craftworld book will still propel some people into the winners bracket.  They have some issues with Hordes – but Reapers, cheaper bodies, and a plethora of good stratagems will pull them ahead.  They again are more a finesse army and have come back to the old “good general” style that was gone from the last editions that just let you abuse Wave Serpents, Wraith Knights, and cheap bikes.  The Ynarri nerf was most likely needed as the rule just didn’t fit well in the current state of 8th edition.  There were too many breaks in game play as they activated, cascaded, and murdered things way beyond their points/army build should allow.  The change now makes them more like the Sisters of Battle and I wonder if they will see the same sort of thing – limit of 1 Faith choice per turn instead of allowing a few extra rounds of shooting.  It has me feeling that they don’t mind a unit getting an extra shooting phase – but you can’t have multiple of your units going off and taking all the kids candy.  The big hurt right now is if you take any Ynarri you have to take one of the 3 HQ choices as your warlord – which leaves you missing some sweet stuff like the Character sniping Auratach will start to see hitting the table top.

And when you kill me – I still get to shoot back!

I still think Chaos – with the abilities to do some crazy Soup builds, good Forge World Choices (for now depending on Chapter Approved), and some of the strongest Psychic powers in the game.  They have access to 2 big Primarchs as well so they are an interesting choice that benefits hot dice to cause problems.  I think they have one of the more abusable Stratagems with Tide of Traitors as well.  My buddy Chris says it best – they are one of the few armies that can win any game.  They might not be crushing people but they always seem to have a chance with high damage output, movement powers, and ability to have decent hordes.  They are also one of the best Smite armies in the game.  I don’t think the Smite game is going to stay with the upcoming Chapter Approved but will see.

I really feel like Orks are one of those sleeper armies that can cause so many weird issues for lists.  They have an amazing spell in Da Jump that really shifts them into high gear.  Huge blobs of cheap boyz that hit hard, get where they need to be, and tie up so much of an army it is just insane.  They also have the sleeper Forge World unit in the Big Trakk and the Supa Skorcha that just does a number to any of those shifty multiple minus to hit armies.  I can just imagine them with some good Stratagems, clan rules, and maybe some tweaks in their point costs.  I wonder how bad the FW changes will be for them as a few choices are just key to allowing them to wreck specific army builds.

Can we get a discount – please?

Rumored changes to Roboute means a big fear for future Marine players right now.  It is an issue with the army where the only good build relies on one specific Character to activate the entire army.  It isn’t that he is broken its just he makes a stagnant army with only one “good” build.  This is where the issue is and hopefully Chapter Approved fixes some of this.  I really think the Primarus Marines need a big point drop as they are not as good as the 2 Marines they think they should cost.  A 10 man unit of Marines still kills more then a 5 man unit of Primarus guys and that is the issue.  I know an extra wound makes them “tougher” but in todays super shooty environment the extra wounds don’t matter as you blast a unit with more firepower then is needed to kill them most of the time.  The extra wounds just become taxes you have to pay for and an army that is just too small to be worth wile in the game right now.

I don’t know enough about Nids to see where they are going to go right now.  I think they will be good but again it has become more of a finesses army that is different from the older iterations.  This is good as it will be a lot more rewarding to play them and win with them.  There is a twinge of desire to throw as many fexes on the table as I can as I found a ton of Termagaunts randomly in a box.  But I don’t think I want to paint much more for myself right now as Daemons are coming, client works is building, and I don’t think I can do another horde once I finish this last batch of 10 Pox Walkers.

Chapter Approved got a release date and some hints to what we might expect.  From a Match play perspective I think will see some major shifts in the game play.  They have gotten a good deal of data from the tournament organizers/playtesters so the things we have seen way to much of will most likely have a change.  This leads me to think Smite might see a big shift, maybe some look into Soup detachments, and maybe a shift in their mission set up.  It also feels like we might see some “army band aids” in Stratagems, Warlord Traits, and other goodies.  I don’t know how good that will be as the whole idea of taking multiple books with you is frustrating but heck I played 7th edition where I had 4-5 books for my own army to work.

