GW: Community Survey – Give Them Feedback

Games Workshop wants your feedback – so give it to them!

Warhammer Community is hosting a “Big Community Survey” going on right HERE. According to GW:

via Warhammer Community

“The Big Community Survey is the largest Warhammer survey ever. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to tell us, directly, about your hobby. Let us know about your favourite armies, how you build, paint and play, and what you might like to see from Warhammer in the future. Your answers will help us to deliver the kind of content YOU want to see in future – in short, it’s a chance for you to shape what we do.”

I actually took the time to check out the survey so you know what you’re getting into. Other than some generic demographic data (fairly high-level) GW wants to know what you think of their product, how you participate, and how to make things better.

There were a few “open answer” sections where you could type in your reply as well. That’s where you can open up with your feedback. There was also a final spot for feed back at the end of the survey. It really didn’t take more than 5 minutes to fill out. Normally, I would have skipped it – but I feel like GW has been making some pretty big strides to reach out to the community over the past two years and I had 5 minutes to let them know what I thought.

“The Big Community Survey will be live for ONE WEEK and will close at 11:59 pm (GMT) Thursday, December 7th, so be sure to fill it out before then.”

Oh – and if you do fill out the survey, you have the chance to win some online product vouchers from them:

“What’s more, as well as influencing Warhammer Community (and beyond!), 5 lucky entrants will win a £50* voucher to spend online.”

Now the cynical side of me is thinking “this is all just for market research and data collection.Well of course it is – but it’s also a chance to actually speak your mind directly to GW. Someone is going to get the job of sorting through all that data, collating it, and probably making some pretty graphs and charts showing off how the community responded. I don’t envy that person. I’m also hopeful that GW will release the results about some of the high-level stuff like “which armies are the most popular” and “what games are people reporting they are playing” – those types of things.

Tyranids #1!? Yes?! …I can dream, can’t I?


So if you have a few minutes to spare today (or until December 7th) why not pop over and fill out their survey. Blast them with both barrels or give them a digital high-five – just let them know what you think!


What do you think of the Big Community Survey? Are you going to take it? Why or why not?

  • My feedback to GW on this survey:

    Bring in an advanced ruleset that can coexist with the over simplified rulesets.

    Put more effort into your rules quality.

    • zeno666

      Thumbs up!

    • Havik110

      I told them to bring back fantasy and that the 2 systems could coexist…I like your answer better

    • ZeeLobby

      Hear hear!

    • AEZ

      You do with 40K what you like.. but leave my AoS rules alone I’m having fun with them.

      • Thats the whole “they can coexist” part. Optional advanced rules. That way you can still play with your rules that you like and I can enjoy a game that I like.

        • AEZ

          I don’t believe in coexists. My community is small and I prefer one ruleset.. and I like the current one more than the previous fantasy ones since 4th (when I started playing).
          No more discussions about cover, facing, LOS, templates and much quicker games. So I’ll stay by my reply: leave AoS rules alone 😀

          • Thats pretty selfish then. Sorry. I have a $10,000 investment in my models and will continue to push for a more advanced ruleset than the boardgame that we have now. I am not interested in warhammer the boardgame.

          • AEZ

            You must have misread the rules I guess… I’m pretty sure it’s said you should play it on a table.. and there aren’t hexes or squares mentioned either.. you really have to measure like in any wargame.

          • Yeah we dont need to devolve the conversation into pedantic d!ck mode.

            Like everything gw does over the past 25 years, things change on a short cycle. So enjoy your time in the sun now. Things will change one way or the other.

          • AEZ

            It would indeed have been nice if you hadn’t devolved it inot the pedantic.. but I’m always happy to follow once we are going there.

  • EnTyme

    My feedback:

    Expand on how legacy armies (Slaves to Darkness, Free Guilds, etc.) fit into the AoS lore.

    Plastic Sisters when?

  • Xodis

    My feedback focused on “Quit making exclusive stuff that can only be bought with an accompanying plane ticket!”

    • mafiacheese

      Man, wish I had thought of that!

  • piglette
  • DoctorBored

    “What’s your favorite part of the GW hobby?”
    -My Plastic Saint Celestine.

    “What would make the hobby more enjoyable?”
    -If I had the rest of the Plastic Sisters of Battle.

  • Angry Panda

    My feedback to GW at the end:


    Also, tie me down and tickle my panda pickle you naughty tea drinking devils ;0 <3

    • Randy Randalman

      Um… Slaanesh didn’t leave. Still all over the fluff (actively) and has a Primarch on the way.

      • ZeeLobby

        Psh. Slaanesh is gone. Even when he/she/it comes back, it’ll be a shallow shallow shell :D.

        • Fraser1191

          I always saw slaanesh as a woman. Cause muh diversity lol
          But in all seriousness slaanesh just seems like a sexually frustrated woman, which gives stock to marines not having manly parts hahaha

          • piglette

            This is why Slaanesh is always lacking, the fans have a very sophomoric view of him. There’s a lot more you can do with Slaanesh than sex and drugs- pride, envy, obsession for perfection, extreme vanity, insatiable lust for power, etc. I think Slaanesh has the potential to be the deepest chaos god from a lore perspective.

