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Hot off the internet, a new FAQ for everyone’s favorite golden boys, the Adeptus Custodes.

The Adeptus Custodes (who all seem like they should be named Chet or Tanner or Bryce or something) have got a new update today. There’s an official FAQ out, which addresses a few of the quirks and vagaries of the army. Now, there isn’t much that is groundbreaking for the Custodes, but in their FAQ, a lot of little fiddly questions that apply to other armies get answered as well. You might expect a broader answer to these to be rolled out in FAQs later, but let’s take a look at the big three.

First up, we’ve got this question about Lieutenant-Captain-Major-Leftenant-Commodore-Chaplain-General-Adjutant Trajann Valoris, which, in addition to pointing out that you can use his Moment Shackle ability before the game has gone into turns, it also points out how command points and so on work in deployment. Got an ability you want to use, depending on the triggers, deployment is a valid time to do it–makes me wonder if that same holds true for all the relics that let you either regain or steal command points when they’re spent. It seems to imply that the model holding it would have to be on the table for you to gain its benefit.

Speaking of order-of-operations style implications. Here, have a definition of what it means to be “added to an army.” You pick your vexilla the moment you put them in your list. That’s when a model is counted as being in your army. Simple stuff, but it’s codifying it in immutable stone.

Finally there’s this clarification that affects a few other stratagems. Ever Vigilant lets you shoot at a unit that deploys from reserves–and this principle clearly applies to the other “shoot at deep striking unit” stratagems like Auspex Scan or Eldar Cheat At Everything So Why Not This Too Forewarned. It’s good to know that you can still shield your characters. It makes sense if you think about it, but it’s nice to have it there in black and white (until magenta gets added later).

Read the full Adeptus Custodes FAQ here

What do you think of the FAQ? How many ranks can YOU add to Trajann Valoris’ title? Let us know in the comments!

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Shocking news…FAQ mainly answers the obvious….the possible exception being around the Aegis of the Emperor ability.

    • EnTyme

      I always imagine the rules writers staring in stunned silence for a good five minutes before answering every question in these things. 9/10 questions are just some painfully obvious if you aren’t intentionally looking for a loophole.

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean to be fair, they do write some pretty interpretive English sometimes. Not the case here, but in the past they have been super vague.

      • Muninwing

        the issue is that to some people, who misinterpret or look to actively bend the rules, they are not actually airtight.

        it’s not unlike the idea of “legalese” — if language is not specific and rigid, which GW occasionally fails at, then there’s room for second-guessing and interpreting.

        that’s what a FAQ is for. it’s how they tighten it up, instead of making sure they are writing tight language the first time, or having their literal worldwide network of fans playtest things for them.

      • Walter Vining

        I have a rules writer on my friends list on FB, and asked him how many times they mash their face into the table working on a FAQ, and I got a “you don’t want to know”

    • GWELLS

      Gasp…. People are ignoring common sense in the rules to try to rules-lawyer an advantage for themselves. How could this have possibly happen.

    • Randy Randalman

      That’s because the majority of people either can’t read, or are looking for loopholes.

      • Karru

        It’s the latter, always the latter.

        • Sparowl

          Eh. GW has a history of writing rules that are unclear, if not directly contradictory. When they’ve gotten around to writing clean, concise rules for at least a decade, I’ll start to give them some leyway again.

          • briandavion

            Maybe but some of the FAQed stuff are pretty clearly “… no you idiot, stop trying to twist this away from the obvious intent” the “no you can’t name your regimen ultramarines and benifit from Gulliman’s UM buff” clarification comes to mine

          • Muninwing

            you’re not wrong, but unfortunately there’s a certain amount of twisting that is crated or even encouraged by their sloppy wordings… which is why perhaps better pre-production would lessen the need for a FAQ.

    • Erik Sjögren

      Yeah. They could’ve answered the mantle stratagem to clarify if you’re supposed to be able to switch warlord even when the slain warlord is not Custodes.

      • Gorsameth

        There is no ambiguity in the rule.
        If it was only Custodes warlord dying it would have said so.

        • Muninwing

          that’s the danger of 8th’s new slimmed-down style. in many cases, it’s only made not-useable if the rules explicitly mention it. but sometimes that’s not the intent, even if it does become the effect.

          here’s i think it’s both, so we’re good…

      • briandavion

        yeah no ambuguity there at all. In fact I’d say it’s EXTREMELY fluffy for custodes to arrive to shore up a failing defensive line and a custodes take up the slack for a slain Guard commander or something

  • Kabal1te

    I am not able to find this FAQ on GWs site. Am I looking in the wrong place or did this come from elsewhere?

  • Warrior24_7

    Soooo… Nothing about Jetbike spam? Oh ok.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      The initial FAQ after release is not there to address any perceived imbalance in a unit/Faction or the game itself. It is solely there to address any ambiguities or issues that might have cropped up, such as how new rules and Stratagems might interact in certain edge cases, or when there is a genuine error in one of the rules that stop it from functioning as intended.

      • Muninwing

        that’s pure conjecture, not actual practice.

        they’ve changed points/balance (usually balance) on first-FAQing before, and they’ve done so few FAQs in this new vein that we don’t know if they are sticking to their recent patterns.

        unless you’ve got some inside knowledge…?

        • I_am_Alpharius

          They’ve only adjusted points prior to announcing the approach they have now adopted for FAQs. The points changes then where either because: an option was unfortunately missed/incorrect in the first place; or they back errated the Index’s when some points have changed in the codex.

          It is not conjuncted it simply repeating what GW stated in their official announcement article for the plans arounds how FAQ will be rolled out!

          • Muninwing

            words vs deeds… and GW has never arbitrarily changed direction, right? given their track record, assumptions of consistency are not a great plan — to be watched for, not counted on.

            besides — he had a valid question (well, semi-valid, since custodes jetbike spam is not really much of an issue), so the condescension and reprimand were really not needed.

            besides… there could also have been a rules tweak/query like you describe that would clarify the situation that makes jetbike spam a beneficial plan, so even within that model it may have been addressed.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      They’ve only got like 7 units in the book. Let people spam one of them if that’s the one they like. Maybe there’s some player who just really likes the idea of hoverbike knights with lances. Maybe this is the Bretonnian player getting back in the game.

      • Erik Sjögren

        What he said.

      • Warrior24_7


      • Muninwing

        once things quiet down on the homefront, i’m seriously considering making this list. i want a custodes/guard force that will be fun to play, and i want tons of jetbikes.

        but i’m not going to cheez it up. i just want to paint bikes.

        i don’t think it counts as “spam” if you have that few units.

    • Kabal1te

      Is jetbike spam a problem? They are very expensive and while durable not the most ridiculous thing people spam these days. At 90 points a biker i don’t see a huge problem compared to what say shining spears can do for their point cost.

      • Warrior24_7

        It won’t be a problem for me! I’ve purchased that Custodes Codex with the specific intent to learn it and build a list to deal with this possible eventuality.

        • Muninwing

          you want to learn your army?

          what do you think this is?

          next you’ll say that you have actual strategies for handling the deployment phase, instead of just deepstriking and/or alphastriking…

  • Brandon Prouty

    this cant be real, no entry correction for The Allarus Pattern Terminator Armour?!? or entry at all for that matter. . . . .

  • The Eldar hate is strong with this one. 😀