RPG: Classic Game Gets Stellar Rerelease

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Star Frontiers steps out of the past and onto the DM’s Guild. Check it out.

Star Frontiers was TSR’s original science-fiction RPG. Inspired by Flash Gordon, and all the other usual suspects, Star Frontiers brought players out of the dungeons and into the stars. Using a 2d10 system, Star Frontiers pushed new grounds for the nascent TSR.

And now you can pick up the original boxed set on the DM’s Guild as part of their print on demand option for classic releases. Much like you can pick up a printed version of Keep on the Borderlands, you can now grab Alpha Dawn–the boxed set–as either a pdf, soft cover book, or hardcover of that’s your preference. This game is amazing, pulp science fiction, alien adventures, all the stuff you’d want from a game called Star Frontiers.

via The DMs Guild

Star Frontiers$9.99 – $31.99

Alpha Dawn… stage one of the Star Frontiers science fiction game system. A great way to enter the world of science fiction role playing. These Basic Rules teach you how to create characters, move and fight on the game map, and how to create adventures of your own. The included adventure, Crash on Volturnus, is simple enough for both beginning players and referees.

Stage two… expanded rules and much more! Picture the world-famous Dungeons & Dragons game. Now imagine this same excitement in a science fiction setting. You’ll find our Expanded Rules add that kind of challenge, detail, and opportunity for victory. Don’t miss Star Frontiers Knight Hawks exciting board game and role-playing expansion rules to Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn game.

Everything you need: This set includes the Basic Rule Book, the Expanded Rule Book, the Crash on Volturnus Adventure Module, printable full-color map, printable counters. Two d10 dice not included.

This game requires no gameboard because the action tales place in the player’s imagination with plantery adventures in alien worlds as the main event.

Ideal for 3 or more beginning to intermediate players, ages 10 and up.

Note on the print on demand edition:
This version of the book has all of the elements of the box set into a single volume book.

Star Frontiers is ALIVE? DIIIVE!

  • Aurion Shidhe

    So many good memories of this game. I would buy this from DTRPG but I still own all the books, modules, and boxed sets from the 80s. This is a fun intro RPG for younger players as well, especially if you run a Star Law campaign. By default the game has a light sense of humor that can be engaging for kids.

    • bobrunnicles

      Yeah I still have all my original books too, including the two modules they did for 2001 A Space Odyssey and 2010 🙂 In fact my original SF set was pre-Alpha Dawn, when it was just ‘Star Frontiers’. Ah, good times….

      • Aurion Shidhe

        Yes, sir! Love that game. Rumor has it that Evil Hat filed for the Star Frontiers trademark. I don’t know where that’s going but I don’t want to see SF converted to their house system.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Never played this but I love the Elmore artwork!

  • Michael
  • marxlives

    I am just going to gather up all my stuff animals and have a Traveller campaign, thank you very much.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      Ah…Traveller…my “game that never was”. I own so much Traveller product. So so very much. Whole bookshelves dedicated to Traveller. And, in 20+ years, I have never managed to get my game group to do more than create characters. I think MegaTraveller intimidated them too much and they don’t want to give it a chance.

      They even chose to play SpaceMaster over Traveller!

      • marxlives

        That and TSRs Buck Rogers game.

        • Aurion Shidhe

          Right on! That is one TSR game that I never owned (as well as Boot Hill). SF always scratched my itch back in the day so I just never picked up Buck Rogers. So it was a fun game?

          • marxlives

            It was but, in a weird twist (now get this) my friends and I didn’t use the TSR supplements. We didn’t know those existed until later. What we did do is took the BR RPG video game THACO stats and items in game and just gave it the ADnD treatment.