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The Growth of Mantic Games

  In about five years, Mantic Games have really exploded into the tabletop gaming hobby.  They’ve come a long way from “niche alternative fantasy army miniatures manufacturer” to today being a hobby gaming company with six major games across three gaming universes.

Dreadball Xtreme on the Finish Line

This is the last weekend of Dreadball Xtreme, so get in your Kickstarter pledges while you can.  Here’s what you’ve missed: It is the last weekend on the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter and what a journey it has been. At least 10 new teams have been funded, including the Koris… The Crystallans… The Sphyr… Plus a […]

What is Dreadball Xtreme?!

You think you know DreadBall? Bunch of so-called athletes getting paid millions of credits to run around a sealed arena and knock each other around? You wanna see a real sport, come to Perestia Prime next cycle. Then you’ll see what DreadBall was always meant to be… It’s nearly time – DreadBall Xtreme is just […]