GW: Nurgle Pricing & Teasers From White Dwarf

The dam has broken and a flood of new info from the January White Dwarf has hit!

Filth and Grim are on the way in January but how much will it cost? January’s White Dwarf has all the gritty details.

via Warhams-77 (imgur)

Codex: Chaos Daemons $40

Battletome: Maggotkin $40

Great Unclean One $140

Lord of Blights $25

Maggotkin Warscroll Cards $25

Sloppity Bilepipper, Herald of Nurgle $25

Spoilpox Scrivener $25

Pusgolye Blightlords $65

Beast of Nurgle $40

Chaos Daemons Datacards $15

Feculent Gnarlmaw $30

White Dwarf Teaser:

  • Lyca Atteneder

    Ouch… those prizes are going to hurt my wallet.
    Especially those Beasts

  • frankelee

    You can pledge a Kickstarter game for less than one Greater Demon. This is smart on GW’s part, now their fans can’t afford to pledge any of those Kickstarters.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Wow…i was hoping that the GUO would be in the price range of a regular plastic Daemon Prince…

    • Dooms Day

      Urm.. really? Have you not seen the other greater daemons or any big model?

    • Regular plastic Daemon Princes are far less bulky and pretty dated. They also don’t offer nearly as many build options as the Greater Daemons so far. I’m not a fan of the pricetag, but the kit seems expansive enough to warrant being more expensive. Not like this is particularly bad looking at the rest of the range.

      • EnTyme

        To me, the most egregious price is the Beast. $40 should really buy you more than one model unless we’re talking about a two sprue special character like Kharn or Ahriman.

        • Wholeheartedly agree. That was the one price that felt utterly stupid. 32,50€ for one Beast? No. It feels like they swapped the prices for the Tree and the Beast, because that Tree has a lot more going on, is bigger, yet only 22.50€.

          Everything else seems pretty par for the course. 55€ for two Bloatfly Bros is sensible enough, seeing how chaotic the kits are, and that it allows you to build an HQ it seems. The Heralds are in line with other characters. But those Beasts…Great model, horrible pricing.

          • EnTyme

            I’m hoping it and the Blightlords have just stupid amounts of bits on the sprues so they can at least be used for kitbashes and conversions. That would help me justify those prices. The whole reason I want to start a Nurgle army (after I finish the Tzeentch force I just started) is for the conversion opportunities.

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          I wonder if we will see them appear in a starter set.

          Selling overpriced models as a ‘saving’ in a start collecting set, seems to be working pretty well for them.

      • ZeeLobby

        True. I could stomach $100 . The $40 extra just seems like a lot. I dunno. 40K may just be financially out of my reach finally.

        • EnTyme

          If you were expecting the GUO to be cheaper than the other two greater daemons to be redone, that was definitely wishful thinking. I was expecting it to be about $120 myself. I’ll have to see the sprues before I decide whether or not this is a ripoff. A lot of people have said that the box is thicker than the Glottkin, and with the sheer amount of surface area on this (and multiple options for the stomach), this may well be on three sprues.

          • ZeeLobby

            I never said that. I’m just realizing that it is too expensive for me. Just remember what the models used to cost. And this just seems ridiculous.

          • Killer Bee

            I agreed, I live in oz so its $230 lol

          • DeadlyYellow

            It’s not far off from the FW one at that price. About a $30 difference.

          • SWISSchris

            Yeah its not that I can’t afford the prices, I’m just beginning to feel it’s not a good use of my spare cash anymore at these prices?

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. It’s really the value issue. Am I getting $140 value out of that model, and it just seems crazy to think about.

      • LankTank

        Yeah but bloodthirster is $200 NZD and GUO is $280. I mean jesus, that is not a small change.
        That is primarch costing

        • The Bloodthirster didn’t include options for Skarbrand, that was sold separately, whereas here you get a single kit with all three major variants. The Bloodthirster also released during the End Times, where he had to be more in line with WHFB prices rather than AoS.

          Comparing the Bloodthirster kit, at 90€, with the 110€ GUO, I think the price increase is actually justified. The bulk alone basically guarantees one additional sprue, and then you have to factor in rather large variant pieces. The Bloodthirster was very compact.

          Comparing the GUO to Skarbrand, who was already 105€ back then, a whole 15€ more than the regular Bloodthirster, while still being two sprues only (one from the regular kit), you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck.

          • Talos2

            Yeah but if I wanted both a bloodthirster and skarbrand I’d have to buy both kits, And if I want two variants of a guo I’d need to buy two kits so I’m not sure how that helps anything at all

          • kobalt60

            Don’t go using maths to make a point. This is a Bols forum page, and on forum pages we whine about prices.

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    I was hoping the great unclean one would be like $70-80 to my stupidity.

    • Considering the price of the blood thirsters and the lords of change, that would have been nearly half off those and probably not a realistic expectation.

  • Larry McIver

    glad I bought the creature caster one for cheaper than that.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Plastic deamon princes and primarchs prices are disgusting and insulting.

    • Rahl

      Good thing neither of those are in this release then, right…

    • Amon-Alex69

      The daemon princes are 33 euros mate.

    • DJ860

      Jeez if that’s how easily insulted you are I’d hate to be around you much.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Sloppity Bilepiper makes me so happy and I don’t even like Chaos.

  • nordsturmking

    Right at the end of this Bols post you can the Feb. 2018 teaser and it says “A whole lot of gold” that could very well be a custodes release. thats exciting

    • …don’t get your hopes up. It’ll be Stormcast Eternals again. Malign Portents are looming, and they won’t skip another opportunity to sell the new golden boys.

      • dynath

        Aren’t the Custodes “Newer” golden boys?

      • Munn

        At this point I’d take over EVEN MORE chaos crap. 5 out of every 12 months is plenty.

