40K RUMORS: Tyranid Tidbits

Rumors brought to the community by Warpshadow’s: Terrorfex

Hi guys, the latest word bubbling around the tubes today is on the rumored Codex:Tyranids said to be coming in 2010. Lets get right to them:

The sources say they spoke to Phil Kelly during GD Germany. Here are the tidbits.

-4 New Tyranid species never before seen in a codex, one of which will make the current carnifex “look like a dwarf”. ~I assume this would be the plastic Trygon

-Tyranid Characters return… No so much individual creatures like Old One Eye, but these will be indicitive of big creatures that have survived through battlefields and evolved into something better.

-Plastic Hive Tyrant kit with wings.

-Codex is in the can and is written by Robin Cruddace (of codex Imperial Guard).

-Tyranids will have evolved rules and abilities to better counter the rapid emergence of mech that has accompanied 5th edition. (implied that Biovores will be viable)!

-Release in 2010

~Standard Caevats apply to all of this guys, but jump in and have fun! You can also follow this topic in the Lounge here.

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