40K: What The 3 New Codices Need To Fix

We’ve got three new xenos Codices coming out soon, here’s what they need to fix to make their armies powerhouses.

Everyone is pretty excited about the upcoming Dark Eldar, T’au and Necron books. Each represents a unique army that has a large following. Given that, we have some high hopes for these new books. However these books represent some of the lowest powered armies in the game, so they will take some work to bring these factions up to snuff.

Lets take a look at the three biggest issues each faction has that GW is going to have to address.

Dark Eldar

Horrible HQ Choices

The Drukhari are severely hampered by their lack of good HQ choices.  The classic Archon can take some good short ranged shooting, but though supposedly a combat character can’t get more than a S3 attack. Neither of the other two generic choices nor any of the named characters really stand out as being really good in combat or shooting. Nor do they offer any good army support, being hampered with limited or bad aura abilities. To be competitive the Dark Eldar need some leaders they can count on.

Fractured Keywords

Most factions find themselves unified by their keywords, and great army wide rules. The Dark Eldar on the other hand are divided by theirs. Instead of sharing a < > key word, the Dark Eldar list is divided into <Kabal>  <Haemonculus Coven> and <Wych Cult> units. With some units not even belonging to any of the three. With abilities only affecting one of those keywords you are either forced to build an army form a small faction of the Dark Eldar forces or go out of your way to take leaders from each group and keep small detachments here and there. Overall the keywords serve to divide and complicate the army.

A Reason Not To Take Ynnari

Currently there is no reason (beyond fluff) to not include some Ynnari in your army. Adding Ynnari will make your list better with no downside. If Drukhari want to stand on their own we need good reason to not take allies.


Poor Shooting

T’au are supposed to be the best shooting army in the game. However the reality is that they are actually very bad at it. While they have access to a number of high S weapons, they tend have both bad AP and bad BS. In particular the almost army wide BS 4 on expensive units is a real killer for the army. The widespread negative to hit modifiers in the game now, either from army rules or things like moving all to often leave T’au forces hitting on 5s or 6s, without the massed volume of fire needed to make that work.


A Way to Deal With First Turn Charges

Since they first joined 40K T’au have upheld a proud tradition of being the worst close combat army in the game. While this has always been their weakness they have made up for it in past with shooting, In most games the T’au would get at least one turn of good shooting to try to kill their attackers before it came down to close combat. Now with so many armies able to get first turn charges they simply don’t have that chance. A shooting army that never gets to shoot is simply going to lose. To make it in the big leagues T’au have got to get a way of dealing with first turn charges.

A Way to Deal With Psykers

Psychics are a big part of the game. Right now T’au are the only army that has no way of countering or dealing with them. This leaves them very vulnerable not only to direct attack like Smite but to debuffs and enemy ploys. While T’au don’t need to get Psykers of their own, they do need a way to not just wilt in the enemy psychic phase.


Better Buffs

Necrons as an army are horribly supported by their commanders. The army has few aura abilities and little way of buffing its troops. The Crypteck makes some units tougher and the Lord/Overlord has “My Will Be Done” but that only targets one unit. Overall the army has few ways of buffing its forces or allowing them to become grater than the sum of their parts.

A Cheap Transport

While Necrons do have transport options they are pretty limited. Ghost Arks are expensive and can only carry warriors. The “teleport” options they can get all come from taking pretty expensive support units. All this tends to make the core of Necron armies slow and static. What the army needs is some kind of cheap fast transport that could get units where they need to be.

Real Close Combat Options

Like the T’au the Necrons aren’t great in hand to hand fighting. However with the rise of assault armies and first turn assault its more and more necessary for them to either get some good units or a way to reliably avoid close combat. Now the Necrons actually do have a number of units made for fighting in close combat, but not of them are good. Lets revise these units to make them better and give the Necrons a fighting chance.

Let us know how these armies can be fixed, down in the comments! 

  • Necrontyr

    I would argue that necrons dont need a cheap transport. Their niche is resilience and that applies to their vehicles as well, which in turn, increases their point cost. Stratagems on the other hand could help manoeuvrability.

    For example a cryptek could get a 2/3cp remove it and a unit within x inches and redeploy at end of next movement phase outside 9 inches of an enemy.

