40K RUMORS: The Next Codex is…

Lots of rumors coming in as we hit 2018. Here’s the latest word on what’s coming after Chaos Daemons:

We have 11 40K Codexes out so far – a frantic pace for 7 months since 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 arrived.  GW themselves said don’t expect the pace to slow down.

Industry professionals report the following:

  • T’au Empire is beloved to be the 12th Codex
  • Look for GW to keep with the standard existing codex practice of no new models.
  • Look for Age of sigmar to give the pointy eared folks some love in the near future after Malign Portents

Rumor Thoughts

T’au would not be a surprise.  Based on some careful reading of Chapter Approved I believe that T’au and Necrons are the most likely next books.  In any case I fully expect GW to continue the pattern of little to no new models released until they are done with all the 40K books. Even in the case of Chaos Daemons it’s redos of existing models, rather than new ones.

Still I want me some plastic Vespids.  These are just ancient and need to go:

On the Age of Sigmar front we have had rumors since Q4 of last year that GW would be redoing the “ex-High Elves” into their new form as part of the Order Grand Alliance. Based on how the WFB Dwarf – to – Kharadron Overlords redo turned out I have high hopes.

~The question for you is if GW makes a new unit in the T’au book that uses an existing model – what would it be?



  • Kabal1te

    I agree with tau or necrons being the two most likely to be next. Possible they drop at the same time (like grey knights and CSM) or a week apart like some of the recent releases.

  • Jared Swenson

    This is all good news for me. My first army is Tau, and it’s good to hear the elves might get some love, something the AoS community has been waiting for for a whille now.

    Oh and by the way, i know the new spelling ‘aelves’ is sort of derpy to some, but according to the latest audio drama “the autumn prince”, it’s still pronounced ‘elves’. Not ‘ayelves’.

    • Seismic Ghost

      Daemons vs Aelves.

      Why would they do this.

      Demmons vs Eelvs

  • Koldan

    Nothing too suprising, except that i always thought the high elves will be the grand final, especially with the rumors and hopes that Slaanesh may get some love this year. Their darker cousins and a conflict between the mother, who is a known Slaanesh follower, and the son, who is part of Sigmar’s pantheon was my guess for the next step.

    • Champildhir

      Rumours also say that will happen in 2019, or at least not until the end of 2018. Last year was the year of Tzeentch, this is the year of Nurgle (GW has even called it that way), and since AoS started with Khorne, next year will hopefully be the year of Slaanesh (and hence, of elves –hopefully–)

      • Koldan

        Yes, but the year of nurgle did not start just now. It feels like it is already half a year running with deathguard and the Nurgle releases for AoS. Right now i cannot remember any new chaos release in the 8th edition, that was not nurgle based, even when looking over to AoS, i just remember nurgle in that time. But i am not playing chaos so i may have forgotten some.

    • PrimoFederalist

      Wait – Malekith and his mother are still alive in AoS?

      • Amon-Alex69

        Malekith is actually a god since he became one with his dragon and is know now as Malerion .
        For his MILF, she was freed of Slaanesh’s influence and served by shadow being .

        • Vicent Martín Bonet

          Malekith didn’t fuse with his dragon.

        • Mathew G. Smith

          He didn’t merge with his dragon, he just turned into a dragon man for completely unrelated reasons. At some point GW might even deign to tell us what they are.

      • Koldan

        Yes, Sigmar was not the only one, that survived. He created together with others a pantheon as the guardians of the mortal realms. This alliance broke and each one left for their own mortal realm. Basically all that GW is doing since the beginning of AoS is creating the factions for this 8 survivors (Nagash and Gorgamorka directly got their own alliance, Sigmar got his Sigmarines, Alariell the Sylvaneth,…), and i guess they will be important in the future of AoS.

        That is also why it is not that suprising, that elves will be next. If you look at the new factions only the realms of shadow and light are lacking a new faction. Malerion formerly known as Malekith and Teclis and Tyrion are the gods of this two realms. So the only question was shadow or light.

  • Kefka

    “These are just ancient and need to go:” jeez, I remember when they were brand new =C

    • el_tigre

      I think they look fine, rules were always the problem

      • ZeeLobby


  • Tau really need a solid codex, they are almost unplayable right now if you don’t want to spam commanders.

    • Luca Lacchini

      Yup. I was building a small T’au force in the latter days of 7th ed., and with the Index I found that point values and the gimping of all the equipment options for vehicles and suits – a staple of the faction – made them both bland and almost mono-build in army list.

      • ShasOFish

        The army list I liked for 7th- Crisis Suit and Broadside heavy, forcing a very aggressive style of play – jump up in points over 50%. Tried it once in 8th as a test to see if the effectiveness scaled too. It was almost laughably bad.

  • Nyyppä

    And here I am just hoping that they’d fix their previous products before creating more problems.

  • ectoplasmic gyrator

    Tau then Necrons, or vice versa would he excellent. My roommate gave me his Tau which I haven’t had a chance to use, and my best 40k buddy has Necrons that he hasn’t played since 5th. I’d really like an excuse to get a full riptide wing, or even a stormsurge. Monoliths as foes are great budget expansion validators.

    Then hopefully some “lots of gold” Custodes please please please!

    • Thyran204

      It used to be that saying the phrase “Riptide Wing” would get you angry glares and the moniker “That Guy”. They have been under-powered in 8th, be advised though that if they get buffed, and you bring three, you may get dragged out of the store and beaten.