Speaking of books – this index book thing is frustrating and I hope when all the books finally come out we just say no more to the index thing.  Having a ton of choices in those books that don’t show up in the codex is going to be a frustrating thing to keep track of especially with so many lists issues showing up at events.  This could all get fixed with a strong Army builder rumored to be coming from GW soon.  Will see but most of my armies won’t use Index stuff once the Codex finally comes out.

I can’t wait for the Daemon book to finally come out as I can expect some crazy looking stratagems coming from there.  They could use them as a way to do some “warp storm” nonsense by having your burn points to have some crazy effects thrown out into the battle field.  Let’s just hope it isn’t a ton of roll a d6 for each enemy as that could get very frustrating from both sides of the table top.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to look at the new books soon so I can have some fun pre write ups.  I am not the biggest fan of either Angels but I am excited to see them as it gives me thoughts on how some of the other Marine books will look like when they come out.

~Oh and happy Thanksgiving this week.  We are doing it at my house this year so it will be a crazy week of food, fun, and bonkers kids.  Woohoo!

  • Magnus

    The “index issue” is imo not as big as people want it to be. The Index has Legacy builds of many units, so that your models aren’t invalidated even though GW don’t still sell them. (Like Chaos Lord on Juggernaught… when was the last time GW actually sold that?)

    That said I think GW should reprint the Indices once all Codices are out, and just make one book of Legacy models, and remove everything that’s in codices.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      they do sell a fantasy one which looks almost perfect for 40k

      • Magnus

        True, But still not an official model for it.
        I personally just used a Skullcrusher as my base. But GW has an odd approach to how much they want us to convert these days.

        • ILikeToColourRed

          I got lucky – a guy I work with had an old metal one he found when clearing out his loft

    • Rob brown

      My brother is using his beautifully converted jugger lord as a daemon prince without wings. It’s acrually perfect in rules and fluff lol

      • Magnus

        That’s a good idea. I personally still use my Jump Pack Sorcerer. I would use my Juggerlord, if I had a list that suited him 😀

      • SWISSchris

        Yeah I think there is a place for the codexes to contain the odd unit or named character that there is no official model for – that’s where conversions come in.

        Can see the business case for it, but I always liked the idea of converting models for some of the things that hadn’t been / never were released.

    • marxlives

      I feel the same. Indexes were meant as a stop gap anyway, and unless you were new to wargaming this edition then I think everyone understood that.

    • G Ullrich

      Agree- I have a number of Dreadnought variants that require the index, all using FW weapons (like rifleman dreads). I don’t see why using the index to make official models playable is such an issue.

      • Magnus

        Besides, it’s not like the Index will be replaced all that often.
        I just hope Chapter Approved continues to update the points for the legacy builds like Captain on Bike.
        Beyond that CA will have your points, Codex and Index your options

        • LankTank

          Didnt the faq state you take the points of the captain and wargear from codex but you are forced in the wargear cobmsnstrictions stated in the ndex?

          • Magnus

            Well Chapter Approved replaces the points costs in the Codex every year, to keep the game somewhat more balanced over time.

    • stinkoman

      i still use the chaos lord on bike out of the index

  • Nyyppä

    There are still plenty of stupid mistakes that they need to fix. Most of them are morale related.

  • Luca Lacchini

    I hope GW will include some fixes for equipment lists in various armies. Right now, my Succubus has an illegal weapon loadout, as she must choose between a blast pistol OR an agonizer while keeping the archite glaive.

    • E65

      Let GW know Luca.

  • Randy Randalman

    What a dope.

    First of all, Space Marines won the recent UK GT, so they’re still pumping strong. As each codex comes out, they aren’t invalidating previous ones; codex creep literally doesn’t exist. All it’s doing is forcing the mono-builds the internet has come up with in previous books to rethink their approach. Rethinking is not the forte of the internet. They think they can math-hammer their way to the “best build”, not taking into account that Deployment, Movement, and Stratagems are all in control of the player and can – at times – completely circumvent the math. Also, each codex has presented new ways to play.