    Alternatively, they have enough technology to warrant the 1cp/3cp pick one/two units to not deploy and then deep strike them stratagem that most other armies have.

    • Jürgen Clement

      They can already do that (once per game ofcourse, but hey).
      Necrons are also lore-wise supposed to be slow and implacable, so I don’t mind their slowness, but they need to get a survivability boost then, so it really feels like creeping death marching towards the enemy. Unfortunately, they gave those perks to the Death Guard… (And Death Guard have this apply tons of mortal wounds thing too)

      • Necrontyr

        With reanimating protocols and ghost ark repairs, it does feel like an implacable march already. I just think we need some version of the old relentless allowing us to be at full effectiveness on the move (again, like the rule death guard were given).

        Rather than mortal wounds, I’d settle first r close combat shenanigans. Such as having a stratagem to phase out of combat to free the rest of army to shoot at the now open target. Not quite the same as retreat from combat as that blocking unit could then redeploy via a night scythe or monolith teleport. That could open a lot of tactics without totally breaking the game as it’s cp limited and I’d argue that’s worth 2 maybe even 3

        • Jürgen Clement

          I didn’t want mortal wounds for necrons, rest assured, each army must be unique (but true to its fluff). I definitely agree on the close combat stuff, but while reanimation is strong, it is easily countered by wiping your squad or killing half of it when you field large squads to offset the wiping… Necrons still die easily to Smite and abilities like it though, but I like that Reanimation even works after mortal wounds, just not with morale failure kills.

          • Marcus Clark

            Wouldnt mind seeing a similar strategy cultists and imperial soldiers get. Sap pay 3cp and a previously destroyed unit is returned to play. Also bring back the monolith special rule where a unit can phase out and re amerage from the monolith gate or flyers teleport thing. Lords need a fair bit of work anti tank weapons.

          • Necrontyr

            I don’t know about bringing back destroyed units. That seems a bit out there for necrons. We’ve always needed a unit left to take our reanimation rolls. Maybe have a failsafe stratagem that allows the models in the unit to come back no matter what for a phase (ie you can roll protocols even if unit destroyed). That seems more balanced gameplay wise.

            And I agree for sure that the monolith needs the phase out back. That was one of our main mobility options and combat counters. Plus it made paying for a monolith worth it tactically (there were always more efficient point per wound dps units available)

          • Robert Baker

            Ah, but we over in the T’au camp would love for our already existing systems to generate mortal wounds with vastly overpriced one/two-shot weapons to be expanded.

  • becizzle

    Down with Ynarri!

  • Rasheed Jones

    I think Dark Eldar also need some help in meele, at least, I think Wytches do.

    • Marcus Clark

      Agreed better attack. Like strike first and better doge in cc.

      • euansmith
        • Marcus Clark

          I lol’d so hard

      • ZeeLobby

        I would love for them to become the tarpit masters. Tarpit masters that occasionally pierce armor is fine with me. They can still get overwhelmed by hordes, but can actually tie up elite CC without dying…

        Dodge should also be vs shooting. They’re just so hard to deliver right now.

        • eMtoN

          Maybe let them jump out after the transport moves….

          • Rasheed Jones

            I actually really like this idea, someone get this guy a medal.

    • Kabal1te

      Agreed, for an army that is supposed to be a melee threat, dark eldar outside of a Talos petty much flail uselessly at things when it comes to close combat.

      • ZeeLobby

        And that’s if you get there…

    • LankTank

      I think a 6 to hit auto wounds sort of style with combat stimms to really up the amount of attacks.

  • DoctorBored

    Agree on the Dark Eldar, agree on the Tau, don’t agree on the Necron.

    Being slow-moving, using teleporting gimmicks, and having an expensive transport are all fine. If everyone has fast, cheap transports, then what’s the point of variety? I think that Necron do need a better answer to close combat, since the main bulk of their army just wilts when it comes down to it, but I’d rather see adjustments to their special rules rather than just a broad points decrease like Eldar got, or things to give them the same strengths as other armies. Have Necrons have their own strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes games fun and interesting.

    • Karru

      Unfortunately the only thing that GW will do is a severe point decrease to “help solve the problem”. Less points per model, more models on the board, thus more money for GW for less work since they didn’t have to do any actual testing or rulewriting.

