AoS: Daughters of Khaine – Army Special Abilities

Come take a look at what really makes Battletome Daughters of Khaine tick on the tabletop.

Every army has it’s red hot beating heart rules mechanic. The set of rules that define it and make the army work uniquely.  Let’s take a look at Daughters of Khaine.

Battle Traits

Fanatical Faith and Blood Rites are the ladies’ two hallmark abilities. Fanatical Faith gives an army taking to battlefield in little to no armor some much needed ability to shrug off wounds. But it’s the Blood Rites table that powers up the army from turn to turn as it’s cumulative effects start to stack up.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the close relationship these rules have with the Drukhari’s Power From Pain in Warhammer 40,000.

Blood Rites Table

The Blood Rites Table is pretty spicy. Note the automatic Animation of Avatars of Khaine starting on Turn 3. Next note the army has several artifacts and spells that can add cumulative bonuses to the Blood Rites effect that is currently in use.


~ This may be the only army that WANTS to roll 1s!


    Ok so essentially they are AOS equivenlent to the Wych cults from 40k. I can get on board with that.

    • Kabal1te

      I love me some dark eldar, an age of sigmar faction that plays similarly only is actually getting attention and has all the cool models this army is getting. I can’t complain at all. (At least until dark eldar codex drops and probably strips more away from the army)

    • benn grimm

      Or, Wych cults in 40k are a facsimile of witch elves from WFB…

  • Zealot’s Rage will a favored one due to the new Avatar of Khaine…

    • Bri B

      What do you mean, favored one? You don’t choose one from this list. Battle round 1 you get the first one on the list. Battle round 2 you get the first 2 on the list. And so on…

  • Randy Randalman

    I love how people have claimed Morathi is “under-costed” via points. Not. Even. Close.

    Every large, centerpiece model in that game is unplayable because they are ALL too expensive. Can’t even play them while there are infantry with bows in the game. Stormcast Rangers, Tzeentch Skyfires, Kurnoth Hunters, ‘Arrer Boyz, etc, all delete big monsters in less than one round of shooting. If anything, Morathi is the first sign GW sees how unplayable their centerpiece models are at the competitive level in AoS.

    • benn grimm

      How very dare you suggest there is anything wrong with anything gw related!!! AoS is perfect in all ways and only haters would suggest otherwise… Btw, what did you do with the real Randy?

    • DoctorBored

      Man, I don’t even play AoS and I could see that this was a big problem. Morathi having the defensive ability that she has will prevent her from being blown away by a focused round of shooting, but I worry about similar rules making their way into 40k. Monsters like Magnus and Mortarion that have ridiculous offensive power that can decimate their points in models in one turn don’t also need this sort of defensive power.

      I like that this helps balance the pace of the game. 1st turn alpha strikes are a huge problem in 40k, such that certain armies can blow away half the points of the opponent 1st turn, making it an uphill battle for whoever gets turn 2.

      • Bri B

        And winter is coming. And by winter I mean Tau.

    • The problem with the cost arises from not tournament play, where you aren’t fielding a min/max army of shooting. At that point, those casual campaign armies are going to feel the wrath of the tournament meta seeping in and how undercost morathi could be.

      Though I do agree with you the current shooting BS of AOS makes fielding characters and monsters kind of moot in the powergamer arena.