40K: Khorne Shucks Expectations

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Yes, we know that the blood god wants blood, but how about aluminum siding or power windows? Take a look at what’s new in the world of Khorne.

GW previewed a faction focus on the Daemons of Khorne today. And, as we all know Khorne shucks the typical profile of a Chaos power, shunning the psychic might of the others in favor of unbridled rage, unfettered fury, and all manner of blood and skulls that have verbs appended to them. So whether you’re letting, taking, reaving, crushing, or mastering blood and/or skulls, there’s something for everyone in Khorne’s service in this preview. Let’s take a look:

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Darkness is sweeping the 41st Millennium, and the mortal hordes of the Heretic Astartes are bolstered by legions of daemonic allies. Thanks to the Great Rift, the servants of the Chaos Gods have been pouring forth to devour reality in ever-greater numbers across the galaxy – so it’s about time they got a codex of their own! Codex: Chaos Daemons brings a raft of new ways to customise and play your Daemons army, offering particular rewards for those players who dedicate themselves to a single Chaos God.

We know there are faction rules for each of the Chaos Gods, and that Khorne has the Locus of Rage which lets you reroll charges. Now it’s time to see what other elements of flavor they get–so let’s take a look at what makes a Daemon army Khorne flavored. In 8th Edition, that means Stratagems, Relics, and Warlord Traits. For now we have a look at a couple of relics and a warlord trait.

For starters, there’s the Armour of Scorn and the Skullreaver Axe.

This armo(u)r is a strict upgrade for models. It’s an upgrade to your invulnerable save, and you can deny psychic powers in the psychic phase. Which is especially great in an army that doesn’t have psychics to begin with. It means that you can shut down your opponent’s warptime or smite–Khorne is hurting for things that give them deny the witch, so this is a welcome addition.

Skullreaver, on the other hand I’m a little up in the air about. So if you’re replacing an Axe of Khorne or Daemonic Axe this is an excellent upgrade. I don’t know that I’d swap it out for a Great Axe of Khorne, which is basically a power fist that doesn’t make you hit at a -1, and also lets you roll twice and keep the highest. But getting the chance to deal an extra swath of mortal wounds is a great way to take on characters with their plethora of invulnerable saves.

Khorne Warlords–the Colonels of Khorne, if you will–also will have a suite of traits to select from. Each Chaos God gets 6 traits to play around with, and today we’re getting to see Oblivious to Pain.

Oblivious to Pain is pretty rad–if you’re already wanting a Feel no Pain, this is an upgrade to it. Of course, we don’t know what the other Warlord Traits are–but things are looking up for Khorne.

And while we don’t get a sneak peek at any of Khorne’s stratagems, we do know that Khornate strategy in general is run at the enemy, try not to die before you get there. So it stands to reason that they’d get a Stratagem that helps them do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an honor the chapter analogue that lets a Khorne unit fight some more–but maybe there’s something that lets them either advance and charge on the same turn (though that’s really more Slaanesh’s thing) or a stratagem that lets you have an extra dice on the charge if you’re summoned or something.

At any rate, that’s Khorne for now, sure to leave enemies as little more than empty husks on the battlefield.

  • Fergie0044

    So for skrullreaver – does that D3 moral wounds ability also only trigger against titanic units or against everyone?

    • Fenix Dargon

      Looks like all. It says EACH time a wound roll of 6+. There is a period between the sentence about Titanic units and this.

      • JPMcMillen

        That’s how it reads to me. The weapon has two abilities. One for re-rolls and one for additional damage.

        • Koldan

          Yes reads like it, this means the weapon raises also the damage vs units of models with 1 wound. A demon prince of khorne with this axe could theoretically kill 20 Space Marines in one combat phase. I am just too lazy right now to do the math what the average would be, but it should be a significant increase against almost any enemy type.

          • JPMcMillen

            Except you only get to equip one model with it and he is most likely going to become a magnet for anything the opponent can afford to throw at it. Either that or figure out something that can bog it down for most of the game.

          • Koldan

            I was aware, that you can only equip one model with it. I wanted to just point out that it is a straight improvement against any enemy not just characters.

            And by the way, you know that a demon prince has the keyword character? So throwing everything at him is not really an option.

  • Marco Marantz

    All khorne units should get at least a 6+ FNP. One of the big problems with Khorne faction is that the +1 attack for might over sorcery is that it is not enough to balance the ability to take useful psychic powers and deny. Youd be crazy not to take a psychic daemon prince and, from the CSM codex at least, give it the +2 STR +1 attack power which is way better than the +1 attack khorne bonus….and you get a chance at denying. The fact that these ‘holes’ exist in the design of factions really leaves me with zero faith in GWs rules design team. They should all be fired.

    • Danny Janevski

      I would not go that far but I do think khorne needs way more love currently they aren’t viable without support Detachments . Especially when 8th has so many ways to deal with melee . Shooting is still King.

      • LankTank

        He always goes that far >.<

      • Marco Marantz

        Well a certain LSM faction gets a universal 6+ FNP and they are rocking a 3+ armour save and T4. The bulk of a khorne army is T3 with bloodletters and/or a 6+ save. Its also fluffy giving khorne devotees are known for ignoring wounds in a mad frenzy. They just arent fast or survivable enough. Heck even 6+ FNP is probably not enough to help them.

        • Danny Janevski

          Exactly man. My point exactly. The changes so far are not enough and like Ive said before.. they wont be enough this time around. I don’t know what their overall plan is with this game. Sell more of certain types of minis so give them better stats or.. just plain old not caring enough.

  • Danny Janevski

    Also yeah 24 warlord traits mean nothing unless they are trully game changing daemons suck still. It all comes down to strategems and detachment traits. Relying on Loci to help doesn’t really solve khorn mono list. It actually makes me want to take khorne daemons outside the daemon codex ie Forgeworld keyword khorne daemon units.

    • Danny Janevski

      To fix it you need a strength in numbers type trait overall. Like this .

      Khorne Detachment

      Choose one of the following for your detachment

      Legion of Blood
      If your whole detachment has Khorne Daemons units only you get +2 Movement and +d6 to advance rolls.

      Legion of Skull Takers
      If your whole detachment has Khorne Daemon units only they get 6+ fnp and additionally if a wound is saved this way that unit gets +1 str +1 attack +1 damage.

      Chosen of Khorne
      1CP strategem
      Choose 1 khorne daemon unit. That unit can charge even if it advanced last turn and gets +1 Str and +1 A

      This strategem can be used more than once in a phase

      Exalted Skullreapers
      2CP strategem
      Choose 1 khorne daemon unit that destroyed a unit this turn. It gets a permanent increase in stats. +1 str +1 attack.

      Thoughts ???

    • Marco Marantz

      check out samus and the nurgle one from that book….there is no way you would ever take samus over the nurgle one…khorne got screwed.