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Star Wars: X-Wing New Wave I Ships For 2.0

The Y-Wing has bulked up a bit, Slave I has a new base, and the Fang Fighter is looking pretty slick as the new Wave I releases for X-Wing 2.0! Come take a look at the new models previewed at Fantasy Flight Games’ Worlds Event.

Star Wars: X-Wing 2.0 In Action

We got to play a game of the new and improved X-Wing with Designer Frank Brooks. Come see all the changes in action!

Star Wars: X-Wing – Unboxing The New T-65

Fantasy Flight Games announced a a brand new edition of Star Wars: X-Wing and we’ve got a look at all the cards inside the name sake of the game. Come see the new and improved T-65 X-Wing!

FFG: Star Wars: X-Wing 2.0 Announcement & Interview

We had a chance to sit down with two of the designers of Star Wars: X-Wing 2.0 and chat about all the exciting things heading to a tabletop near you!

FFG: Watch Star Wars Hyperspace Report LIVE

  Last month FFG announced a that they were sharing special Star Wars presentation ahead of the World Championships – it’s go time. Watch it live here on BoLS…

Tabletop Gallery – They’re Using Lasers

Captain…they’re locking lasers onto us. LASers? That won’t penetrate our navigational shielding.

Star Wars: Legion Official Battle Mats Out Now

It’s time to grab your desert and eat two. That’s because Fantasy Flight Games has two new desert battle mats available for all your Star Wars: Legion tabletop games!

Geekery: ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Debuts this Fall

  Production has begun on a new, anime-inspired animated series that will air on the Disney Channel and Disney XD. It has some great names attached to it, and a story set in the new trilogy timeline.

Star Wars X-Wing: Saw’s Renegades Preview

Saw Gerrera has some plans for a Rebellion of his own. Today Fantasy Flight Games is showing off how he is taking the fight to the empire with his brand of renegades!

Mynock Squadron: Design of X-Wing

X-Wing Pilots: all wings report in! We’re taking a look at the Design of X-Wing.

ToyLand: ‘Solo’ Brings New LEGO Sets For Rebels & Imperials

  All kinds of cool collectibles are coming out this month thanks to Solo: A Star Wars Story. LEGO is putting out a bunch of kits including a new kit for the Kessel Run Millenium Falcon and a new, smaller TIE fighter kit at a nice price point.

FFG: Star Wars Hyperspace Report Event at Worlds Announced

  Fantasy Flight Games has announced a special presentation that will cover new products for their Star Wars related lines – leaving fans guessing at what’s coming up.

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