Malign Portents: The Conqueror

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Bear witness to the Darkoath Queen’s rise to power, as another Malign Portents video hits.

Another video for the new Malign Portents supplement today. This is another of the longer-form videos, much like the one featuring the Builder which we saw just yesterday. Today, we get a look at another of the faction characters. This time it’s the Darkoath Warqueen, Chaos’ new hero in the world.

“Malign Portents: Episode 2 – The Conqueror”

In it, that same scryer, Elias, continues his search for Enlightenment amid the same Diablo III-esque music. Now he bears witness to the rise of the Darkoath Warqueen. Called a daughter of destiny, she’s seen the rise of “Shadows bearing rusted blades, of dead men that walk and hunger for hearts’ blood,” before gathering her hosts to march upon the dread Realm of Shiyish.

The factions are mustering. And with little more than a day to go, we’ll doubtless see another episode tomorrow. Look for it–and we’ll see what last few clues we can glean before the countdown hits zero, and the Age of Hope ends at last. Check out the rest of the videos below:

“Malign Portents: Episode 1 – The Builder”

This is the first in longer-form video we’ve seen about Malign Portents. It involves a neutral “scryer” named Elias who can apparently project his spirit astrally and witness the goings-on of events. Is he a new player in the game of the 4 factions or just a bystander who watches and observers? Where did he learn how to “project his spirit” and how is it that he can retain his independence?

Whatever the case, his big revelation is that all the portents are pointing to something stirring in the Realm of Shyish – the land of death and ruled by Nagash.

Also, over the weekend, we got a look at some of the other upcoming tidbits about what’s going on in the Mortal Realms:

“While some of the pictures have disappeared off of Imgur, they initially told the tale of a man whose farm became overrun by undead. This was followed closely by another story, this one from the point of view of a plague daemon of Nurgle named Slimux–only Slimux is unable to spread any of his corrupt seedlings upon his visitation. Instead he is stymied at every corner by the encroachment of the forces/terrain of Undying Nagash.”

Something is causing ripples that are impacting the very foundations of the Mortal Realms. And just in case you needed any more convincing, the dead are rising from their graves:

via Malign Portents

“The Valley”

Another cryptic and creepy video from Games Workshop. This time the focus is on a grave site and the and of it’s current resident is evilly bursting forth. Death is on the rise…

Previous videos from Malign Portents:

“The Asylum”

“The Village”

“The Falling Star”

“The Icon”

“The Ship”

“The Field”


All we know for sure about this supplement is that these four models are going to be involved:

Just over 2 days left…are you ready for the Age of Hope to die?

  • dave long island

    I kinda like The Onion Knight, swingin’ the two hammers there… lol

  • Shelltoon

    That Grot shaman ate so many shrooms, he became one. Shoulda listened to Mamagrot

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Mamagrot: “You’re still not eating enough ‘shrooms.”

  • vlad78

    The specter is the best by far imho.
    The barbarian queen is rather a classical model, good but not much to see here.

    The other two are just pitiful imho.

    • SacTownBrian

      The specter screams nazgul to me. Nothing original. If it weren’t for the weird face equipment of the goblin I’d like him best. As it is the Queen is the only interesting model to me. Of course with my addiction I’ll probably own them all…

      • Kabal1te

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they all 4 came packaged together in like an $85 boxed set.

    • Jose Luis Camarasa

      Pitiful? I’m in absolute love with the grot

      • vlad78

        Good for GW ! ^^

  • Kabal1te

    Is it just me or does that stormcast dude look cross eyed?

  • SacTownBrian

    While watching this I couldn’t stop thinking that Neferata was behind the rise of the Barbarian queens.

  • Kabal1te

    I like these videos. They actually add much needed character to the characters.

  • The first few vids were a bit underwhelming but the last couple are interesting, particularly The Conqueror. With mention of brothers & sisters I kinda hope we will see a box set of Darkoath warriors with both men & women.

    The Warqueen mini is cool and I will more than likely pick that one up. I may try to get ahold of the Stormcast’s head as he’s pretty much the spitting image of me and I fancy popping that head on a marine.

    • Luca Lacchini

      Same here. Just hope it will include a helmeted head (like Neave from the Blightwar box).
      The head will fit perfectly a Crimson Fists character.

      Also, as said for a previous video, the Darkoath barbarian/viking/chaos undivided (?) faction would be an awesome addition.

      • EnTyme

        Don’t get your hopes up. The Chieftain is a Slaves to Darkness hero, and I bet the Warqueen will be, too.

        • Luca Lacchini

          Well, another take on the Slaves of Darkness then, with maybe a proper Battletome.

