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SHOWCASE: The Lost Space Wolves

These painted Wolves are on Fenris! This is from a recent Armies on Parade article over on Spikey Bits. It’s where I post up great looking armies, for readers to scroll though all at once! Today we take a look at Kenny from Next Level Paitning’s Space Wolves army.  This army is actually one of […]

40k Flashback- Space Wolves 2nd Edition Codex

MBG here with another 40k Flashback, where I dig deep for something cool that I have from back in the day. Today – Old School Space Wolves! Today I have for you the beginning of Wolftime, the Space Wolf Second Edition Codex. The book itself was written by a game design consultant named Bryan Ansell, with […]

Hobby Tutorial: The BEST Way to Make Snowy Bases!

After years of modeling with crappy snow bases, I finally found the the way to do it right! A tutorial: Starting out…. When the new Space Wolf Codex dissed the Wolfwing, I decided to expand my wolves a bit and purchased some Thunderwolves. From the outset I envisioned that their bases would carry a lot […]