The EPIC Models 40K 8th NEEDS


Warhammer 40k 8th has opened up the game to the “big models” like no previous edition has. Here’s our list of what the game needs to spice up every race.

Eldar Stormserpent – Infinite capacity transport! A superheavy tank built on the Scorpion chassis that has almost no weapons but a stable warpgate instead.  Hello mobile reserves portal!


Ordinatus – This is kind of embarrasing, but GW ALREADY MADE THIS! Just give the Ad-mech some EPIC sized love and make an 8th Ed Datasheet for it.  Sales increased overnight! Come on GW – TAKE OUR MONEY! Phil Kelly could knock out that datasheet at lunch.

Silver Towers of Tzeentch – A dual-purpose “big kit” you could use in 40K and Age of Sigmar.  They float, they shoot fire, they have magic shields, they look like daemonic cuckoo clocks – why do we not have models and rules for these? Age of Sigmar even has a game set inside one! Extra bonus – if it’s designed right it can also serve as a Thousand Sons carrying case!

Tyranid Dominatrix – It’s a little smaller than the Heirophant bio-titan, but twice as mean!  Who doesn’t want the Hivefleet brood mother who bosses Hive Tyrants around? Note that this guy has been mentioned in a few recent codexes.

Slaanesh Subjugator – Do we really think a Chaos BDSM titan wouldn’t be awesome. It’s got crab claws , studded leather, cloven feet and is ready to PARTY!  Besides, all that pink paint we have isn’t going to be using itself…

Leviathan Command Vehicle – It’s time to give the IG some really HEAVY METAL.  How hard can it be – its a breadbox. Heck just sticking a Tau Orca on the Baneblade gets you halfway there…



Capital Imperialis – If you’re going to do the Leviathan, them you might as well go all the way and bring back the BIG BREADBOX. The Capitol Imperialis is maybe the only vehicle in the galaxy Baneblades worry about being run over by.

Daemon Primarchs – We have already gotten Magnus and Mortarion. I bet Angron and Fulgrim would look AMAZING.  I’m sure GW will think of something better for a new plastic Angron to do than cover his junk with his hand – Fulgrim, maybe not… Speaking of the naughtiest snake, we have rumors of Fulgrim of late!


EPIC_Gargant1 Great Gargant– The Ork’s answer to the Warlord titan and Eldar Phantom.  Let’s get these weedy Stompas out of here and crank out the Ork’s  BIG GUY onto the tabletop.

Plague Tower – Give the Death Guard the giant rolling slime machine they’ve always wanted for Christmas.

NON EPIC Suggestions

Loyalist Primarchs – Yes, we are looking at you Lion El’Jonson, Leman Russ and Sanguinius.  All of these can come back with little to no retconning. The Lion will just wake up, Russ will show up on Fenris like a Thundercat riding wolves, and Sanguinius’ body is on Baal.  I’m sure Yvraine can shake some chicken-bones over him, say some Aeldari stuff and he’ll just hop to his feet.


Did we miss any?

  • Rayna M. McCowan

    Totally want the Tyranid Dominatrix to come back, as I am getting into nids at this point and really want a not Hierophant biotitan. Plus having a Norn Queen in the battlefield would be incredibly powerful, I mean in theory it should have the ability to regenerate x lost models per turn of units around it like medics but not sacrificing a phase to do it and being able to do it to multiple units and not just one model. Would be awesome to have a healbot, synapse, mobile firebase.

    The imperial breadboxes would be hilarious though.

    • Wampasaurus

      Also don’t forget the Barbed and Scythed Heirodules from Forge World. Both have their uses and both are of the “Titanic” and Lord of War categories. I myself have considered getting one many times.

      • Rayna M. McCowan

        Yeah I have thought about just modeling a Dominatrix and just running it as a Barbed Herodule, seen some conversions that look pretty good and around the same scale. Plus would likely end up about half the cost. Then there is the flying LoW for nids, which is an interesting option, need to look it over more though.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    I feel like you neglected a perfectly good “bigger than a breadbox” joke.

