40K BREAKING: FAQ-a-palooza – Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Marines

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GW just released the FAQs for both Blood and Dark Angels, and updated Space Marines.

Hot off the internet, three new FAQ updates for 40K, plus one for Shadespire. Both the Blood Angels and Dark Angels Codes receive a few minorbtweaks, the Space Marines Codex, on the other hand, has a lot of Magenta in it this time around. Enough Magenta to staff a multiplex of Rocky Horror Shadowcasts simultaneously. And like nice ones at that.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Dark Angels

Dark angels don’t have too many major updates at the moment, barely half a page–the big takeaways are you can Mind Wipe someone more than once, Speed of the Raven only works on assault weapons, and even if you can fall back and fire, you stop take the penalty on heavy weapons for moving.

Blood Angels

As for Blood Angels, they get even fewer tweaks. A points adjustment for the Predator, and some revision to Intercessors and the Company Champion.

Space Marines

Neither of the Angels get much in the way of tweaks this time around, but the space marines make up for it in spades. Bolted Drill gets a tweak, the equipment on your Primaris officers is a little more limited now, Might of Heroes changes, Thunderfire Cannons work the way you’d think with their own ballistic skill being used when they are shooting at targets. Notably this does mean an accompanying Techmarine can also shoot. Sergeant Chronus, meanwhile, can only command one vehicle per battle, which does douse the image of him running from vehicle to vehicle like some kind of Machine Spirit Agent Smith, but oh well.


Finally there’s an update to Shadespire’s FAQ, which tweaks some of the more finesse-y rules for the newer warbands.

Well time to scratch that all-vehicles + Chronus list that was a terrible idea anyway…

  • Jack-JR

    The errata for speed of the Raven doesn’t mean it only applies to assault weapons. It leaves all the text allowing it to apply to all weapons and then clarifies that, when using it, assault weapons don’t suffer the normal movement penalty! This is really helpful if you we’re planning to supercharge black knights!

    • Rasheed Jones

      I know, it makes the stratagem so much sweeter.

  • Drpx

    “Bike sales are in the crapper, what do we do to get people buying Ravenwing/White Scars again?”


    • Randy Randalman

      Except bike sales weren’t in the crapper. People have been using them heavily since 6th edition made White Scars amazing.

  • Snord

    The tweaking to Primaris models’ wargear is what interests me. I think we’ll see their options increasing.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      Agreed. We’ll probably start seeing them shift closer to their regular SM analogues. It’s tough to stay just as single weapon specialists when tactical boys get to play with all the cool toys.

    • GWELLS

      True Intercessors across the board got a little better. And their Captains got a little more variety.

      I have a theory that Intercessors will start getting access to Heavy weaponry soon. Not the same ones as Tactical Marines but more advanced analogues, like a new Grav weapon or more advanced missile launcher for instance.

  • banana raccoon

    They errata’d the Redemtpor Dreadnaught because the easy build one didn’t come with the missile launcher. Good change, helps lower the cost of the thing, but is a hilarious reason for doing so. Also ignoring the advance and shoot assault penalty for the White Scars strat is neat but also seems really situational.

  • Necrontyr

    Successor chapters cannot use their parent’s warlord trait? That seems a kick in the teeth to those with custom colour schemes or have painted,say, doom legion (an ultramarines successor). Surely those chapters would have the same battle traits as their parents?

    • Getting the same Chapter Tactics but not the same Warlord Traits seems a reasonable way to make successors recognisably related, but not the same.
      I doubt anyone is going to have a problem with “they are painted as Doom Legion, but they use straight Ultramarines rules” in most games though.

  • Majere613

    OK, I’m not happy that they didn’t fix the Nephilim. It’s still an air superiority fighter with Strafing Run, and that’s still _really_ stupid.

    • Bakvrad

      There is also no reason to play Ravenwing along deathwing anymore – which was their tactic for ages (and at least still described in the book). The introduction of the stragems says „it covers tactics used by the dark angels“ but this one is missing 🙁 really a missed opportunity

      • TB0N3

        There is still a Malstrom objective that gives you free points if you pull a RW + DW deepstrike

  • SacTownBrian

    So the space marine codex is not going to follow the published schedule for faqs? Yea, more changes to how we play…