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Vampire The Masquerade Steps From The Shadows With A 5th Edition

  Time to dig out your Cure records, black eyeliner, mesh shirts, and ten-sided dice. Because the Kindred are back, bringing with them all the scheming, conspiracies in the shadow, and smug haughty posturing between Camarilla and Sabbat that we know and love.

D&D: Designs, Drafting, Discussion, and Dragon+ Pt. 2

  It takes a lot to transform an idea from concept to rules mechanic–come watch as Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer for D&D talks about taking the Order Domain through the design process.

Adventure Awaits Once More In The Borderlands

Into the Unknown and Keep on the Borderlands might be two of the most renowned non-tpk-inducing D&D adventures out there. Revamped for 5th Edition, you can return once more to the Borderlands, or venture out to this part of D&D history for the first time thanks to Goodman Games’ reprint of the classic adventures.

FFG: ‘Realms of Terrinoth’ Now Available For Genesys RPG

The first campaign setting book is now available for FFG’s Genesys RPG. ‘Realms of Terrinoth’ is your guide to the Fantasy Setting where games like Runewars and Descent take place. Get ready for an Adventure in the fantastical Terrinoth!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

  The D&D team, along with some friends from the YouTube and Twitch community, play in an ongoing live stream of Dungeons & Dragons, titled Dice, Camera, Action!

D&D: Mordenkainen’s Perilous Preview – Moloch, Exiled of the Nine Hells

  Moloch was once Master of Malbolge, but now exists as an exile from the Nine Hells. His idol was defaced on the cover of the first Player’s Handbook, and his stats are previewed in the latest issue of Dragon+

Iron Kingdoms RPG: Blighted Ogrun Adventuring Company Rules

  Privateer’s got an all new blighted option for your Iron Kingdoms RPG adventures!

Pathfinder Preview – The Blood of the Ancients Flows

Blood of the Ancients is a new player’s  companion for Pathfinder that lets players dive deep into the history and civilizations of Golarion.

D&D: Designs, Drafting, Discussion, and Dragon+ Pt. 1

It takes a lot to transform an idea from concept to rules mechanic–and earlier this week, Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer for D&D sat down with the folks at Dragon+ to talk about the D&D design process. So let’s peek behind the screen and see what makes both Dungeons and Dragons.

Put Magic And Monsters In Your Pocket

  Two new pocket-sized Pathfinder guides are out–Ultimate Magic and Bestiary 4. It’s possible these will be the last of the pint-sized Pathfinder printings, so grab the Ultimate Magic and Bestiary 4 for a nice pint-sized pal-around.

D&D: One-Shots And You – Burn It All To The Ground For Fun

  One-Shot adventures are a fantastic aspect of D&D. Whether you’re looking to introduce people to the game, or are looking for something different from your normal campaign–there’s a lot that you can mine from a good one-shot. Join Mike Mearls and D&D Beyond to talk one-shots.

Meet the Designer: Ross Watson of Wrath & Glory

  Wrath & Glory is the gripping up and coming Warhammer RPG system from Ulisses North America. This week we have an inside look at the system from one of the RPG industries best creative minds, talking about design inspiration and character elements!

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