    It’s just so different from editions past where an entire codex was sometimes so laughably bad that it didn’t even interact with other armies. Or one army was so blatantly underpriced for it’s performance that one build would terrorize the tournament scene for 7 years. Let alone seeing bad books get updates. Every codex usually hashed out to one “best build.” These 8th edition codices not only have parity between each other, but no singular best build. Some of the builds just don’t emerge until more of these codices appear and a counter strategy emerges. Every codex will be out by summer of 2018 too, so for the first time, we’ll have every army on the same set of rules, in the same edition of the game, and fully FAQ’d.

    • Snord

      Nice – you managed to say all of that without once (mis-)using the term ‘meta’.

      Remember, Goatboy is talking from a fairly narrow perspective, even though he’s making very broad generalizations. To me, his writing increasingly he sounds like he’s talking about horse-racing. And about as interesting.

      • thereturnofsuppuppers

        meta is a colloquialism, so its not exactly a prescriptive term.

        • Snord

          ‘Meta’ is an over-used buzz word that doesn’t mean what most people who use it think it means. Randy managed a detailed response without dropping the ‘m’ word – my compliment was genuine.

    • Jabberwokk

      Amazing isn’t it?

      It’s been really really hard for me to decide what to do with my nids. Because everywhere I look i see potential, new combos I want to try out, or avenues of play that simply didn’t exist. I feel like I’m back playing 4th, reading and re-reading the rules, looking for tech, getting excited to try new things. The Maleceptor is probably the ‘worst’ unit in the book be even he has his uses. Everything thing else is completely viable even sporocysts and pyrovores.. By The emperor they actually did it.

      It’s been damn fine time to be 40k fan.

      • Karru

        The only thing I am really waiting for from the Chapter Approved is the changes for missions. If GW releases some AoS style missions where you score objectives during the game and not at the end, then I’d say 8th will be a great edition.

        My group has even tried something new with our games. You can get a maximum of 6 CP to start the with via list building no matter what, but during the game, each objective you hold gives you 1 CP as well as 1 VP. If you manage to hold the objective with the same unit for a second time, you get 2CP and 2VP and so on. Also, only Troops can score objectives. This has worked wonders for our games.

        • Jabberwokk

          CP’s seem so vital anything that could generate them is worth every effort to get.

        • kloosterboer

          I’ve been meaning to try the old epic VP system, where the game ended with the first person to score a certain amount.

          That amount was based on the points value of the game played.

          Objectives and destroying units ( based on pts value) added to your total.

          What was cool about it, you tried to keep/ protect your damaged units from turning into vp’s…Taking objectives was a swing – your opponent lost points, and you gained them!

          Sometimes, you’d throw everything into an assault, just to deny your opponent an objective, and keep the game from ending…

    • Ronin

      The other thing to consider is the fact that each tournament uses different mission packets and the GW GT is the ONLY one that sticks to the vanilla Eternal War missions as well as doesn’t emphasize the “Nova” terrain. I firmly believe that missions do have a means of swinging the game in certain armies’ favor. I’m curious to see what Chapter Approved brings because it sounds like they’re even porting some AoS missions to matched play.

    • Marco Marantz

      totally disagree. codex creep is alive and well, although the disparity between dexes this edition is less. There are still definitely tiers that are amplified by mission type. If you dont believe me then why are LSM touted to be getting their second points adjustment in about 6th months with chapter approved. Why the FAQs with changes within weeks of a dex release, why do Eldar get traits which affect all units where others it only benefits infantry and dreads?

      • LankTank

        Yeah think your still alone in that opinion as again eldar while savage arent putting guard to bed and I do not see blood angels or dark angels being the new king of the ring

        • Marco Marantz

          You obviously havent been reading the comments on BOLS and other places if you think im the only one who thinks codex creep is real.

          • LankTank

            2 people beimg wrong does not either right. That just means you get to be louder.

    • LankTank

      Preach it! Hallelujah!

    • J Mad

      This! I cant believe it still, all armies will have an updated codex, with faq’s and re-balancing of points, this is just insane and never has been done before in 40k.

      Yes some armies may be slightly weaker at times, but we are not talking about 7th Tau vs DE differences, we are talking about a very close game still, something like 40/60 chance to win with the weaker codex. Nothing a good player couldnt make it 50/50 (you know what its suppose to be).