      • Robert Baker

        I mean, for the T’au at least it’s blatantly obvious that some of our Index rules massively overestimated the efficiency and killing potential of quite a few units. A 40+ point drop for railsides, new abilities for hammerheads (to separate them out finally like Longstrike sorta does), riptides going form at the minimum laughably overpriced to “you need to use their points efficiently”, and so on and so forth are all likely to be done via a mix of giving free bonuses for no points increases for base models (well maybe charge for the bonuses but then drop the base model by an equivalent amount) combined with points drops in armaments and what not.

  • Jukka Vuorisalo

    So, now we´re whinig about upcoming codexes already? MAybe stick a fork in it and wait…

    • Robert Baker

      Leaked non-english souces point towards the 10th as T’au pre-order and the 17th as T’au release so we’re looking at a chance for pre-release leaks to start any day now with the potential for Dark Eldar to come before the T’au!

  • Necron_Overlord

    So…you think Necrons need no way to deal with Psykers? Really?

    • James Regan

      they had one, it got ret-conned, so I think a good idea would just be to put pariahs back in.

      • euansmith

        With new minis, I hope. I think that enemies faced by the current Pariahs must die from embarrassment or laughing too much.

        • Jukka Vuorisalo

          Pariahs haven´t on since 3,5 ed…

          • euansmith

            Yeah, sorry, I was thinking of Flayed Ones. Those are the hideous minis I was thinking of.

          • Necron_Overlord

            yeah, old metal Flayed Ones were WAAAY better and scarier than current resin ones.

          • euansmith

            Maybe GW could make an Imperial Guard Necron Infiltrator upgrade sprue? 😉

    • Apocryphus

      Well, we do though, the Gloom Prism. From the looks of the new Cryptek model, with that spider attached, we might be able to take them on more than just Canoptek Spyders, and that would be awesome.

  • Kerran

    Return of necron pariahs would be nice… but I won’t give tau anything regarding psychics. They are supposed by the lore to have no psychic defence..they are not alone in this. Pure AdMech army also has no psychic defence and they at least know about it something in the lore.

    • gdim415

      While it’s true Tau have no natural defense against psykers, they are aware of psychic powers. To them it’s called Mind Science. Since 8th edition is ~100-200 yrs after 7th edition they could have made a nulifier or something. Not saying an actual unit but maybe a stratagem or relic.

      • James Regan

        some sort of geller field based tech would be interesting- for example not allowing any psychic powers outside an 6″ inch bubble to target anyone inside the bubble (significantly different to just giving a ‘deny the witch’ roll or whatever, and something that makes both players positioning important, and could presumably stop your big important unit being smite spammed)

      • Kerran

        Necrons entire history (and they are quite older than few centuries) is about fighting psykers and trying to get rid of them and what they have…Gloom prism.

        • gdim415

          I’m all for Necrons too having something that will help negate psyker powers in a round. I think those armies that don’t have psykers or can’t get access to them need some help. Like what the Custodes have gotten.

          • Kerran

            My point wasn’t that crons need more defence (pariahs are mainly cool and more thought about messing with morale than to deny, maybe something like culexus that they cannot be targeted and lower psyker ld or something) but if crons could get only prism although existing and fighting over so long (not counting pylons, because there was a big help from C’tan and are not represented on tabletop), I don’t think tau could get any nullifier in such short period of time. More lore friendly in my oppinion would be, if they must get anything in their army, looking for psychic defence in some auxiliary races.

          • euansmith

            I think that their lack of connection to the Warp could give the Tau some sort of innate psychic defence; as Psykers struggle to target them. Maybe reducing the range of psychic powers targeting Tau or something.

          • gdim415

            There is a difference between fluff and rules in a game. Fluff can be changed to suit the rules. C’tan were changed from gods to shards of the gods. The custodes never left Terra because they were body guards to the Emperor and now they are sallying forth. So introducing a nulifier as a unit or a stratagem is not out of the question. Plus the fluff has to advance from where it is now at some point. Sure in the past Tau didn’t know what to do about the warp but they could have figured something out. The Psychic phase is one of 4 phases in 8th and shouldn’t be ignored for certain armies because of fluff.

          • Kabal1te

            And yet no one is talking about dark eldar and their lack of psychic defense or psykers, when they used to actually have decent anti psyker tricks that were taken away. Then again dark eldar are defined by what GW has taken away over the years it seems.