          • Jonathon Runge

            Slaanesh makes the most sense for long term corruption of civilizations. The ego of the individual is ripe for corruption from the self righteous clergy to the jealous lover from the ban block over. Narcotics, and other drugs, addiction is a common result of medical treatment and warfare. Pride one ones racial or cultural superiority is demonstrated in throughout human history. Even the mechanicus takes great pride in their technology and knowledge. Slaanesh is ever present at least as much as the other chaos gods. I am kind of surprised he did not manifest in the warp sooner.

          • euansmith

            Indeed, the boowbies were all edgy back in the 80’s; but there are so many ways to go with the Big S. Personally I’m a fan of the Rock God.


      • Angry Panda

        Slaanesh is gone; I haven’t seen someone get their butt filled with love in a long time. It makes me sad. Bring him back and along with it, the love.

        • Vicent Martín Bonet

          What are you even talking about? Slaanesh is come next year anyways.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Next year always more like…

          • Vicent Martín Bonet

            Eh… the fate of slaanesh is a thing for next year, yes. They said that much.

          • Rasheed Jones

            Next year never seems to come for slaanesh.

  • Apocryphus

    5 minutes? More like 10, I had to keep listing each game I play…

  • zeno666

    Oh my

    *breaks knuckles*

  • Crablezworth

    I took ever opportunity to remind them their rules for 8th are garbage and the bloat is starting all over again.

    • vlad78

      Me too.

      • Drpx

        You were ignored too.

    • Drpx

      You were ignored.

    • DJ860

      Good for you. Hopefully you did it with more constructive feedback and detail than you have here.

      • GrenAcid

        Pls dont lie to yourself, you expect ‘constructive feedback’ from a person that thinks this version of rules is the best and perfect.

      • Chet Atkinson

        You genuinely made me laugh out loud DJ860!

    • zeno666

      Same here

  • Fergie0044

    Does anyone else see the Order of the Stick in that graphic for the survey? You have belkar to the left, then Haley, Roy in the middle, then V and finally a red haired Durkon on the right.

    Just me?

    • Laurence J Sinclair

      No Elan, no OotS.

      • Fergie0044

        I think he lacks the concentration for 40k. He’d sooner start speculating what ‘flavour’ each paint type is.

        • zeno666

          No need for it. Just roll to see who goes first, then you’re pretty much done.

  • Simon Chatterley
    • generalchaos34

      I would have gone with meat popsicle myself =P

    • John Carter

      I answered that I sexually identified as a Cyclops demolition vehicle.

  • Ronin

    As someone who’s done these kind of surveys, I doubt they’ll be reading every short answer entree and they’ll do more analytics on the multiple choice answers. They may spot check a few entries, but I wouldn’t write a long winded answer about why you think your army sucks lol.

    • ZeroOne

      I just asked for more upgrade frames and options such as a full set of all main chapters.
      They probably wont ever do that, but as an Imperial collector, and happy modder. I would like more options.

    • DoctorBored

      As long as they ctrl + F for certain keywords, y’know, like Plastic Sisters of Battle, then all should be fine.

  • Silverbeast

    Go go Nids! (And Sisters too).

  • Drpx

    “They’re still not buying Primaris. Nerf guard and stormravens again!”

    -after the survey closes.

  • Davis Centis

    Huge improvement since 2 years ago. Actually had a hard time thinking of a part of their product that I don’t like.

  • Fraser1191

    My feedback was as an ultramarines player to give the other founding chapter some love seeming as how there’s undeserved animosity towards ultramarines players just for the colour of their models

  • mafiacheese

    I praised their re-introduction of Necromunda, while simultaneously commenting that splitting up the rules is a nightmare when it comes to trying to figure out where to find X rule because I have multiple sourcebooks to deal with.

  • memitchell

    Favorite: Necromunda revival.

    Never forget your first name is “Games.”

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Its funny because it totally ignores the existence of all non GW games, unless you take the time to type them all in manually.

    • DJ860

      It’s almost like it’s a GW survey, sent by GW.

  • DJ860

    Having read some of the comments, it’s good to know most people used this request for feedback as a chance to generically bash GW or their rules, models, approach to gaming, rather than provide constructive feedback.

    I doubt we’ll see another survey.

    • euansmith

      Feedback (noun): a high pitched whine.

      • archangeleong


  • euansmith
  • Emprah

    Apparently the artwork for it was done by the Dream Daddy team.

    Hilariously ungrimdark.

  • Vachones

    Most of the questions in the survey were designed to build profiles/personas of GW customers, so that market research their last CEO claimed they infamously do not do? Well they are doing it with this survey. The open ended questions are interesting to them no doubt, but its not the real reason for this survey. So, you can tell them their rules suck or their prices are too high, but you won’t see them address that specifically.

    My feedback was to please update old models (plastic aspect warriors) rather than continue to put out new models. I doubt my own feedback will have much of an impact, but who knows.

  • eMtoN

    I took the survey. I was pleasantly surprised there were actual fill in the blank boxes asking me for my honest opinion. You don’t normally see those.

    • Chet Atkinson

      Very true! They’re usually more like rate blah on a scale of 1 to 10. Being able to type in the boxes is much more useful to them and to us 🙂

  • euansmith

    Phew, that was a long survey.

  • Chet Atkinson

    One of my comments was a bit leftfield – simply put a ‘do not bend’ on the envelopes they post out White Dwarf subscriptions. After they’ve been shoved through the letterbox they look in a worse condition than a well thumbed store copy 😉