  • Alun Bridges

    Pretty sure the last loyalist primarch’s will be Russ and Vulkan (he is a perpetual after all), as the death of Sanguinius is fairly central in final battle for Terra.

    • Ari Varey

      Oh man. Another “Sanguius is totally dead” comment. You ever heard of Saint Celestine? Shes dead. Totally stone cold dead. How does she keep showing up? I’d ask the emperor. Guilliman was put into stasis just before his death. Yvraine ressurected him. Why aren’t you complaning about that one?

      The only Primarch that cannot come back without reconning is Horus. The dead Chaos Primarchs can easily come back to life because the Chaos Gods have proven ressurection abilities. The Emperor and Yvraine have proven ressurection abilities. Only Horus was killed fully in body and soul.

      • Dan Brown

        Lets not forget everyone can do the time warp when it suits GW latest set of books.

      • GlynG

        There was some background about there being clone(s) of Horus, though I don’t know if they came out right and Abaddon apparently hunted them down and killed them. So using Horus in a 40k game could potentially be ok if you assume it to be a clone version.

      • Paul Wesley Pratt

        oh man. add salt. amiright?

      • Saint Celestine may, for all we know, be a simple Perpetual. They’ve been around. Vulkan is one. Sanguinius is not.

        People aren’t complaining about Guilliman being alive *because he was never dead to begin with*.

        Ferrus cannot come back either, mind you. His skull was flensed down and served as an acting prop for Horus. And fun fact, Horus got cloned by Fabius as early as sometime around M32. The clone didn’t do so well, however, as did none of Fabius’s subjects.
        The entire point of Konrad Curze’s character was that he was vindicated by dying, by having an assassin sent by the Emperor chop off his head.

        You really are arguing in favor of throwing any kind of narrative consistency and dramatic curve out the window.

        • ILikeToColourRed

          yeah he only required the eldar god of death to “wake up” from his “sleep”

          • They could’ve disabled the stasis field at any point. The problem wasn’t that he needed to be revived, there needed to be a way to stabilize his body and treat the injury from Fulgrim’s blade, and quickly before he actually would die.

            Cawl’s suit, which I suspect being related to the Heart of Iron, had more to do with Guilliman’s recovery than Ynnead. At best, Ynnead shenanigans would’ve taken the role of a defibrilator, but the actual medicine/science was down to Cawl’s machine.

      • Marco Marantz

        Lemme guess, Blood Angel fan? GW lore is some of the worst sci-fi ever written. Much of it makes zero sense except to sell crap. Guilliman never died BTW. Daemons are near impossible, if not impossible to actually kill. Horus'[ soul was destroyed because GW says so. GW could easily say the 4 Chaos Gods (whose power is greater than the Emperors) bandied together and saved the soul of Horus and brought him back, if they thought it would make them money.

  • Pietro Di Lorenzo

    Leman Russ, The Lion, Sanguinius… As an Iron Hands player i am so lonely… 🙁

    • petrow84

      Took the sample from his remains – Cawl/Yraine cloned/resurrected him. Done.

      • Pietro Di Lorenzo

        Hope is the last to die… But IH is the only first foubding chapter without a single unique charactet! I think GW doesn’t love them so mucb…

      • Coltcabunny

        I too like settings where death has no meaning.

        • petrow84

          Well, welcome to any given mainstream comic universe then 🙂
          So is 40k.
          Guillman is dead… wait, no, he’s regenerating… wait, no, he’s ALIVE!
          The Lion is dead… wait no, just disappeared… wait, no, just sleeps… wait, now AWAKEN!
          Sanguinius dead… thought Horus, but forgot about his Plot Armour save

          Really, anything can be retconned, if you can put a good sales argument behind.

          • Talos2

            Guilleman and the lion were never dead

          • Ari Varey

            How do you propose he would heal from his wounds? Oh yeah with magic armor and Eldar involved. He would so totally have walked off his injuries.