          • Gamecock13

            This is a huge issue and I will consider it a design failure if we are forced to take ynnari in order to receive defense in the psychic phase. Make us a complete, functioning faction unto ourselves.

      • Note that the T’au do have some very psychic allied races like the Nicassar. They just keep them off the battlefield.


        They are also rapidly expanding their warp engine tech, so the entire concept of the warp is being discovered.

        I could see them having hi-tech things like suit upgrades or mobile geller fields to help dampen the warp. Getting things similar to saves versus psychic attack or Null Zone equivalents would not seem out of place for them.

      • LankTank

        Just a node that either gets transported or deep strikes in and becomes immobile. No unit within 12″ of the node can cast or be effected by psychic powers

    • NNextremNN

      The Tau had at least one Gue’vesa’O that was a former Imperial Inquisitor. At least the etherals should know about psyker now and should have started to develop strategies and technologies to deal with them. Not mentioning they are allied with psyker races like Nicassar and Nagi.

      • Rasheed Jones

        Re’ading Gue’vesa’O just made me reallize how ag’gressive the T’au are with c’omm’as

  • Alex Peña Sevillano

    T’au have very good anti 1TC1 on kroot and stealth suits. Just thattright now they can’t afford to use 200 points in screening cause that means a commander less.

    If they fix T’au shooting they’ll be fine.

    Kroot could cost a point less though

    • Robert Baker

      Fire Warriors basically shoot as well or worse than Guard against T4 or T3, respectively, targets on a point-per-point basis so seeing fire warriors go down a point along with maybe pathfinders and kroot seems realistically possible.

  • Danny Janevski

    Can we fix tsons first or grey knights(amongst other things) before we move on at a lightning pace..

    • Ulrik

      No, other armies really need codices to catch up. Thank you.

  • Sykes

    You know what a good way for Tau to deal with charges was?


    Seriously, removing JSJ was a TERRIBLE design decision.

    • ZeeLobby

      It was so cool. I loved it. The faction feels so much more static now. Which is a shame…

      • Sykes

        Yeah, the extra 2″ move wasn’t really compensation for losing JSJ and they’re just really boring to play now.

    • Nyyppä

      Less abusable version of it would have been fine, like having a d6″ move once per turn when charged etc.

      • Sykes

        I honestly don’t think it was that abusable last edition because it was so random, but I totally get that if you were hot on your dice your opponent might find it frustrating to deal with if they ran an assault-heavy list.

        Funnily enough, now that assault units can all but fly across the board, I definitely think it should be 2d6 this edition.

        But I’m not confident we’ll see JSJ return as anything other than a stratagem (which would be a poor design choice), since I think GW has fundamentally lost their way with Tau.

  • Tshiva keln

    Power from pain needs to change. The game is so fast that late turn bonuses are pointless. (Assuming that’s still how it works, not looked at my dark eldar since 8th dropped)

    • Simon Bates

      It starts on turn 1 now, so it’s better than it was.

  • defensive

    I’d add to DE, give up some bloody hit modifiers.

    The supposed dark and sneaky faction, is out sneaked by their bright and colourful cousins. While ony getting a measly -1 modifier on a couple units.

    And bring back Vect!

    • Karru

      Don’t you worry, there is a huge chance that at least one Dark Eldar Cabal will have “-1 to hit for the enemy over 12″ ” in there. They do love to throw that around like candy.

  • The_Illusionist

    I don’t necessarily think that Tau need to be better at shooting AND to have a dedicated anti-psyker unit. Being good at shooting is HOW they deal with Psykers – a way to snipe characters or bury a particular unit under an avalanche of shots is sufficient.

    Giving them a way to target psykers is not only against their fluff (which canonically amounts to ‘fly up and meltagun it in the face”) but the last thing they need is to be accused of cheese when they can potentially double down a way to be better at killing psykers than assassins or Sisters of Silence, with a way to shoot like maniacs and guarantee an easy kill.

    • Karru

      Yeah, in my mind all they have to do is give Tau their Markerlights back and some of their tricks like Jump, Shoot, Jump. Tau in the past could deal with Psykers easily, especially since they have the Sniper Drones, one of the best Snipers in the game, thanks to having Strength of 5 instead of 4, 48″ range and Rapid Fire 1, just give them the “6 causes Mortal Wound” or AP -2 would go a long way to help with that.