  • BT

    “T’au Empire is beloved to be the 12th Codex”

    LOL! Auto-correct FTW!

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Bakvrad

      Don’t forget the cheese 🙂
      Eat more cheese toast.

      • ZeeLobby

        What’s wrong with cheese toast?!?!

        • bobrunnicles

          Absolutely nothing! I’m drooling over here at the thought 🙂

          • ZeeLobby

            Right?! 😀 Maybe it’s like a serious insult in his native culture.

        • Bakvrad

          Nothing, it’s awesome and underrated!
          It really is OP – it is an essential part of almost every modern toast these days but yet also usable on its own.
          Also it’s spamable and cheap yet can be upgraded to excellent quality.
          All hail the mighty cheese toast. Eat more cheese toast!
          (And I love, that my smart phone has this slogan already saved in its own 😀 )

  • Simon Chatterley

    As a Deamon player I’m certainly glad the standard practice of no new models for existing codexes was applied to us as well….

    Wait a minute….

    • Spade McTrowel

      That’s because AoS got new models… Just cake that they can be used for 40K, too.

      • Simon Chatterley

        Apologies, I was being somewhat sarcastic. I totally understand he reasons.

    • Spacefrisian

      Deamons? Is that a new army? Its odd you already play them.

  • James Regan

    hell, in the case of chaos daemons it’s not that there aren’t new models, but that its an AoS release altogether- there are new blightlords models as well as the daemon ones, so I reckon it’s more that 40k gets it’s updates as a side effect of the blightlords release

  • piglette

    I think Vespid are some of the older models that have held up rather well.

  • tau4eva


  • SacTownBrian

    Didn’t demons get a bunch of new Nurgle models: new heralds/characters and a new Great Unclean one?

  • Aurion Shidhe

    I don’t mind the vespid models. They can be improved, of course, but they are far from the most needy in terms of a resculpt.

    What I want is a bit more survivability for them. I’ve ran a full squad since the first codex and they’ve always been a suicide squad, due to their short range and crappy armor saves. Generally they drop in and pick off 2 or 3 enemy models in a single unit, then they get wiped out by a panicked charge as soon as the enemy finds out how deadly their guns are. And there are few Tau units to bubble wrap them with that won’t get smoked faster than the vespid.

  • majbjörn

    Should be Orks imo 🙁

  • Ryan Miller

    I just want Codex Iron Hands…

  • Sniddy

    T’au the race formally known as Tau I fear will not get ‘enough’ out of the codex, I won’t stoop to the ‘X hates T’au’ which is why index wise they were destroyed

    In order to make me dust of the T’au we need 3+ BS on suits, points reductions, lots of them, and the railgun shots need to be doubled at least and possibly boosted to strength 14

    Realistically we’ll get some point tweaks, and they’ll leave us as the shooty army that can’t shoot – so unless you really wanted to play storm troopers and storm troopers in anime suits, stay away

    Taking away JSJ killed the mobility, gimping our BS AND gimping markerlights killed our shooty – points killed suits

    I can see Tau going down into the dark for an edition or 2 as they make them poor, so no one buys them so GW doesn’t do anything with them

    Can’t recall where I saw it but someone really hammered home Tau problems, we don’t ‘act’ in the psychic phase, we pretty much dread the melee phase, we have 2 phases, move and shoot….we’re playing half the phases – and we’re not twice as good in those phases we do play, not close – especially not shooting arguably one, if not the, main phase

    Necrons, be interesting – lots of potential tweaks and ways to work it, I’m hopeful of a Tyranid type codex with lots of useful ideas and options, and not many duds or traps, solid without cheese

    Still we’ll see – but my money is on a Tau codex which doesn’t do anything like enough to get us out of the hole, we’ll go sulk with AM, who may at least feel a little better that ‘at least they’re not Tau’ and crons being a solid, interesting, but unlikely to be game shattering codex

    • Spacefrisian

      Well Tau could get a melee phase if GW stepped up and copied more from Gundam besides the Red Comet (Farsight).

      They already had these Onager fist and Fusionblades, bring those back but for all crisis suits with some hardwired system for ws or bs boosts and add something like plasma blades(powerswords with +1 attack when paired) in the mix.

      • Mathew G. Smith

        Alternatively, they could just make Kroot not suck.

      • Bobby Hembree

        It’s funny. People complain about how good they are at shooting, when they don’t have either a psychic or assault phase.
        Marines shoot better than fire warriors. The ONE thing Fire Warriors are good at.

    • TenDM

      Keep in mind you’re talking about Index Tau. The Indexes were an attempt at basic balance but they avoided things that could easily become over powered. Especially when the army specialised in a specific phase and was coming off he back of a very strong 7th edition Codex.

      I think once they take the gloves off Tau are going to fall back into being too strong. Stratagems plus markerlights plus Tau guns equals a crazy powerful shooting phase.

      • Sniddy

        Maybe, god I hope I’m wrong, but I think unless this is one of the most reforming codex there are to many fundamental problems with where T’au are, with markerlights being a gimmick they’re afraid of that used to run our army nerfered from orbit, the lack of psychic, a general non melee army too much isn’t ‘there’ to run T’au

        As I said I could be wrong, the codex could reform them, it could be one long apology note from GW

        • TenDM

          I’m pretty confident I’m right, but it’s always a risk with monophase armies.