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Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s Workhorse – The Razor Crest Breakdown

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Sep 18 2023

The Razor Crest might not look like much, but she’ll get the job done. Let’s take a look at the iconic ship from The Mandalorian.

The sleek metal profile of the Razor Crest is a familiar sight throughout the Outer Rim. It is a former military patrol craft turned bounty-hunting vessel. The Razor Crest has been the ominous herald of many a mark’s ill-timed end. But where does the Mandalorian’s own personal ship come from, and what can it do? Let’s take a look and find out.

Razor crest

Razor Crest Origins

The Razor Crest was originally built as a military craft, like many ships built during the tumultuous years of the end of the Republic. The design was intended to be used as a patrol craft. Its design followed the template for many an Imperial Gunship. It’s independent enough to be operated by an individual but heavily armed enough to deal with “personnel” trouble. Designed for more long-range missions than a typical starfighter, this craft could operate without support for long stretches. This range gave them an advantage when patrolling the more lawless regions at the edge of the Republic.

The Razor Crest, in particular, was built with endurance in mind. It has two powerful engines that give it a significant sublight range, as well as a hyperdrive system for travel between worlds. The Razor Crest could comfortably hold three people in its cockpit as well as several more in its hold.

The Razor Crest, like other military craft of its type, had a port built for an astromech droid. However, as Din Djarin famously distrusted droids, this slot remained empty for much of the one particular Razor Crest’s life.

Razor crest interior quarters

Mandalorian Modifications

By the time the Razor Crest came into Din Djarin’s possession, it had already flown many patrol missions. The Mandalorian bounty hunter retrofitted it with personal modifications. This transformed it from military patrol craft to sporting spartan living quarters and a prisoner transport system.

These modifications included a carbonite freezing chamber, which Djarin used to store bounties for “safe transport”.  It additionally carried a small army’s worth of weapons kept in a weapons locker. And let’s not forget the vacc tube–one of the few toilets seen in Star Wars.


But as one of Grogu’s books might say, “poops, everybody does.”

Razor Crest vacc tube

The Razor Crest is suited to many different environments. From ice planets like Maldro Kreis to desert worlds like Arvala-7, the ship could endure in extreme weather. It could also contend with small arms fire.  Though as a light military craft, it has to be wary of capital ships. Any serious firepower, such as that from a turbolaser, could punch right through its comparatively light armor.

Razor Crest explosion

Even so, the Razor Crest is one of the more recognizable ships in the galaxy.



May the Force be with you.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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