  • Heinz Fiction

    It’s a testament of bad game design when the best autarch loadout is a combination of an outdated index entry and a new warlord trait from the codex. If they wanted this to be legal why did they strip the options from the autarch in the first place?

    • E65

      Hopefully someone asked the question of GW directly. My metal ones will stay in their blisters until we get an answer.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        They have and reasoning from GW point of view is that if they don’t currently sell a model for it then it won’t appear in the Codex. One reason they give is because they want customers (old and new) able to look at models in a codex and buy it. It is seen as a poor customer experience, particularly for new hobbyist, to be told “we used to see it, but now we don’t”. All these types of model/wargear options have deliberately been included in the Index’s as to not invalidate older miniature no longer available.

        It a ‘practice’, so to speak, GW have been deploying to tighten up what the 3rd party sellers market can design and project GW IP.

        • Heinz Fiction

          1.) The regular Autarch from the codex has wargear that don’t exist in any Autarch kit currently or previously available so this whole explanation turns out to be wrong.

          2.) I wonder what what kind of a customer experience it is, the new hobbyist makes, when his opponent pulls a flow chart out of his pocket, explaining how it is indeed legal to field a bastardized unit of old and new rules to his advantage…

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I am 90% sure GW is going to kill legacy models next edition, so we are just in the awkward in-between phase currently.

          • I_am_Alpharius

            1) No they don’t all the weapon options are available on the two Autarch kits; and Autarchs in the Codex don’t have wargear options. If your making reference to the Star Glaive, the you’re just being picky. People just use the sword in the autarch kti as either a Star Glaive or a Powersword. After all a glaive is only a fancy way of saying sword.

            2) As that gamer is entitled to do so, even if that makes them a bit of a sad person for wanting to trounce a new gamer, rather than helping them. I think you’ll find any reasonable person (new or otherwise) can understand the use of index units when explained to them. If the player using the Index unit is helpful in the slightest then they could help the other play find out about old units if they are interested

        • LankTank

          Honestly by now you must have that text in a word doc as yiu have reiterated it what, 9 times?
          “Im hungry”
          “Thats because you havnt eaten”
          “Yes but why am I hungry?” >.<
          Im guessing your a parent with your unlimited patience

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Its only outdated because GW does not sell the model any more.

      • Lebowski1111111111

        like a mealefic lord from FW that dosnt have a model but every single chaos army includes 3+

        • LankTank

          There are models actually. Rogue psykers and nurgle preachers. But also FW is as consistent as a toddler on bath salts

  • Rob brown

    Just played a weekend of games with my brother Khorne Daemon Kin-ish army vs my Tyranids. Then a side game of Primarus vs Tyranids, working through some of the missions in the book. So much fun. The consensus from both of us was that 8th felt much better than 7th or 6th for both sides. The mauler fiend wasn’t getting slammed off the board turn one by Melta for starters and the summoning felt organic and simple yet effective. Flesh hounds denying the witch was a nice touch too. Well done GW. Only thing we’d want to improve was cover really.

    • Antoine Henry

      Strange, whatever game or army i play I can kill whatever i want T1…

    • Karru

      Your ‘Nid army must have lacked some serious firepower then. My experience with anything with the “Vehicle” or “Monster” keyword that isn’t a Character with low enough wound count to be hidden dies on the first turn to 8+ D6 Wounds weapons hidden amongst the enemy units. That is one of the reasons why I love my Imperial Guard army as much as I do. Standard 2000pts list contains 8 Missile Launchers hidden inside Infantry Squads and 12 Lascannons in the backfield. I have yet to face an army that has managed to get any vehicles to the end second turn.

      • Rob brown

        Not strange, we play 1000-1250 point games on boards with lots of LOS blocking terrain like buildings. No more melta drops at half range. Degrading wounds was awesome and appropriate for both armies.

        We also have balanced armies that don’t have endless repeats of the same boring units just because they have the highest dmg per point. Instead we paint and craft the models we love and run with nice fluffy armies…

        … doesn’t everyone play that way?

        Finally a system that doesn’t punish you for not taking god damn formation cheese.

        • E65

          It would be nice if everyone played that way.

        • Karru

          My army is actually fluffy. It is based around Imperial Guard Infantry Company and I played it with since the end of 6th. To give you a quick run down of how my Platoons work.