      • Chris Hilliard

        Sniper Drones don’t snipe. They just have long range pulse rifles. And BS 5+, so they can’t hit troops either.

        • Karru

          Let me tell you about this wonderful option called Firesight Marksman that you seemed to have missed.

          He is an option in the Tau codex that gives all Sniper Drones +1 to hit if he has Line of Sight to the target.

          Another amazing rule you missed, Sniper Drones actually have a rule which lets them target Character that are not the closest enemy unit!

          • Chris Hilliard

            Its the gun that has the trait, which might explain why I never find it looking at the drones, but I concede that its the same thing. But its stupid that I need to take an elite choice to get a heavy support choice to shoot like slightly longer range troops choice.

          • Karru

            Yeah, I do admit the latter part as well, but that is just GW being annoying. Then again, the nice thing is that you only need one of those guys in order to give the buff to all of your Sniper Drones.

            It could be worse situation, Orks have to take an Elite slot, which is already quite crowded with them, in order to keep their Grots from running away.

      • stinkoman

        JSJ and better marker lights is all i want. i want my tau to feel like tau again. if i want to hit on 4s with the volume of fire, i have an entire AM army that does it better and without line of sight.

      • Ragnar_Blackmane

        “Sniper Drones, one of the best Snipers in the game”
        I want some of the stuff you are smoking, because I struggle to come up with any sniper unit in the game that is worse at it’s job than sniper drones.

        They are extremely overpriced and still, need an additional character AND a drone controller nearby to even hit on 3+. And that’s on top of their pathetic sniping power, S5 gets you nowhere when you lack any AP modifier and don’t even get the free mortal wounds that all the other snipers get. Together with Riptides they one of THE units that personify the awful internal balance of the Tau index.

        • Karru

          I did mention that they should get the Mortal Wounds thing or AP -2 for their weapons.

          The problem with most Snipers in the game is the fact that they are usually 36″ and Heavy 1 with a Strength of 4, which doesn’t get you too far at the end of the day. Their only good thing is the Mortal Wounds thing they have.

          They are wounding most Characters on a 3+ instead of a 4+. They have the same AP as a normal Sniper. They also have speed, since they have both Fly and 8″, which allows them to move to a better position.

          Sure, they are expensive at 18 a piece, but they are still better as Snipers in my mind than most Snipers in the game. Only ones I find slightly better might be the Deathmarks thanks to their Intercept Ability and large amount of shots.

  • Nate Underwood

    i would like to have a higher capacity transport thats not a gate of eternity, or teleport. A larger ghost ark or something along those lines that can carry a 20 man unit of warriors.

    would also love to see scarabs get a little bit better, i have a ton of them and would love to make a swarm move across the table.

  • ellobouk

    Fixing turn 1 charges should really be for EVERYONE, not just Tau, it would be nice to not have to rely on first turn to be permitted to soften my opponent up a little. It’s funny to hear assault players cry about how assault needs ‘all the help it can get’ as they assault your line and take your key units hostage before you can even move.

    • stinkoman

      First turn chargers are fixed with deployment and board control. every army should have some kind of scout type unit though. i play demons and BAs and have a pretty tough time deciding on that first turn charge when my expensive units only get to take out a 55 point scout squad only to get wrecked by the ensuing shooting phase (or just get shot to hell by eldar before even getting to go – but thats another gripe). i like the dynamics the game has now with deepstrike threats and board control.

    • Sykes

      My local meta has always been (successfully) assault focused, so I have no idea why the internet seems to think assault needed the buff.

      Thing is, assault units get to attack twice per (rather than shooting units which is only once). And since they can get stuck in so fast now, assault units are WAY more effective than ranged ones.

  • Infamous Wendigo

    The ridiculous internal division of the Dark Eldar has got to stop. They need a common word that can be buffed irrespective of faction. Their leaders need to target that keyword for meaningful buffs. This articale is exactly right: They will not be fixed until taking Ynnari is not the only option…

    • ZeeLobby

      YES!!! My wyches and heamonculi weep on eachothers’ shoulders waiting for this day!