    • LankTank

      No that is just saying what you will need to buy a GUO =)

  • Dhalgren Schroeder

    230 bucks for the GUO in Aus? The old metal one (which I think actually had more detail and creepy nurgly bits) was 85. I’ll pass. The Glottkin, which is a way better model (i think, and has 2 human heroes also), clocks in at 152. Not sure how big the GUO is, but I assume it is not as big as the Glotts. So an extra 80 dollars for..what?

    • Martin Owen Jones

      weak pound?

      • defensive

        GW patented “Australia Tax”
        Mark up everything by 40% after currency conversion, because “get stuffed, if you wanna play, you’ll pay it”

    • Rahl

      Its likely similar to the FW GUO in size, so probably not as tall as Glottkin, but bulkier. Though the Glottkin back spikes likely negate the extra body bulk the GUO has. But we’ll know for sure with more pics.

      That’ll also make it considerably larger than the metal GUO.

      Has quite a few extra bits for one. Not sure if Glottkin has extras, but new GUO has at least 3 different heads, 2 different stomach wounds, at least 3 different weapon options per arm (left and right), at least 2 different left arm options (though could be 3). Probably be an extra sprue compared to the Glottkin.

      Edit: Oh, and at least a few optional nurglings for it as well.

  • Spacefrisian

    So no new Slaanesh stuff, great dex indeed, as i get to keep my money in my happy little wallet.

  • Some ouchy prices but I expected most of that. Going to need the new GUOs and the new riders. The rest I’m meh over.

    • EnTyme

      A lot of people have been complaining about the prices, and they are high, but they seem about on par with the Tzeentch release. I expect it to cost about the same to build a 2000 point army from either faction.

      • Yeah I imagine thats true. The cost of a 2000 point army overall is quite high.

  • Killer Bee

    $230 bucks lol! Gw will charge another $50 Aussie dollars huh.. I wont be buying this from my brick and mortar at that price.

    • Tirelion

      That’s really what is unfortunate about this. The loss of the sale to the brick and mortar. I try to support my store as much as possible but at a retail of $140 on that GUCO I just can’t, not unless they can sell it for 30% off. $30- $40 off through an online retailer is a big deal.

    • Rahl

      I’m wondering too why they’re so inconsistent with the pricing.

      The Lord of Skulls is 170 AU$, and 160 US$, only 10 different. Then you have Magnus, 220 AU$ and 130 US$, a difference of 90! That’s ridiculous inconsistency. Baneblades are a difference of 15 $ between the locations, Nagash is a difference of 45, Mortarion is 90, Bloodthirster is 55, Alarielle the Everqueen is 95 difference, basic Knight Titans are 15, Monoliths are 44, Start Collecting boxes are 55, Lord of Change is 75.

      There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the price gaps.

      • Mike mad cow

        It’s about assessing demand and charging just enough that the consumer thinks twice, but most still buys. It’s not evil, it’s not mean, it’s business. I do it all the time in my business. The GUO will sell fine, the beast was probably an error. $40 for a power level 2 critter that is weak as it is, meah

        • Rahl

          Yet they take it to another level in those farther markets like Japan, Australia, New Zealand. Those markets have product variance that others (European Union, UK, US, Canada) do not.

          Take the Bloodthirster and Lord of Change for example. In their respective markets, they are the same price in the markets like the UK. However, in the markets like Australia, the Lord of Change is always priced more.

          I’m curious if it is only because of market size/distance from the UK, that they take the extra care to calculate the price in such a way. Or if its something more relating to trade deals the countries in those markets have with the UK? Or some other reason entirely?

          Economics can become quite fascinating at times for how boring the topic often comes across.

      • Most of the kits with lower discrepancies appear to be those released before Age of Sigmar hit. The Baneblade appeared when, during the original release of Apocalypse? They can’t raise prices on old products too much, but newly released stuff can easily get a larger pricetag slapped onto it.

  • Snord

    Some of these models make me want to reach for the fly swatter…

    The Blightlords are rather good. I really like the Nuglings buzzing along next to them. But they look very fragile; all that weight held up by some very slender plastic chains etc. I might get a Great Unclean One just for the hell of it – I’ve always liked them, but they’ve never been monstrous enough to match the fantastic artwork in The Lost & the Damned.

    As for Daemon armies in WH40k, however, I still don’t think they belong. And I’ve never enjoyed facing them. Daemons should be part of Chaos armies.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      Flies look great attached to the wild wood trees.

      The bases need a bit of clipping, but it really adds a bit of play resistant dynamism.

  • MechBattler

    That beast of nurgle better be a big chunky critter on a 60mm monster base for $40.

    • Mike mad cow

      ROW in the DG codex , don’t really make the model exciting

  • autonoise

    GUO is a top model, and with loads of options, was expecting/hoping £75, similar to the Lord of Change, but it is bulkier and with more options so I can go with the price. Beast should be cheaper though, far too expensive for a 2 PL unit, nice model but will give it a miss.

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    Gnarlmaw will make a cool pestigor herdstone

  • nuggy

    Super pumped up for this! Prises are looking pretty ok to me with the exception of the beast. Just wow. Who thought that were a good idea, Had planed on getting several of them but now I’m struggling to even come up for an excuse to buy two… def gonna pick up one because cute but like damn.
    If they had been prised as the tree then I’d buy seven straight up on release day.

  • Admiral Raptor

    Love the models. The prices mean that I won’t be getting any, at least not from GW. Shame about the ridiculous cost of the Beasts in particular. I can’t see many people paying $40 for what is essentially a worse Chaos Spawn in game terms. A set of three for around $80 would have been much more palatable.

  • JL

    Oof. Really was keen on getting a good Great Unclean One model, but can’t do it at that price.