          I used to have 4 Squads per Platoon, but I increased to 8 in 8th edition since Platoons no longer were a thing. Each Platoon is themed around specific role, the main Platoon I use most is my Heavy Support Platoon, which includes Missile Launchers and Lascannons. Each Platoon includes 8 Squads, 2 Command Squads and 4 Heavy Weapons Squads. I have a few “special” platoons as well, including a Mechanised Platoon with only 1 Command Squad, 3 Infantry Squads and 2 Special Weapons Squads, with everyone being in Chimeras, excluding the Special Weapons who are inside Tauroxes.

          I got unlucky once more when the 8th edition dropped and my fun list of past edition turned into the most broken army in the game.

          Anyway, I was just making a general statement that the Vehicles I use, even in casual games, never really make it past the first turn due to how squishy they are and how much firepower one can bring.

        • LankTank

          I love how you had a good positive comment and the usuals come swooping in with rheir “you dont know what your doing, alpha strike bleh bleh bleh” then your irrefutable point that no, you just aren’t a tool and know what terrain is for.
          *salutes* god damn brilliant sir

      • Drpx

        Run a Necron spearhead and troll the hell out of D6 damage spammers with quantum shielding.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Come-on! Post Eldar-FAQ? What a load of crock! The FAQ has been out less than a week and it didn’t really change a thing about Codex Craftworlds. It was nothing beyond clarifying rules that were fairly evident to any players who aren’t determined to twist every rule based a minutia of reason, purely for their advantage.

    The biggest thing was Index Xenos 1 errata to Ynnari when using them under Match play conditions; and even then, less that a week is not enough time to assess how it has affected the games played at tournaments and the army compositions used there.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      The ynnari change was pretty significant, and was basically glossed over here
      the main effect (imo) will be more people using craftworlds and we’ll actually get to see how well the codex stands up on its own

      • E65

        That is good thing in my book.

    • Drpx

      It changed craftworlds by making them relevant, or at least Alaitoc.

      • Already were relevant to anyone who doesn’t give a damn about top tier tournament lists and actually enjoys background material, paint schemes and what not. Not everyone goes out of their way to bend the rules to that extreme degree. Some people just enjoy the game and factions as they are presented.

        • Drpx

          Ok, so it made them relevant to more than 10% of the consumer base.

          • You think that the tournament scene makes up 90% of the consumer base? Ok.

          • Drpx


          • That’s… delusional.

        • Lebowski1111111111

          why are you here commenting on this article if you dont care about tournament play? If you dont, ya its perfectly fine to play a non competative game in your basement.

          and ic you mentioned percentage of players vs tournament players, ya your right, tournament players are a vocal minority, but this article is about tournament play, you choose to come here and make a irrelevant comment.

  • Tushan

    Primaris, worthless due to insane point costs. Said this from the very start and was laughed at by the frontline retards.

  • extrenm54

    Chaos has so many more options than just soup builds…Chaos Soup was very popular at Warzone Atlanta, but multi-Legion pure CSM is still super good, its just that way fewer people are playing it.

  • BigGrim

    Honestly, the Index “problem” is nothing of the sort. I’m GLAD I have all the options for the models I bought and painted from GW back. I WILL use those options because I have them.

  • LordKrungharr

    Forgeworld itself is not an issue. Being able to use multiples of the same character type in a single detachment is the problem that is malefic Lords and assassins. I hope for smite they just treat it like other powers and limit it to once per army per turn.

  • Jose Delgado

    Blue marines are a top army and guilliman is overpower and must be nerfed.
    Also i agree ynnari was broken and needed a nerf,but have been too much hard and imperial guard,khaos,imperium,ultramarine,daemons,and any list with primarcks was at the same lvl of overpowered that ynnari and havent got any nerf.

    Still waiting for a increas of 50% in every primarck to balance the game

  • Legitimancer

    Disagree strongly about “the index issue” Unless/until every option that was available in the index comes to the codex (and there’s no indication that’ll be the case) we need the index. Needing 2 books for an army isn’t really a problem or even something new to deal with.

