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Santa Cruz Fury Road: Gaming with Little Cars!

SC Mike 4 Minute Read June 5

  The legendary Santa Cruz Warhammer group in Santa Cruz, California (from the Storm Wardens and Heroes of Armageddon) has been gripped by a really fun, new project: playing games with little cars and modeling them in the style of Mad Max.

Bolt Action! Perry Miniatures and Desert Rats

SC Mike 3 Minute Read May 15

A while back my friend SC John gave me a box of the much discussed Perry Miniatures “Desert Rats’. He bought some Afrika Korps Germans from the same range and we decided to put together a desert themed battlefield, with 2 nice looking armies.

Bolt Action! Crusader Tank for Desert Rats

SC Mike 3 Minute Read May 8

  In our world of Bolt Action, there continues a raging debate about vehicle scale: 1/56 vs 1/48 and everything in between. Being a modeler first, I have always been a 1/48 scale guy and present you an awesome tank for playing Desert Rats against Rommel’s Germans….

Bolt Action! Trenchworx Tank review Pt. 3: T-28

SC Mike 5 Minute Read April 24

This beast of a tank is the T-28, a great looking Russian tank that perfectly fits the look of a in-between-worldwars-tank, lots of guns, very large, but also slow. Read this review, if you play Bolt Action – it works great in our beloved game!

HOBBY: Painting with Washes!

SC Mike 4 Minute Read March 24

  I have been really inspired by the painting techniques of James Wappel, an amazing artist whose painted models rank among the best. I decided to try out one of his techniques!

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