  • The Darkoath Tribes…Likely where we can find goodies like Skinwolves and War Mammoths in line with tribal brothers and siblings under the banner of their Warqueen?

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!!

    • Bakvrad

      Long live cheese toast!
      Eat more cheese toast!

  • Esteban

    While watching this I couldn’t stop thinking that Neferata was behind the rise of the Barbarian queens.

  • TonioMoblo

    The first few vids were a bit underwhelming but the last couple are interesting, particularly The Conqueror. With mention of brothers & sisters I kinda hope we will see a box set of Darkoath warriors with both men & women.The Warqueen mini is cool and I will more than likely pick that one up. I may try to get ahold of the Stormcast’s head as he’s pretty much the spitting image of me and I fancy popping that head on a marine

  • I’m interested to see where they take this. I’ve never not-liked AOS lore, I just wanted more of it and now we are starting to get some maturity in the content.

    • Louper

      Well, imo thats a common misconception, but if you think about the sheer volume of books and novels at this point they have a lot of lore.

      My problem with AoS lore is that it doesn’t feel grounded at all. It just feels like this array of super powerful factions all battling in these relatively non-descript realms. Its just endless battle. There is no sense of it being a “world” like warhammer fantasy was.

      Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be any weaker factions that are struggling against the forces of evil. This is such an important factor to ground the fluff. In warhammer fantasy it was the empire standing as the first shield against the forces of chaos. It felt like they were desperately trying to survive. 40k has it with the imperium soldiers that are fighting an endless battle just to hold the line against an array of foes.

      AoS, however, doesn’t have that yet. Space Marines would be boring in the fluff if they weren’t 1 in a billion super soldiers that show up on mankind’s darkest days. They are also mortal. Meanwhile Stormcast aren’t the saviours of the downtrodden when all hope seems lost, they are just these invincible gods from the heavens who can’t even truly die that just are locked in endless war vs chaos. Its a very shallow fluff so far, even if GW has worked very hard to make it quite broad considering its only a couple years old.

      We need someone to “care about”, we need someone to “cheer for”. Endless waves of chaos vs immortal and implacable Stormcast that seem to eternally fight for the sake of eternally fighting does not make for a compelling story.

      • I sometimes think that the nature of their lore reflects the majority of the fans and what they care or don’t care about.

        What we see now is a reflection of the current generation of gamers and what they care about in terms of background.

        • Louper

          Maybe, I’m not the greatest judge of that since I don’t play a ton of different video games, but every video game I like has reasonable depth that includes some sort of struggle.

          I’d hope, though, that GW isn’t naive enough to think that their audience are the people who want super shallow fluff just to set the stage for carnage.

          Someone willing to invest the time and cost into a hobby like this tends to be the type that enjoys a bit more depth.

          • I agree with you. But their design decisions the past five years now, coupled with interacting with younger guys in the 19-22 year bracket who I know were brought in to GW to be rules devs now says that that is the trend they are currently counting on.

          • Louper

            Well, I think that was largely the old CEO’s mantra that the new guy has been back-peddling on ever since. (Remember, it was the same guy who said GW isn’t a game company and that most customers don’t even play the game)

            I would bet that “if” Rountree had been in power when AoS was conceived that it would have never been set in some nondescript arrangement of elemental realms floating in the warp.

            Look at these portents videos, if nothing else, they are FINALLY giving us a tiny look into the “every day” man in the universe.

          • Yeah. The novels also have a lot of normal people. I’m reading the Undying King right now and its full of normal people living in Shyish fighting off Nurgle.

          • In most of the Realmgate Wars books, at least up to volume 6, the normal people really just serve as cannon fodder. Their villages/cities, as few as there are, don’t seem to be functioning in any real sense – they just exist, as if in a bubble if you will. There *are* people, but there are no real civilizations. Even the better stories only scratch the surface of their homes, and abandon them with the last sentence.

            Then, Josh Reynolds is doing a fantastic job fleshing out whatever thing he touches, and his undead have been amazing in WHFB already.

      • euansmith

        I get your point, though. In the old world, for every Karl Franz, there was a Gotrek and Felix. Without the contrast with the lower characters, the heroes have nothing to throw them in to relief and show them off as being anything special.

        I’m about to try and inveigle a friend in to playing Paths of Glory, and I’m looking to run Free Guild Hand Gunners with a Free Guild General.

        My fluff for them is that they are the Unfettered; human miners, who used to labour on behalf of a Skycity of Kharadron Overlord. However, someone has offered them a better deal for their resources, and so their previous masters are facing a sudden resource shortage. I doubt that the Skylords will take this news well.

  • euansmith

    Ee, by ‘eck, she’s a graigly lass, yon Queen.