    • Andrew O’Brien

      I agree that it isn’t something new to deal with, but I do think it is a problem. For me, ideally the codex would include everything the index does. Otherwise, I would like lists to have to either follow the index or the codex, but have to pick one.

  • Andrew O’Brien

    I agree the Ynnari needed a fix. I don’t know that I would say they were broken as they definitely are glass cannons, but it was just to strong to not use it. I do think they went a little far. I think limiting it to 1 use per phase would have been best, but limiting it to your turn only I think was to much.

  • Drpx

    Guard will be on top for a long time simply because their advantages are built into the core game design that favors lots of shooting from cheap hordes. To dethrone Guard would require an extreme overhaul of either the faction or the entire game to the point of a total rewrite.

    All it took to neuter Ynnari was to change a single rule.

  • Erich Schoenholtz

    Enough with the “soup” moniker. Call it something else. It’s as bad as when people were using “nothing burger” over and over again.

  • Marco Marantz

    Author doesnt know what he is talking about when he think Chaos is one of the strongest factions. Ever seen them win a tournament? DG is essentially its own faction BTW. CSM and LSM are among the weakest factions now. Orks will be the faction to potentially rival IG and Tyranids. Some people are getting ALOT of mileage out of even the Ork index.

    • AkulaK

      Chaos by itself is already really good : Alpha Legion detachments w/ infiltrating Khorne berserkers and Slaanesh Havocs/Oblits… DG is good aswell with the Typhus+poxwalkers+Morty combo… But when you start Chaos soup (including Demons and FW) you have one of the best armies in the game (top 2 with IG).

      2 Armies still in Index can do something : The Orks and the Sisters. The first one because this edition really benefits hordes and the second one because they have the cheapest power armour minis in the game (9 points) and can use 5-6 Repressor at 1000 points with something like 12 heavy flamers AND 12 meltas + Celestine.

      • Marco Marantz

        A codex is not viable because of one list. If you go second those berzerkers will be blown off the table first shooting phase. Besides, that list, and chaos in general, is CP hungry – its been noted how its common for chaos to blow all its CPs in the first 2 turns…you basically have to blow 2 CPs on Endless Cacophony just to TRY and match the firepower of other factions. DG is slow and has real problems in objective games. Renegades are not really chaos, they are an IG variant. Spamming malefic lords does not mean chaos is viable. Its just lame and I expect a nerf to it. Chaos has not had any success in tourneys that im aware of apart from exploiting spam lists. I expect Sisters to be decent especially if they get access to cheap hordes they can use as screening troops.

        • AkulaK

          Have you ever faced Mortarion + 3 Land Raiders full of Termies ? I can assure you it’s fast durable, and can draw a lot of firepower.

          Chaos have a lot of viable units, sure basic CSM are not but they probably have the best Characters in the game (Demon Princes, Exalted Champions, and simple Chaos Lords). Noise Marines, Khorne Berserkers are more than decent. Land Raider is really good. Oblits are OP etc…

          Chaos is definitely not in a bad position right now, and can still be a good army, even without Malefic Lords spam.

          • Marco Marantz

            No i havent faced Morty + 3 LR but that is a very elite 2500 point list. I would not be worried. Demon Princes are ok, but LTs are better than Exalted Champs and both them and Lords dont bring all that much; chaos relics are largely melee oriented. Berzerkers are good but they are still glass cannons who need a delivery system. Oblits are decent but their randomness means they are not OP. Daemon Engines are still meh but better than 7th ed. Theres really not a lot thats viable. When facing chaos you pretty much know what you are going to get. thats not the sign of a good faction.

  • Tushan

    Now with nefed alpha strikes and hws used as static obj holders certain codexes like GK ought to be re-pointed because they will become more of a farse now.

  • Chad Underdonk

    You can have my index when you pry it from my cold dead roughrider’s hands!!!

  • Ninety

    First off, proofreading is your friend. Typos aren’t a dealbreaker, but they do make the whole thing seem a lot more unprofessional. Second, Guilliman is absolutely broken and the leaked point hike of 25 points is an absolute joke that screams to me that GW wants the Primarchs to remain undercosted and overpowered, either due to fluff reasons (because God knows they don’t get wanked enough already) or more likely, because they sell like hotcakes.