AoS: Slaanesh Stirs, Seekers Seek – Is Slaanesh Coming Back

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Deep in the shadowed realms of Ulgu, a Champion of Slaanesh searches for the fallen Dark Prince of Chaos…

Deep in the heart of Ulgu’s shadow-haunted ruins, a revelry of Slaanesh, equal parts Mad Max and Hellraiser, charges forth following the screams of an impish mutant known as the Inhilus. Led by a Champion of Slaanesh who rides in a chariot brimming with psychotropic incense, barbed needles, and blades, Reshevious and the Scarlet Cavalcade ride Slaaneshi Steeds into the shadows, seeking…

They seek Slaanesh upon swift steeds and they find an ancient ruin that seems to lead somewhere beyond just the Mortal Realms. There, they are greeted by another old familiar face. Well–okay actually they’re greeted by a Darkoath Ambush, but at the end of it, the Darkoath Warqueen shows up, and the two pledge an alliance to go forth into the abyss to try and find Slaanesh.

So… it seems like this story has some pretty big implications for how things are shaping up in the Mortal Realms. For one, we know that Slaanesh has been locked away somewhere ever since the world that was disintegrated and is gone forever. Some thought Slaanesh was dead–having eaten Morathi and many other elves. Aelves, sorry. But after the worst case of indigestion and getting torn apart by Morathi, Tyrion, Teclis, and Malerion (nee Malekith) the ol’ Dark Prince of Pain and Pleasure hasn’t been doing so well. Hasn’t really been present on the tabletop.

Now whether this coincides with the fact that the other Chaos gods tend to do better, or have been getting more design love from GW is immaterial. The fact is, Slaanesh hasn’t really been a presence in either Age of Sigmar OR 40K for a while now. We’ve seen a resurgence of Nurgle, and Khorne got his fancy Khorne Book–the Khobb Battletome, I think it was called. Even in the Chaos Daemon Codex, Slaanesh gets the short end of the stick–the other Chaos Gods get their heralds renamed as specific characters. Nurgle makes out like a bandit, getting new models: Horticulous Slimux, Sloppity Bilepiper, and so on…

But for Slaanesh? They didn’t even rename his heralds. They are just Heralds of Slaanesh, full stop. End of story. And with all that in mind, it seems like an interesting position to start revisiting Slaanesh. This is an opportunity to do some rebranding, as it were. After all we’ve seen how Morathi changed as a result of her imprisonment… who’s to say that Slaanesh or even Slaanesh’s forces will look the same by the time they come up out of the shadows of Ulgu. Makes you wonder how Morathi will feel about all this…

What do you think? Is this the story that heralds’ Slaanesh’s triumphant return? Or are they all going to die at the hands of the Daughters of Khaine?

  • Jamie Martin

    new Battletome ?

    • Jared van Kell

      Devotees of Slaanesh. But what I would really like to see is a book that rolls Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen into one book but also includes the opportunity to include Mighty Skullcrushers, Kairic Acolytes, Putrid Blightkings and Hellstriders as Battleline depending on the mark of the general.

      • Jamie Martin

        1. Skaven Clans Skryre Battletome
        2. Legion of Azgorh Battletome
        3. Ironweld Arsenal Battletome
        4. Gutbuster tribes or Maneaters Battletome

        • Jared van Kell

          Free People – Freeguilds, Devoted of Sigmar, Colligiate Arcane and Ironweld Arsenal.
          Dispossessed – As is, maybe with a few new units.
          Skaven – All the Skaven Factions in one book.
          The Green Hordes – Greenskins, Gitmob Grots, Moonclan Grots, Spider Grots and Troggoths.
          Beasts of Chaos – Brayherds, Warherds, Thunderscorn and Monsters of Chaos.
          Rampagers – Gutbusters, Firebellies, Maneaters and Aleguzzler Gargants.
          Wanderers – As is, maybe with a few new units.

  • Jesse Cavazos

    I’d love for Nipples the Dark Prince to get the full AoS treatment. The hunt for Slaanesh could be a great story arc and would have to include more of the elves we’ve been waiting for, particularly Malerion’s crowd.

    • Jared van Kell

      I think what they will instead find is the Indoneth Deepkin and their Daughters of Khaine allies.

  • Nathaniel Wright


    Jeez, you could have just put that at the break and saved yourself a lot of time

  • euansmith

    ” AoS: Slaanesh Stirs, Seekers Seek – Is Slaanesh Coming Back”

    The lack of a question mark, designed to torture readers of a grammatical bent, is very Slaanesh.

