40K: Thousand Sons Secrets

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The new Thousand Sons Codex contains secrets that many consider heretical–come see for yourself!

You’re already committing heresy by reading this article when you should be out praising the Emperor. So why not go for Double Heresy and read some forbidden lore about Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons. Find out if they ever get to find their Thousand Dads and play a nice game of catch or maybe go out to the zoo together.

Or at least grill some Warpflame Burgers

So we sat down with the Thousand Sons Codex and everyone’s going to be talking army lists and rules and what’s next for 40K. But I want to talk about what’s happening now. What’s been going on with these dustboys?

Well as it happens, the Thousand Sons are really getting into Elves. On the hunt for the Black Library to apparently try and unearth more forgotten lore, the Thousand Sons are like a young schoolkid just starting to read through the Silmarillion and think, “man these elves are cool.” In a few months, they’ll be adorning their Trapper-Keepers or Mead 5-Star notebooks with Tengwar.

But there’s a very good reason for this. Ahriman, who is now a little more invigorated after cooperating with Magnus for the first time in hundreds if not thousands of years, has seen firsthand the power of the elves. Back in the Fracturing of Biel-Tann he got to bear witness to Yvraine using the power of Ynnead to bring life–actual life and physical bodies back to the Rubric Marines.

They looked on him with their real eyes for the first time in millennia, and then were brought low by a Wraith Knight. Cruel irony–which is very much the Dark Elf way–which why mention the Drukhari? Well here, check this out:

That coupled with this bit from Ahriman’s page:

…does seem to imply that the Aeldari will have a larger role to play in the coming events. And hey this tracks with what we know. Comorragh is at the center of the next Codex that’s coming out–and with the Age of Sigmar getting some new friends with their Daughters of Khaine, maybe 40K will get at least a couple new models for the Dark Eldar. They could certainly use some.

In the meantime, Ahriman is going to try and track down this resurrective power at it’s source(ery).

  • Boondox

    Gotta wonder if the Necrons will be far behind?

  • Christie Bryden

    war zone commagrah anyone?

  • Koldan

    I would be possitively suprised, if the Drukari get new models.

    But my pessimistic side says: Drukhari and Harlequins are weakend by a civil war, they have barely contained a demonic invasion into the webway, and now a horde of psykers want to enter Commoragh, which is a bad move, psykers are forbidden to enter the city for obvious reasons. Could also be GW wants to finish off the smaller aeldari factions to make a place for the Ynarri. Yes it is the pessimist in me speaking, but for me thinking that GW would put the Drukhari in the focus for a Aeldari plot progress is as believable as the Sororitas being the main faction in an imperium campaign.

    • SYSTem050

      I see your pessimism and raise you, we will get battle zone commoragh which will result in the dark elder being wiped out and the range removed 🙁

      And just as I bought my tantalus

      • LordKrungharr

        Next you will be able to convert your tantalus into a keeper of secrets.

      • Kabal1te

        Sadly I could see them doing this. What’s more I would be surprised if everything unit and wargear wise from the index makes it to this codex

      • Dan Worsley

        I don’t think “wiped out”, I think Cammoragh will be occupied, some Thousand Sons here, some Aeldari there, maybe Rainbow Warriors or some other as let unloved Chapter of Astartes over there all with the Mandrakes and Alpha Legion messing about making things worse.

        And, naturally, everything going according to Vect’s plans.

        • briandavion

          honestly done right… that could be a pretty awesome set up. the nature of Cammoragh would make it an AWESOME enviroment for a long term multifaction war

          • euansmith

            “Our scouts report that all of the doorknobs have hidden razor blades and poisoned fish-hooks on them. Apparently, this isn’t a booby-trap, it is a design feature in the eyes of the Drukhari.

            “And, also, a timely reminder, don’t even attempt to make use of the toilet facilities.”

        • Will Evans

          People have been speculating that Commorragh is about to get wiped out.. for the past 12 years or so. 😛

    • NeinNeinNein

      Given the usual treatment GW gave DE for years I wouldn’t be surprised at all that they end up deleting them.. which is a shame because it’s probably the best line of models in the whole game.

      • Drpx

        But where will Ynnari get their fodder from?

    • bad mood

      Remember the khornate knights? Sister were (smeared) all over the place!

    • J Mad

      Or Vect has a plan and the daemons was just a test, or he released the daemons to stop some civil disputes within the city.

  • I thought Comorragh was destroyed?

    • frank

      i think you are thinking of shadom?

      • Not really. Wasn’t Comorragh destroyed in a conjunction caused by Yvraine which lead to the city being fludded by Daemons and getting abandomed and “re-created” somewhere else in preparation by Vect?

        • Kabal1te

          It saw a demon invasion thanks to Kaine’s gate failing, but destroyed is not what we see happen. It is rather vague as to how it as turns out at best

        • Koldan

          Even Vect could not rebuild Commoragh.

          He retreated, but others are still there, you don’t really think he would save any civilians?

          Kheradruakh may be the reason, the effects of the dysjunction slowed down. “For a dozen miles around the Decapitator’s throne, Commoragh became a sea of living shadow that consumes even daemons.”

          I think many harlequine troupes are still there, Khaine’s Gate is still not closed, cults and kabales are fighting for supremacy, and Lady Malys should also be still there, even so her enemy deceided to withdraw.

          With Lady Malys the optimist in me reacts, a drukhari who wants to rule Commoragh and in her chest is beating the hearth of the laughing god, which she won in a bet against him.

          She winning and binding this two factions together. May the craftworls rush to their new trendy religion. Cegorach is a survivor just like the drukhari, and likes the same kind of pleasure, way more fitting to ally with him.

          And i think they would make quite a good faction gameplay wise. The overlap is not that big, the four hqs all fill a different role, ignoring the troupe master as his miniature is just a seargant, and even, when there is overlap, they show different tendencies already, drukhari bikes have better cc choices then the harlequin ones, wyches tend to be be cheap tarpits, while harlequin troupes are expensive damage dealers, the ravager can bring more big guns for the big prey, while the voidweaver hunts the smaller vehicles.

          Yes ia dreaming.^^

      • NNextremNN

        At first I thought you were talking about a different SciFi Universe. Then I looked it up and that one was written Z’ha’dum. So what’s “shadom”?

        • frank

          Shaa-Dom is like a sub city to Commoragh. Vect flooded it with demons and basically destroyed it for rebelling against him.

  • euansmith

    Are the Drukhari saved by Guilliman?

    • NNextremNN

      Why not, he has a debt to pay back anyway XD