HOBBY: DUST Painting in 55 Minutes

I wanted to know exactly how fast I could get a DUST miniature from the box to the tabletop…

As you can see in this video, FFG presents DUST miniatures in a pre-assembled and primered with minimal decals format right out of the box.

Rules focussed players can just take them out and get playing.  Dedicated hobbyists can re-prime them start over.  But what I wanted to know was if “went with” the base color, how fast could I get good solid tabletop standard for my DUST miniatures from the box to the table.

I gave myself a time limit of 1 hour.  I opened the box, started my iPhone timer, and got painting.  I used less than ten colors, liner pens for fast precise shading, quick highlights, washes for oily and dirty area, and picked out some spot trim color with the medium brown -drawing inspiration from the Early-War German army paint schemes that already incorporated the classic German blue-grey.  a final drybrush layer of silver and extra washes on the exhausts and such wrapped up the model itself.

Basing was super fast with a layer of gravel, a quick drybursh and some staticgrass.  The edge of the base was whipped out with a giant black permanent marker for the black edge, and a quick pass of Mithril silver on the edge rivets.

I put down the brush, picked up my creation, and looked down at my iPhone.

55 Minutes from unboxing to this.  Painting up DUST armies is going to be great!

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