          • Healing wounds that were rumored to be healing even in stasis (which we already had a hook for) is far different from resurrecting somebody who was plenty dead.

            Chances are, Cawl was using the Heart of Iron that the Sysypheum crew of Iron Hands held on to. The thing managed to do its workings on their captain while the guy was in stasis as well. Archeotech and all that.

          • Talos2

            Did he die?

        • Muninwing

          death having no meaning is actually a sign of a weak continuity… it’s no risk, no threat.

          i’m an Iron Hands player, and if either Ferrus or Sanguinius came back, it would be a worse affront to the fluff than bringing back squats or female space marines…

          • Ari Varey

            You do realize that there are tons of instances of death having no meaning at all right? The living saints are dead, yet someone keep getting reasurected to fight for the Imperium. The Chaos gods can ressurect anything they want. There is a story about an Ork warband wandering into thw warp to fight. They were fighting demons to the last Ork with total abandon. Khorne was so pleased by their fight that he ressurects them DAILY to keep fighting. The Eldar ressurect souls into Wraith constructs. The list goes longer. Maybe brush up on the 40k lore, which is ripe with death having no meaning at all, before you complain that death has no meaning.

          • Muninwing

            go back and reread what i said.

            if death has no meaning, then it is not a serious thing.

            martyrs that come back do so because of sacrifice. it also fundamentally changes them.

            same with the orks… they are effectively imprisoned. that’s a big change. and it happened because their deaths had meaning.

            but if the common soldier fears no death because half of them just come back… then something is lost. and if mediocre writers bring major characters back from the dead — particularly ones whose deaths were meaningful — and then gives them agency as if nothing happened… then that death meant nothing.

            it’s cheap writing by hacks.

            and funny how getting all indignant about the thing i didn’t say makes you seem foolish. maybe brush up on reading skills before you lecture others.

          • Pietro Di Lorenzo

            I don’t want A Ferrus “Jesus Christ” Manus come back. I just want a honest unique player with a little bit of flavour! (Kardan Stronos I’m looking at you…)

          • Tyr

            Nah, everyone but Kardan “augmetics are bad” Stronos… Im still salty hes supposed to be the current leader of the chapter… IH are more machine than man, and I like it that way! D:

          • Pietro Di Lorenzo

            Well, Sanguinius and Ferrus are dead. Guilliman and The Lion suffer bad injuries. Khan, Vulcan and Leman disappeared and they could just come back. Resurrection is always a bad thing for the continuity.

      • barry sadler

        I like to imagine the sanguinor was made by cawl and let loose as a prototype primaris

        • Muninwing

          or maybe the Sanguinor was made from some of Sanguinius’ bio-material, but it for some reason didn’t take…

          they could give the BA a de facto Primarch without violating the fluff. just gotta buff him somewhat.

          • Pietro Di Lorenzo

            If primaris are sons of Sanguinius the Imperium will suffer some problems… Who talk about black rage??

          • breckdog

            The primaris marine process removed all but .001% of genetic deviation and flaws. So one in a thousand might suffer black rage, red thirst, or curse of the wulfen.

        • We already know the Sanguinor’s origins, and Cawl had nothing to do with it.

          • barry sadler

            From his introduction to as far as shield of Baal they’ve only given us possibilities and no answer, is he the will of sanguinius or is he azkaellon. Where is the answer given? I haven’t read any of the recent
            blood angel novels

          • He’s been introduced formally in the Horus Heresy series, first via Herald of Sanguinius by Andy Smillie and he also played a role in the latest numbered novel, Ruinstorm. We know how he was selected, who the candidates were, and that the Lion was mad about Sanguinius having a stand-in.

          • barry sadler

            This is information I did not have, I have some reading to do

          • Luckily, you can get the entire Flesh Tearers arc (sans one audio only short) in a paperback anthology by now, and the relevant short stories in the HH are collected in Eye of Terra.

            Another story included in EoT concerning Sanguinius, Azkaellon and Amit is Sins of the Father, which has sibling in War Without End, titled Virtues of the Sons. These two were also released as a combo audio drama on CD.

