40K HOBBY: Burrowing Mawloc

So I wanted to make a Mawloc in the midst of its subterranean assault in a real, powerful action pose. The image of a its big, gaping jaws coming up from under some poor sap is classic. Tremors, anyone? Anyway, it was a quick and easy process:

I sliced the Mawlocs tale at a slight angle and made a ring of rocks for the lip of his tunnel. Then I posed the rest of his body to emphasize some extreme forward movement, including the use of the Trygon Prime mandibles. I purposely opted to skip the tongue, as it seemed kind of forced. I think overall that the whole idea is conveyed pretty well and is very easy to achieve.

For paint I went with the orange scheme which matches the rest of my army. Blazing Orange over white, washed, with Fiery Orange over it. Bone coloured carapace finishes the job.

Have at it guys -Aventine

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