More Necromunda Hives Coming From Forge World

Forge World is previewing more Hives of Necromunda – get ready to take the turf war to new places!

Warhammer Community has a new preview of upcoming items from Forge World and this one is a little bit cryptic. Check this out:

via Warhammer Community

You may have conquered the underhive – but you’ve only just begun your journey in Necromunda – but the Palatine Hive is just the beginning. In the future, you’ll be able to travel to other hives, each replete with their own set of dangers – from the silent, corpse-choked waste grounds of Hive Mortis, to the Genestealer-infested ruins of Hive Secundus, to even Gothruls’s Needle, a rare democratic city-state in the nightmarish future of the 41st Millennium.

Above we see some concept art for The Eye of Selene, one of the “new” Hives that is being teased. I’ll be honest, this leaves me with more questions than answers! Here’s what we know:

  • March will bring us new Genestealer Cult Rules:


  • Hive Mortis had a plague outbreak. According to Lexicanum:

“Once an industrial lynchpin of the equatorial city clusters, it has now been reduced to a barely-populated wreck after an outbreak of plague. Mortuary cults have since been created in the Hive, which subsist by harvesting and breaking down corpses. House Escher holds sway in Hive Mortis.

  • Hive Secondus we know is infested with Genestealers. That’s probably why we’re seeing them released in a few days.
  • Gothruls’s Needle, according to Lexicanum:

“A spire rivaling Hive Primus, Gothrul’s Needle was one of the first original spaceports on Necromunda. The Needle is rare in that it is ruled by democracy and a council of elected representatives. Considered insidious, the Houses of other hives have tried to bring down the rulers of Gothrul for years, sometimes in the form of blockades while other times in the form of a campaign known as the shadow war. Gang warfare is prohibited in the needle but criminal elements still run rife in the lower levels. These are combated by Gothrul’s citizen protection officers.”

  • Ring of Selene is a Spaceport that was mentioned in Necromunda: Underhive. It’s the only place where legal goods are brought on or off planet. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty busy place and it wouldn’t be a shock that gangs are fighting to get a piece of that action.

So what does this mean for the future of Necromunda? Clearly, it’s going to get some love in the future. It sounds a lot like Games Workshop is planning on releasing more rules for campaigns and areas to fight over. But this was a preview from Forge World which begs the question, are we going to also get some support from them? More rules, models and gangs are on the way – that much we can count on!


Here’s hoping from some crazy Necromunda Terrain Kits from Forge World!

  • memitchell

    Us Old Skool Necromundaphiles have been wandering the wastelands for over two decades. Delighted to stumble upon a dew covered rock to wet our lips, or a measly slug to assuage our hunger pains for just a fleeting moment.

    When, suddenly, a bright light appears in the sky. And, we are magically whisked away to a tropical resort. We stagger into a teeming restaurant begging for water and a morsel of food. And, are instead presented with a five-course meal, accompanied by the finest wines and cognac.

    OMG(W)! WTF?

    • Kabal1te

      You are just going to have to wait another 8 years as they slow roll out content. Blood bowl fans have apparently already been abandoned again however so GW hasn’t changed that much.

      • BaronSnakPak

        Blood Bowl just got the Elven Union team in December.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          as well as the almanac to consolidate all articles and books into one, and two new pitches, and re-release of the rest. Considering they had no major plans to re-launch every faction they are well on the way to finishing, and leaving the rest to FW

        • Kabal1te

          That brings the total teams up to 4 including the 2 starter teams out of what? well over a dozen teams with rules, and it is going on 2 years to get that far. It is like GW doesn’t want the game to do well

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Technically you have 6 currently. GW Also quite bluntly stated most armies would most likely never be redone and left it to the users to convert them, or use legacy models.

          • Manuel Bateman

            also they made stuff like chaos dwarf teams, who where exceptionally hard to get available to order again. blood bowl ist really up and running in our community as well there is a whole league system in hamburg with multiple divisions etc

          • autonoise

            It’s been 15 months (pretty much to the day) since release, and there are 6 teams. I’m hoping we get another team next month to keep up the roughly one per quarter release schedule (although we haven’t heard anything yet). Speaking to a GW employee at Warhammer Fest last year they said the interest was higher than expected and they weren’t in a position to release teams as quickly as they wanted to. I’m a little disappointed it looks like Necromunda will be similarly slow though…

        • HeadHunter

          …over a year after the release of the game, and months after the previous team. There are still teams from Season One without new models, despite the designers’ promise to get it all done within a year.
          This is not “support”, it’s a slow trickle. The almanac is a retread of work that’s already been done.

      • memitchell

        Two decades = 20 years.
        Seriously, it’s been a looooong time for Necro. I get your drift, though. GW seems to think it better to overpromise and underdeliver. Maybe in this industry, it is.

      • Talos2

        I think the fact the heresy weekender became the heresy And necromunda weekender suggests fw are taking this one a bit more seriously. BLoodbowl is probably a bit more niche as the necromunda gangs can easily be used in and converted from 40k bits so there’s a bit more scope for secondary sales, so it’s probably more interesting to the money men. I’m surprised at the lack of resin bloodbowl releases though, but then heresy hasn’t had much in the past 12 months either whilst fw deal with changes since mr Bligh’s sad loss. The fact bloodbowl was clearly a bit of a toe dipped in the water to see what interest there was in these games always meant gw wouldn’t overstretch itself early on, the models being plastic would mean longer gaps between releases as they take longer to get from design to physical model in the design process and cost of production. In short be patient, it’ll come.

  • Crablezworth

    Hopefully they’ll fix necromunda

    • memitchell

      We’ll fall off the bridge when we come to it.