            If you decide to read the Imperium Secundus arc entire, you’re in for a bit of a longer haul. It really kicks off with The Unremembered Empire (which has barely any BA action and ties right into the closing of Fear to Tread but also connects a bunch of other novels and novellas before it), followed by Deathfire, Pharos, Angels of Caliban and Ruinstorm. Sanguinius gets the most exposure in Ruinstorm, but his appearances in Pharos and Angels of Caliban are pretty neat as well. A lot of stories from the two anthologies above tie into this story arc as well.

      • Magnus

        That will get very boring very quick if they solved every problem that way.

        Sometimes it’s better to just let the dead stay dead.

    • piglette

      Hey at least we have some iconic special char-

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      How do you think us Alpha Legion players feel?

      • Pietro Di Lorenzo

        You’re right but you don’t have just one Primarch… You have two! And maybe they aren’t even dead!

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          I was optimistic about that as well at first but after reading the later stories that HH have written I’m getting salty. AL get very few authors who write them as anything other than mustache twirling villains who ironically over complicate their plans so much that they fail. A lot. Plus the fact that one of the most boring and one dimensional(IMO) Primarchs is the one to kill Alpharius?!? They are the go to whipping boys of the HH. Also sadly the author of Praetorian has officially stated one of the boys is dead. Frickin Lord Adorable…

      • Magnus

        You have a whole army of your Primarch, then never stop shutting up about it. 😛

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          We have no idea what you’re talking about…what is this “Alpha Legion” you speak of? lol

    • Jonathan Ellsworth

      It’s supposed than Fabius Bile has cloned him a few times, and apparantly his head is still preserved in stasis… so he has a head start

      • Pietro Di Lorenzo

        I’ve always found that story a bulls**t! If Fabius could clone a Primarch why does he not clone Fulgrim or Perturabo or Angron?

        • Magnus

          Well the clones failed didn’t they?
          It kinda is a bad story from way back when though. That’s kept around as part of the Black Legion backstory more or less.

          • Pietro Di Lorenzo

            Mmm… Clones failed just because they don’t want to turn to Chaos… Am i wrong?

  • petrow84

    The same article for every new edition – at least you updated the pics. Speaking of which, is that Capitol Imperialis really based on a Cromwell tank chassis?

    • Darren Douglas

      No, an M113 track kit in plastic as I recall.

  • vlad78

    40k 8th doesn’t need epic vehicules.

    It needs first real terrain rules with real cover and difficult ground. (and alternate activation but that’s another story)

    Then WE need EPIC 40k, a 8mm size game. Plain and simple.

    • Muninwing

      i’m not sold on alternating activation, but i agree with the rest. i’d love to see Epic come back and be a real wargame… not the rules-lite revamp that is mimicking skirmish games.

      • Lemonic_Tutor

        I’ve tried alternate activation for at home games with the family. It worked well for small games of around 500 – 1000pts, but made the game take much longer and really made games over 1000pts incredibly unwieldy.

        • Muninwing

          that was my fear.

          i’d actually like GW to focus more on the roles of the HQ, using the chosen HW to access detachments (maybe to be able to purchase formations) and other command-related structures.

          if they did that, they could also factor in the ability to command units in initiative.

          new turn starts.
          – both players roll a leadership check… either on their HQ, or on a set army-wide leadership value.
          – they add in any command bonuses… having fewer units to command might give a +1, stratagems or terrain might give +/-, a structured unit such as a SM force that brings a whole company might get a +2, an unbound force might suffer a -3, etc.
          – the winner activates as many units as they won the test by… so if i had Ld9 and a +3, and you had Ld 10 and a -2… and i rolled a 7 and you rolled a 10… i’d have a 17, and you’d have an 18… so you’d activate one unit and its peripheral characters
          – after that, it’s a one-for-one unless units have some form of attachment to each other — like a character within 2″ of a unit being activated at the same time.

          this would also give elite armies a boost — they would have fewer units (a plus for being easier to coordinate), usually exist in specific arrangements/formations, could be given specific stratagems to boost initiative, and often are higher leadership. my whole Deathwing force might go before your Tyranids, allowing me to target specific units and force you to adapt to me.

          the numbers above would often default to every-other, especially in horde-vs-horde games… but that could even be fixed by activating a commanding unit — a character within 2″ of a unit (6″ for the HQ) who activates all the units within a bubble.

          i’d love to playtest this…

        • Magnus

          Tried it back in 7th. It works, was fun, but damn it became to much of a cat and mouse game, really punishing melee armies.