      • euansmith

        I heard that one of the Wyches heard one of the Haemonculi saying that EBM is crap and Hellektro is where its at, and now they’re not talking. Totes. #whywecanthavefriends #notmykeyword

        • ZeeLobby


  • Ulrik

    Nah, they really need points reduction. RIght now its laughable, especially for their elite units and its effectivity. Not for all units, but for some definetly.
    Transport isnt the issue, main issue is reanimation protocol, which is simply weak. Even 20 warrior blob can be easily wiped and RP annuled. Pity they gave “necron” powers to DG.
    And another thing is effective AT weapons. Low S gauss cannons simply are not enough and it only lead to triarch stalker spam. Meh.
    – better (and cheaper) HQs
    – cheaper units as Pretorians, Tomb Blades, Destroyers
    – another form of RP, which simply doesnt work in intended scale.

    Otherwise, let them be slow, let Ghost Ark just for Warriors (OK, maybe Immortals?), but make new teleportation rules same as transport keyword. Oh and give Monolith QS, its laughable brick killed in one turn.

  • Billy Billstoner

    I hate tau .. hate them. The Jump-Shoot-Jump mechanic used to torque me harrrd…. Getting rid of JSJ made the tau a vanilla army and I think that was a bad decision… even though I hate it …

    • Kabal1te

      My dark eldar jet bikes miss their extra assault phase move too

  • nope none

    Tau need an overhaul in general.
    Massive shooting boosts could make them ridiculously overpowered and game breaking. However, they only have 1 phase. They should be very good at movement and deployment abilities and have ways of avoiding assaults or countering them. If they want to start someplace….
    – Need to remove the “have not moved” penalties to all the special rules.
    – Need increase volume of fire across the board – especially on vehicle weapons and the big suits
    – Need better AP across the board – especially on vehicle weapons and the big suits
    – Need JSJ again
    – Need considerable point reductions for many units
    – Need increased BS to suits and vehicles
    – Need ways to not take movement penalties on vehicles and large suits that don’t cost points
    – Pathfinders should finally be moved to troops like all light scout infantry are – they are not fast. they don’t really move
    – Skyrays need skyfire abilities
    – Marker light table needs to be reworked
    – Rail, Ion and Plasma weapons all need to be better
    – Seeker and d missiles should do more shots per missile ( they are cruise missiles that explode FFS) and do more dmg
    – Ethereal shooting ability should reroll wounds of 1 rather than shots
    – Sniper drones need massive improvements.

    Nice to haves
    – Kroot need improvements to close combat for all Kroot units
    – Need Shas’el or lieutenant suit HQs that slot between commanders and crisis bodyguards.
    – Need a stealth commander unit
    – Some sort of anti-psyker defense
    – Pathfinders get some unit upgrade where they gain sniper rules and some increased cover benefits
    – Bring the FW Hammerhead turrets to the codex
    – A light tank version of a hammerhead that adds a turret to a devilfish and reduces transport capacity to 6

    • frank

      So tau just need every drawback they have removed?

      • nope none

        Would you pay 324 pts for

        A unit that has 33wounds, 3+ save, BS4, and does heavy 3D6 at 240″ S9 AP-3 D3 dmg that rolls two dice for the number of attacks when firing this weapon and discard the lowest result. This weapon can target units that are not visible to the bearer.
        + 9 heavy bolter shots 36″ S5 Ap-1 1D

        A unit with 14 wounds, 2+ save, 5++, BS4 and does 36″ Heavy 12 S6 AP-3 D1 that causes a mortal wound to yourself every time you fire + 30″ 8 Heavy 4 S5 Ap-1 D1 that ignores cover and line of sight

        Thats a unit of 3 Basilisks vs 1 Riptide. Think about that…A Riptide has +1 toughness and +1 save and the invulnerable save over the basilisk. I would like to see a riptide for 350pts a 33 wound riptide that shoots as well as that.

        • frank

          that is kinda a silly argument. three separate units giving that rate of fire doesn’t equivocate to any fair comparison. three basilisks is like great compared to anything.
          If you had those kinda stats on a wraithknight at 350pts it would be insane and would make the wraithknight an auto include in any eldar army. Same goes for the riptide. 8th seems not to be so much about those big units though the wraithknight is still one of my favorite units it is not as points efficient as say three fire prisms either. If i could take the three basilisks wraithknight for the cost id take it every time compared to the fire prisms. who would now seem overpriced for the output the one knight could pump out each round. If the riptide had stats like three basilisks your typical game strategy would just be keep the riptide alive and out of reach of the enemy. That would be every tau army just a bunch of cannon fodder to protect the riptide.