    • Karru

      All I could think of was “Bear Seek Seek Lest” when I was reading this one. Someone skipping over dialogue fast I think.

    • Coltcabunny
    • mgdavey

      “But for Slaanesh? ” There’s your question mark. (Although they may have left out a “t”)

      • euansmith

        “Butt for Slaanesh”; you’re right, there was a missing “t”. 😉

        • mgdavey

          Butt for the Butt God.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      to quote the lovely Taylor Swift…Seekers gonna seek, seek, seek, seek, seek 😀

  • Nate

    The heralds are not specific characters. They are their profession/role. They went and renamed Khorne and Tzeentch’s Heralds too. The Nurgle names are just so weird they sound like a name at first glance instead of their job, but the bilepiper is a musician playing bile(bag)pipes and the scrivener writes things and catalogs them. The characters are not unique and you can include as many as you want in your army.

  • Boondox

    This article was less informative than a ouji board…

    • Coltcabunny

      Just a typical day in the life of a dirtsheet. Gotta get dem clicks somehow…

  • ragelion

    They have been hinting to this since the start of the setting how many times does this have to be said?

  • DoctorBored

    GW doesn’t do much these days without purpose. They leave little tidbits, hints everywhere, side panel paragraphs with bits of story, the rumor engine, and other things besides that all point at the things that they’re working on. With the Aelves finally coming out, we get a whole other side to the story, along with a race that’s been all but absent in Age of Sigmar since its inception. The Aelves are back, and they’re coming hard and fast this year. A big chunk of Age of Sigmar feels more complete just knowing that.

    But let’s look at some other things. The re-branding. Female models. Greyfax, Celestine, Darkoath Warqueen, Naeve and Angharad, the new Daughters of Khaine. As we get to the most recent female models, we see that the ‘boob plate armor’ problem is dwindling. Female armor looks more realistic. Still effeminate, yes, but more functional, more respectable at the very least. Wherever you stand on that, you can’t deny that the sculpts of female models are improving.

    Then we see the Slaanesh models. ‘Androgynous’ doesn’t quite fit them. They’ve either got one boob or six, and all of them are hanging out, nipples and all. Slaanesh has some relatively new models that followed that theme, with the Seekers and the Chariots, but since then many players have been waiting patiently for a lot of things for Slaanesh…

    Fulgrim. Emperor’s Children. Fiends of Slaanesh. The Keeper of Secrets. We’re waiting with baited breath at the release of some of these very key Slaanesh models. If they’re going to rebrand Slaanesh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they swept across the whole line of everything ever touched by Slaanesh. They’ll do it in one swoop, too fast for the angry neckbeards to complain about. Just like the Nurgle release, I bet it’ll cover Daemons and Chaos Marines, 40k and Age of Sigmar. It’ll be a mass re-branding that will affect the timelines of both worlds.

    How will that show up in 40k? My guess is that it’ll all start with Slaanesh being found in some battered state. Slaanesh will take on a new form and that form will ripple out through time and space, changing even the Emperor’s Children to their core, all in one new explosion, just like when Slaanesh was originally born.

    Slaanesh isn’t going anywhere. Morathi and her Daughters of Khaine exist because of Slaanesh. The Ynnari exist because of Slaanesh, an Eldar presence that has been key in Eldar’s success since they were released. All of these factions are riding on Slaanesh’s plotline, and when Slaanesh comes back, it won’t look at all like what we expect.

    • ragelion

      Problem is in all these hints slaanesh has not changed at all they already toned it down. Just look at the current daemonettes they fit the theme GW is aiming for, try reading the actual story on the malign portent website. That this article is referencing.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        But… But… Vela said he was dead…

  • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

    Portal to 40k land?

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    Don’t put elves in my Slaanesh, please

    • Jared van Kell

      Slaanesh does not need any help getting Aelves into him, he/she/it is more than happy to do that (him/her/it)self.

  • James Regan

    note: out of the elven rulers, only Morathi was ever eaten (Malekith, Tyrion, Teclis and Allarielle were spared because the winds of magic were bound to them). Then she freed herself in the age of myth. At which point Slaanesh was totally still around, having just won. He was a bit fat though.
    Then, Tyrion, Teclis and Malekith betrayed the other gods (gungni, Nagash, Gorkamorka and Sigmar) in order to go after slaanesh, which led to Archaon’s victory in the realms, prior to the stormcast being made (morathi joined the traitors side, but as she isn’t a god, I don’t think she was actually on the pantheon to start with. That’s when slaanesh got imprisoned. He was perfectly fine after the death of the world that was.