  • Simon Chatterley

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    • euansmith

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    • piglette

      Scientists found out what 40k will look like in 2070, and it’s beautiful.

      GW is changing half the legions to be female – And that’s a good thing!

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  • ILikeToColourRed

    when theres a game inside of a silver tower, i think they might be a little big for 40k

    is like saying we need 40k scale cruisers with extra tall flight stands to do invasions properly

    • euansmith

      I’m sure that the Silver Tower is like the TARDIS and is larger on the inside.

      • Mathew G. Smith

        I’m kind of hoping someone builds a cruiser, to scale, now. It would be roughly 100 meters long.

      • ILikeToColourRed

        or a rhino

  • Coltcabunny

    No, none of these things. 40k is not an appropriate scale for these things. Never has been; but GW insist on pushing 40k to Epic in 28mm…

  • defensive

    >Sanguinius coming back with no retconning

    Yeah, nah
    He’s 100% dead, and him being dead is what gives blood angels their red thirst and black rage.
    To bring him back with more mary sue triumvirate bs would be a disaster.

    And the Lion is gonna be coming back next anyway.

    • Wampasaurus

      I’m not saying they would go there, but Sanguinius is basically “Space Jesus”. Sacrificial Lamb who died to save the rest of humanity from damnation. It only took Jesus 3 days to come back. What’s to say Sanguinius doesn’t come back, albeit over 10,000 years slower?

      • petrow84

        And maybe in the warp, where his soul was travelled, it really was only 3 days.

      • Muninwing

        but isn’t that the Emperor?

      • MalCarne

        There’s always been a vampire theme to the Blood Angels (ref: Montarion). If Sanguinus rises from the dead a bit… changed it could make the Black Rage a WHOLE lot more fun.

    • Lemonic_Tutor

      100% dead? So what you saying is that we NEED a sanguinius ghost model!

  • Chris Hateley

    Dominatrix was my favourite mini when I was a kid. I think it’s because the little “pilot” on the back reminded me of the space jockey from Alien.

    Also; man I forgot how bland Angron looked. He looks like a demon from a 17th century woodcut.

  • The thing 40k needs: EPIC to come back so we can do these battles properly. With proper rules and not a board game.

    • GlynG

      I’ll pick up the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus but I don’t trust FW to redo Epic well and I’d prefer they didn’t at all. I’m happy with the current Epic Armageddon game (it’s the best GW game by far) and it’s still alive and well – I’m going to my 5th Epic tournament of the year next month.

  • ectoplasmic gyrator

    Instead of the Loyalist Primarchs that everybody expects – and one that would require a really huge stupid retcon – how about Jaghatai Khan, Vulkan and Rogal Dorn?

    • Magnus

      Khan is still running around in the Web Way isn’t he?

      Dorn is dead “questionmark”?

      I think the main reason people expect those three is because they are the Snowflake codices.

      Imo Loyalists should never have gotten Primarchs… but oh well. here we are.

  • Damistar

    How about a Tetrarch Lander for the Imperial Guard? There’s a picture of one in the Tactica imperialis book. It’s not much bigger than a Thunderhawk and would make a awesome terrain piece too.

  • MightyOrang

    How does Sanguinius come back? He’s been no kidding D E A D dead for 10000 years. What about Corax or the Khan or Dorn?

    • Wildcard1980

      Cloneing / reserected through the saguinator. It’s sci fi / fantasy they can come up with a ton of ways. Of course there the old standby of just because, but let’s hope if they do better then that.

