Warmachine: November Dynamic Update Review

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Warmachine and Hordes is up for a big rules shakeup from November’s dynamic update. We break it down today.


November Dynamic Update


If you are newer to Warma/Hordes you might have not known that gun mages use to have true sight all the time. Gun Mages definetely took a hit when they launched in MKIII losing a point of defense and true sight. But, now they and the Black 13th can start seeing the light again. This can be a big shakeup with some of the cloud casters starting to see play again like Zadeesh 2 of Skorne. He uses clouds to protect his beasts while bullying you out of the zone in scenario.


Deliverers see a POW increase to 10. This makes the Rocket Volley attack really potent as a full unit can deliver a POW20 CRA from over 20″ away. It also gains an AOE of 5″ whem at least 5 models are participating, making even high armor infantry think twice about bunching up.

Menoth sees another update with Zealots getting a little RAT boost and a point cost decrease. It probably won’t be enough to make them popular but, it is a cheap unit at 12 points.


Warcaster Ashlynn d’Elyse received a massive buff in a new spell called Chosen Ground. This spell makes her whole battlegroup get pathfiner and steady. That is super powerful on such a high defense caster. Pathfinder on warjacks is also a great buff that mercs had a hard time getting access to.

The Vanguard drops to 10 points. It is still pricey for a relatively weak hitting jack, but does provide some defensive stats.


Circle arguably get the biggest buff as now Bradigus is made relevant again single handly by this errata.

Bradigus himself gets a buff with the ability to be more antimagic and increased range on his Stone Throw.
Wold’s in general got better. The Guardian is now only 16pts and is base POW 17.
The Warden is now only 14pts.
The Watcher is now only 8 and is MAT6.
The nastiest update though is the Stoneshaper. They receive a new action called Earth’s Power which gives +2 strength to target construct warbeast. Meaning Megalith is going to be POW 19 if not higher POW most of the time. This in my opinion makes Bradigus instant back into viable caster. With Synergy and Earth’s Power taking the Wold’s into POW 20+land they can assassinate or remove heavies with relative ease.


~What do you think of this errata? Please share in the comments below.

  • marxlives

    I know its good for the game and the everlasting struggle for balance but I don’t know how I feel about Circle being playable. I just have a really strong bias against them. I guess it is because I play ALOT of Khador so there will always jelly between my army (which is slow but tough) and theirs (which is fast moving). So much jelly.

    With the update to gunmages I guess they are going to need to update the Hellslingers novel! Which was a great read by the way! It makes the point pretty clear that #notall gun mages have true sight but #mostdo. That said, I hope they keep the whole you can tell when someone is born with true sight thang (an inheritable trait) because their eyes have a Riddick like shine to them (from the movie Pitch Black for the kids out there).

    If you are ready for some juicy gossip, word on the street is that Caine…romanced a lot of ladies into pregnancy and took the long way to buy cigarettes and bread. So there are a lot of kids out there of his and some them have true sight and some have true sight AND warcaster abilities.

    Do you know who is a young warcaster, lived in Lael (where the CRS, or Cygnar special forces, operated in for decades), AND has true sight? Sovereign and former junior warcaster Tristan Durant!

    Tristan Durant….Alicaster Caine….is YOUR FATHER!!!

    • Apocryphus

      Now I imagine Caine saying this to Tristan in a Darth Vader voice and Tristan says “NOOOOO I CAN’T BE TRUE!!!!”

      I feel like Circle got short changed in a lot of ways in the MK3 transition but they were still competative. This update just unlocked a bit more of the faction and allows for more list variety.

      • marxlives

        I know man, I am just saying for some irrational reason, and even though it would be bad for the game, I just want Circle to be awful. It is only because I am full-on jelly.

        • Apocryphus

          Faction envy is unavoidable I suppose. But hey, you may not be as fast as Circle but they’re not invincible like COMMUNISM, COMRAD!

      • marxlives

        When it comes to Allicaster Caine, I could imagine Tristan’s mom saying “Hey Tristan is your son and you owe 18 years of child support and I need it deducted from your military retirement check”. And Caine saying “Wow that’s great, I will be right back…I just need to go out…for some cigarettes and bread”.

    • zeno666

      plot twist!