    • Jared van Kell

      She was part of the Pantheon but she was treated like the ginger adopted kid at a family reunion.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • euansmith

      Hey, Marco, what’s happenin’ in Middenheim, buddy?

      • Hagwert

        Wolves, beer and a sh#t load of snow….same old same old !

    • Jared van Kell

      I was wondering when Marcobot would show up.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      We have missed our Marco-bot! HUZZAHHH!!!!!

    • I love how one person always puts this in every AOS article. Long Live Warhammer Fantasy, Battle Brothers!

  • Apocryphus

    I’d be all for a rebranding. We all know Slaanesh isn’t strictly about sex, so let’s see some Clive Barker style designs, morbidly obese monsters, creepy long limbed creatures that sway and dance over the heads of other beings. Slaanesh is decadent, excessive, garish, and cruel, and the current model line does nothing to portray that.

    • Jared van Kell

      Some Nightbreed and Cenobyte style models would be nice.

      • Zachary A. Cadena

        Im all on board for that. Hellraiser and Nightbreed were very much how i envisioned Slaanesh aside from the 80s sex/drug fiending.

        • euansmith

          “Sex and Drugs and Rot Your Soul”

    • Rasheed Jones

      While we’re at it lets get some massively muscled red daemons and giant blue birds! Might as well mix up Slaanesh’s aesthetic with Khorne and Tzeentch if we’re mixing in Nurgle (i realize nurgle stuff is bloaded with plauge, but visually its not all that different than just being fat.) Honestly i agree that the slaanesh models dont communicate garish excess, but thats because theyre so restrained on the sexuality. In anycase id prefer a consistent theme between the miniatures rather than a whole bunvh of different nonsense. Ive got daemonnettes her but also heres Jack Black standind bext to them carrying a bag of doritos! At that point you might as well just play all 4 gods together and youll look about as visually unified.

      • Apocryphus

        Well, you can have obesity and still have it look Slaanesh. Take a look at the Tainted Coil designs for Brutal Legend (speaking of Jack Black) they have massive, grotesquely fat monsters that are bound and used as pin cushions to store throwing spears for other daemons. The other gods see themselves in Slaanesh, as Slaanesh represents excess and each of other gods represents one particular thing, and does so in excess. Maybe having a little hints here and there of the other gods could be an interesting twist, so long as it visually fits.

        And before you go on a tirade about Slaanesh’s visual representation, remember the 6 circles of his realm. One of the circles is filled with tables covered in food, and the bloated corpses of the mortals enticed there that gorged until they exploded. Gluttony is excess, and therefore an aspect of Slaanesh.

        • Rasheed Jones

          Yes it is, but visually it’s muddies everything, I know about the realms of slaanesh and all of that, and I don’t think, but how would you make obesity look like slaanesh, and have it all fit together visually with things like the Daemonettes and Keeper of secrets? One of the circles also has soft grass so should we have a patch of grass as a unit?

          • Apocryphus

            You’re being intentionally obtuse and creating conflict where there was none. But this is a pretty easy question to answer, heck, PP already answered it with Dominar Rasheth, or what about Hedonism Bot from Futurama? The grossly fat bodies could be surrounded by food and drink, rolling along on chariots or being dragged by slaves. They obviously wouldn’t be rotten, like Nurgle, and could have piercings and chains. Maybe they could have masks that have beautiful faces painted on them or be covered with strips of cloth that flow behind them. It really isn’t that difficult to make it conceptually fit.

          • Rasheed Jones

            I dont think those things really fit though. There are other ways to visually represent gluttony, for example cutting oppen and adding teeth alon the chin and neck to enlarge the mouth. Dominar rasheth wouldnt look good alongside Daemonettes and a keeper of secrets. The entire point of the slaanesh army is a fast moving riot, Rasheth looks like a 5″ movement model at best. The examples you gave dont fit together with the established slaanesh army imo. Your the one creating conflict where there is none, the Slaanesh line needs to go further into its current theme, not muddy it by adding a whole bunch of other thems and ending up with an army that looks like a soup list on the tabletop.