      • Magnus

        It’s money grabbing and poor writing that’s what it is.

  • Paul Reynes

    Seriously, how is GW going to bring back Sanguinius?

    • Muninwing

      the same way they brought back Rowboat… deus ex mechanicum, via cawl as a plot device.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Lore already alludes to him being re-incarnated via the vessel that is the Sanguinor, since that character was introduced, and Blood Angels have Sanguinius’s body on Baal. Lore also alludes that Sanguinius’s soul is floating around the warp due due to his psychic prowess.

      So add a little Cawl body thinkery, using the Sanguinor as a conduit, maybe with a bit of help from the Ynna, and Bing-bang-bong he can jump back into his body. I can imagine that would could presented as quite a painful experience for Sanguinius’s. Hence, maybe his psychic anguish in returning to his body could be just as horrifying to the Blood Angels and the shockwave is enough to trigger the black rage.


      • Paul Reynes

        I hope they get a better writer for it… ive seen the the flakk review of the Rise of the Primarch and they made a lot of good points.

  • Lemonic_Tutor

    I’m not sure we really ‘need’ any of that stuff. I mean it would be cool but probably impractical to produce.

  • Gamecock13

    How is it this game needs MORE attention to Imperium and CSM?

    • Muninwing

      because they make up about 90% of the setting that isn’t overtaken by mindless/brainless hordes…?

  • david

    Does anyone remember the gorgon minesweeper/layer?
    The model had a huge dozer blade and a plough at the rear.
    I’ve the Capital model and its other variant the Hellbore. The Hellbore’s smaller variants the Mole and the Termite are also in my loft boxed away.

  • SWISSchris

    The last thing 40k needs is any more units from Epic.

  • Talos2

    Sanguinius comes back and I give up. Ridiculous suggestion. 30k exists, there is no need to bring the dead back to life and completely obliterate the genuinely great fluff of the heresy

  • Jakub Jánošík

    Little to no retconning to bring back Sanguinius ?! What are you even on about ? He was slain by Horus 10 thousand years ago, so even if he is in stasis that doesnt make him any less dead. The point that he is on Baal so Yvraine could pop there and heal him is absolutely irrelevant, considering that when she did this to Guilliman he was still alive (or technically recently dead). He is 10 thousand years old corpse for Emperors sake !

    • His death even left psychic residue on the Vengeful Spirit from just how massive a blow it was and how it rippled through the Immaterium. His death scream resonates through time and space and there is no way he should ever be brought back.

  • Dan Brown


  • dynath

    I don’t care if I can play Sanguinius I just want an official damned model of him. The forgeworld character series is moving so slow I’ll die of old age before I get him.

    • Have we had any Primarchs from FW this year? I lost track.

  • Bootneck

    They definately don’t need to do rules for the Ordinatus firing giant sausages of doom across the table hitting everything in their path.

    Totally broken unit in 7th.

  • HelpfulTomahawk10

    I would like to see some actual Necron titans, like the massive construct found in the Medusa campaign, or if GW can make balanced rules for it, Æonic Orbs.

  • Marco Marantz

    I loved the old Eldar Tempest. They basically exist now by another name.
    Great Gargant would be immense but it would cost the same as a mid size car.
    No to the Dominatrix if it had regen rules like it used to have.
    Dont think Guard need either the Leviathan or CI to blast enemies off the table by turn 3.
    Id like to see the Tzeentch Firelord. The Doomwings are kinda what the Heldrake is (though are actual flyers). Though id never buy one, a Banelord upgrade kit for the Warlord.
    If we are talking epic though, how about SQUATS!

  • Jacob Hewitt

    Sanguinius is dead dead not like Gulliman, it will really annoy me if they bring him back. Is plenty of other Primarchs that could return without just steamrolling over the established lore, Corax would be nice.

  • Ryan Miller

    A named Iron Hands character would be awesome but unfortunately will never happen… gw bas…er….overlords dont like the 10th