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Age of Sigmar’s Malign Portents has yet another teaser video – what does it all mean?

Games Workshop has a new video showcasing another clue about the Malign Portents:

Malign Portents webpage is still just as cryptic. If you’d like to check out the previous videos you can do that below:


“The Falling Star”

“The Icon”

“The Ship”

“The Field”


All we know for sure about this supplement is that these three models are going to be involved:

7 days to go…

  • NeinNeinNein

    Hopefully it’s not going to be more bloody Nighthaunt but I’m starting to fear the worst.

    • Kabal1te

      Well night haunt doesn’t have a battletome for one, two at least it isn’t stormcast. Also this video has been up for the better part of a week. BOLS needs to keep up lol

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    I am still kinda….meh here, malign portents, all the stuff they showed is basically a day ending in “Y” in the realm of shyish anyhow….sooooo…yeah. hard to have significant events in the infinite. that being said, new models and rulesets sound good to me.

  • Mordheim?

    • Commissar Molotov

      We should be so lucky!

  • Angry Panda

    Malign roughly translates from Slovakian, which means to “take control or possession over.” Portents is slang that means “to take great power over; to over power.”

    Based on this video of possessed people, and the hints at a new death themed release, my guess the center focus is going to be a possession mechanic. I guess it’s fitting, considering ghosts take over people and all….

    • euansmith

      Or it could mean, Malign, “evil in nature or effect”, Portents, “signs or warnings that a momentous or calamitous event is likely to happen”?

    • Hagwert

      Good info…although I reckon someone just stuck that old House of Pain track on at a wedding in the village and everyone’s trying to do the jump around move after a few too many sherberts.

    • SacTownBrian

      And vampire beguile. I am hoping we finally see the vampire pirates and maybe one or two flying/troop carrying ghost ships. The firestorm release of vampire pirates was very disappointing. Need a redo!

  • SacTownBrian

    What does it all mean? The fiction so far has been very good. I’m hoping Death gets a couple of battle tomes too. Spirits and Vampires would be my choice but I’ll be happy with anything to compliment flesh-eater courts.

    • euansmith

      No one compliments the flesh-eater courts; especially on their table manners. 😉

      • SacTownBrian

        Very nice 😉

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        they could help by wearing bibs or something

    • Shadowstrife

      In WFB, Vampires were always HQ choices. Why can’t there be troop vamps, as rank-and-file?

      I’d love to field a pure vampire army of palefaced bloodsuckers with maybe a crypt-haunter here and there.

      • SacTownBrian

        I’m okay with the current Soulblight faction except for one thing: they should be able to take Skeleton’s and zombies as troops too. Maybe that’s just my old Vampire Counts attitude and experience with the fiction, but it also just seems logical for vampires to have hordes of garbage troops to use rather than more vampires that would be more rivals. Maybe peasants should make a comeback?

      • euansmith

        Having a unit that is a Vampire with attached Thralls could be fun. The Thralls being mortals bitten by that particular vampire and now totally subservient to him or her. The Thralls could come in a variety of types pretty rubbish village rabble, up to the enslaved guards and knights of a noble household.

    • marxlives

      Definitely think there is some faction Death coming your way.

      • SacTownBrian

        Well played 😉


  • I_am_Alpharius

    It means an AoS themed supplement/ongoing-book series (ala Realm Gate Wars, more than likely) will be coming out, that moves the AoS narrative forwards.

    Presumably, based around Nagash and the Death Alliance coming to the fore in the Realm of Shyesh and taking back what was lost them during the Time of Chaos and The War of Bones. We know from the Nurgle Battletome preview video that the armies of Nurgle, Mortal and Daemon, also have an interest in the Realm; and the other Alliances will be defending (Order) or taking advantage of the upheaval (Destruction).

    To me, the refreshed AoS logo could mean one of two things (or both). Firstly, and simplest reason, is that the redesign is purely an aesthetic change, to mirror the dark tone that Malign Portents is ushering in, and will be used for all products going forwards. Secondly, after or during, the series AoS will be getting its formal 2nd edition (or 1.5 edition?); note the Nurgle Battletome has also received the refreshed logo. I do feel the latter is less likely.