          • frank

            I don’t know a pleasure barge pulled by deamonettes sounds pretty sweet. wouldn’t have to conflict with the current imagery either. That said my own taste in Slaanesh is the excess of just about everything. It might not even have to be obese looking some pregnant looking deamonette riding a pleasure boat be kinda awesome.

          • Apocryphus

            You started the argument with snide remarks about incorporating the gods into the Slaanesh line, you know. 😛 I think the two concepts would actually mesh well and represent multiple aspects of Slaanesh, you don’t, and I can understand that, but remarks like “should grass be a unit?” give off a rather hostile air. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          • Rasheed Jones

            Oh, my apologies, i really didnt mean to come off as hostile. I just didnt think straight up saying “but thats nurgles thing” would be worthwhile as its much easier just to say no without thinking about it. Usuing the idea of adding tzneentch and khorne imagary communicates my distaste with the idea better imo. Im really sorry if i came across as snide or dismissive though.

          • Apocryphus

            Ah, the pains and drama of purely textual communication. No harm done. I see why you would want the army to be very unified in appearance, but as someone who personally plays and loves Grymkin, I feel like shaking up the repetition adds a lot of character to an army. I doubt GW will take it in a “seven deadly sins” direction, but I think it’d make for a very unique looking force on the table.

          • James Regan

            maybe a solution would be to have a more significant difference between mortal and daemonic slaanesh armies- mortals would obviously display the costs of excess more readily than daemons who are simply the concepts of it.
            And that aesthetical difference is already shown to be present in both tzeentchian and khornate armies- while we tend not to pay attention to it, bloodletters are slender naked sword-dudes who also happen to be red, as opposed to bulky, heavily armoured axe-dudes who also happen to be red. And tzeentch mortals basically only share design traits with the lord of change, as there isn’t anything even slightly avian about any of the other Tzeentch daemons units (and that’s before we start on 40k, where daemons are the same gribbly change beings and the mortals are defined by being completely unchanging automata)

          • euansmith

            Maybe Slaanesh’s Gluttony Units could be all skin and bone. There are Eastern European legends about starving beggars being admitted to feasts and eating all the food and draining the life from the guests, and still being skinny afterwards.

          • Rasheed Jones

            That was part of my idea whrn i suggested enlarging the mouth to include the chin and neck but i forgot to mention it. I also had the idea of maybe adding more eyes or segmented eyes to Slaanesh daemons to place greater emphasis on their senses. Also things like modifes noses (like i dont know how to describe it buy ive seen are of aliebs with twi huge slits on their face as their olfactory organ, kinda like the t’au but smaller and well theres two of them.) If also recommend removing the lips and using peircings to keep the afformentioned enlarged mouths forced open. If we wanted to emphasize touch id say remove the skin and have exposed muscles. I feel like emphasizing hearing could be tricky to do without being silly though, unless you count noise marines. These ideas would probably fit the mortal followers more than the daemons though. Grotesquire is notoriously bad for convincing someone to do something and i think temptation is an important theme for slaanesh.

          • euansmith

            Bats noses and ears could be good additions for sensory overload daemons; it could also go along with a weird, elongated, skin and bones physique.


            I guess, though, that the rubbish monster in Alien IV might have spoilt things for bat-monsters.

          • Rasheed Jones

            I thought bats, but I think if you don’t make the ears really huge people will think elf ears instead. Noise Marines could count, but visually they’re more coded as BEING loud rather than wanting to experience loudness (even though lore says that’s their hat.)

      • Ghachii

        Just because you clearly lack the imagination and talent to make it work, don’t assume the same is true of GW.

  • Kabal1te

    Is slaanesh returning a surprise to any one. I thought it was kind of expected. I am guessing q4 2018 or q1 2019. I will honestly be surprised if it does not happen.

    • EnTyme

      Only BoLS will be shocked at this development.

      • Kabal1te

        Eh there will be others that try to over hype it like it hasn’t been a long time coming. I am just hoping they restyle the whole army. The current offerings across the board except maybe the seeker steeds need to be scrapped for some thing better.

  • ZEROStryfe

    Dam I was hoping to see a revival of Slaanesh’s prized child Sigvald. That character should of survived and looked good doing it.

  • frank

    Really just hope they do a better job with slaanesh in the next phase than they did on the exalted seeker chariot that mini is so dumb looking it hurts my eyes.

  • Is this where you are supposed to post a “you don’t say” maymay?