  • Hussein Alobaidi

    Seeing Tau and bad shooting in the same sentence….hurts my eyes

  • BigGrim

    A Reason Not To Take Ynnari

    This always annoys me. How about “Because they like the frickin’ army?”

    People still say this to me about Craftworlds. I tell em, I like Craftworlds and have played them fer 20 friggin’ years. Don’t need any Ynnari nonsense.

    • Gamecock13

      Completely agree. I play Dark Eldar. I don’t care about Ynnari. You either make our faction capable of functioning on it’s own, or the codex is a failure.

  • Bigalmoney666

    Accusing the Tau of ‘poor shooting’ is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen posted here.

    • Then you should play more. Tau will routinely be outshot by other armies.

      Try a Astra Militarum army versus Tau and see who’s still standing by the end of turn 3. Or face off against an Alaitoc army with lots of shooting. Welcome to Orktown by blue friend.

      • Sykes

        +1 to this. Given how much stuff has -1 to hit now, BS4+ armies suffer more proportionally than BS3+ armies do. Tau, Guard and Orks don’t have any real way to deal with this so you can often find yourself hitting on 5’s and 6’s against an opponent who is natively hitting on 3’s.

        As a result, Tau can quite easily be outshot by marines, Eldar etc

  • Gamecock13

    Dark Eldar issues:
    Lack of defense in psychic phase
    The general issue that, what use to make us different was our speed. Now everyone is fast…

  • Mikoneo

    Given this is the second time you’ve claimed that T’au are the only army lacking a way to deal with psykers, could you enlighten me as to how dark eldar can deal with them? And not just the fact that they can take a psyker from another faction, because that’s not actually dark eldar dealing with psykers

    • Gamecock13

      Yeah, they’re painting with too soft of a brush the issues plaguing DE players.

      • Kabal1te

        Dark eldar have been eclipsed in everything they are supposed to be good at by their craft world cousins. Atop that craft world is not lacking in many things dark eldar are like psykers, good melee weapon options, a selection of well armored units, good HQ buffs, fast HQ options, ways to mitigate overwatch, lords of war options, the list goes on.

        • Gamecock13

          Very well put. We have been denied psychic powers based on lore which is completely OK…but we are also suppose to be superior in other ways because of it…this doesn’t actually play out in any phase of the game.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      I mean, the Haemonculus has that once-per-game thing for free that totally hurts psykers once in a while.

      • Mikoneo

        The crucible is just a means of harming a psyker. If just being able to hurt a psyker is classed as an effective means then both necrons and T’au massively eclipse dark eldar at anti psyker as they actually have dedicated sniper units

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          That was basically the entire joke, yeah. An unreliable method of sometimes hurting a psyker is totally the same as dedicated anti-psyker abilities.

    • Robert Baker

      I think Soup is now just a permanent thing you have to accept. If you don’t want to be competitive you can ignore it, but to expect everything except for the biggest factions or those who can’t soup to stand-alone seems unfair now. Liike, if dark eldar could stand-alone then when souping they’d basically always be able to beat T’au, Necrons, Orks, etc.

  • Me

    (Can’t help myself) “Grater” than the some of their parts. Something cheesy here…

    On a more serious note, be careful of the phraseology in your wish list. “If Drukhari want to stand on their own we need good reason to not take allies.” That reason could be that they make it so that you get penalized so bad for taking them that you would never think of it – as opposed to improving your army enough to make it stand on its own.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    All this tends to make the core of Necron armies slow and static.

    I was under the impression that this was a feature, not a bug.

  • V0iddrgn

    Necrons really need their characters to get better buffs. For the most part, I feel they have decent CC units in Flayed Ones, Destroyer Lord, and Nightbringer. Most of Necrons problems stem from paying a premium for Reanimation Protocols which can be easily mitigated and Tombworld deployment screwing us out of the points we pay to have units delivered into battle.

  • Vanders

    Dark Eldar need their named characters back which would also help with the HQ options.